Weekly Outlook

This week has started off a little gloomy: We were up 2 hours in the middle of the night with Avery, we all have a cold, and to top it off-it was raining when we left the house this morning.  Bleck.  Let’s hope this week’s outlook is much better…

7-day forecast

Well, that makes me feel better.  A few summer showers here and there, but mostly sunny and warm.  Maybe this week’s lineup of posts will heat things up too?!  Here’s a glimpse into what we have planned for the blog this week:

7-Day Forecast:

IMG_2092[1] IMG_2052[1] Todayi IMG_2024[1] 

What’s in your outlook this week?  Do you make a list of weekly goals, a to-do list, or just wing it?  

3 thoughts on “Weekly Outlook

  1. wow girl, you are on top of your posts! haha. Looking forward to reading them! My weekly goals usually consist of picking my two gym days for the week and sticking to them. Also, my sister is coming to visit this week so i will incorporate her into a post next week!

    • oh, a sister visit, how exciting! Does she visit often or live far away? HOW do you manage to squeeze in gym time?! I barely get in a couple walks with Avery during the week if the weather permits. I need to fit in more exercise again…

      • I have to commit to it the week before. I just pick one week day night when Rob is home, and usually Saturday mornings. Wish i could go more but i just dont have the time! Sis lives in FL and is on summer break from school. She came in march to meet Mikayla so this will be her second time to SC!

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