Work Hard, Play Hard

Happy Tuesday!  Crazy that the weekend has already come and gone.  The summer months sure do fly by – especially when we have fun filled weekends like this past one.

Saturday morning we spent cutting, splitting, and stacking wood.  Like last year, my parents had wood delivered, and they split it with the neighbors.


My parents have a wood stove that heats the house in the winter, so getting wood ordered like this and cutting it themselves is kinda a part of country life up here.  The whole process requires cutting the logs into managable sized pieces, splitting them with the wood splitter (Dad borrowed it from his brother), and stacking it.


Avery jumped right in this year and wanted to help.  He tried the wood splitter, but after a go at it, we fell into a routine.  Dad cut the wood with his chainsaw, we picked it up and carried it to the splitter…


Avery is all about being strong like Grampy, so he was in charge of getting the smaller pieces.


Mom and Dad split it and put it into the tractor trailer.  Avery filled his up himself.  And he was all equipped for the work day too, his Mickey Mouse work gloves, earmuffs, and sunglasses for eye protection.


When the tractor was full, Avery and Grampy would drive it over to the wood shed behind the house, dump it, and go back for another load.


In the meantime, I would stack the wood.  Avery helped for a while, but then he made a few runs himself with his tractor, getting wood and bringing it around to me.

Avery was loving it and after a while he took a break and started sweeping the garage – such a good little helper!  After three hours of this (and many water and popsicle breaks for Avery), we were whipped.


We cleaned up and headed out to the islands. (‘The Islands’ are the islands in Lake Champlain) to a birthday party for Avery’s second cousins.  On our way, we stopped to fish on the causeway bridge.IMG_6870

I caught two, Grampy one, and Avery struck out.  He had fun picking out worms and trying to snag the fish when the bit.

At the party, Avery had fun playing with his cousins.  They had a water balloon fight…IMG_6875

And they played with the new sprinkler we got as a gift.  Avery watched for a little, but then he jumped right in.  You can see the birthday girl in the pink tutu…IMG_6882I don’t know where it came from but at one point, Avery had a cute shield:


We had food and cake and the birthday girl opened lots of fun presents.  The kiddos had squirt guns out and played with balls and badminton for a while – then it was time to head home.  On our way, we stopped for ‘Green Chocolate Ice Cream’, as Avery calls it.  (aka Mint Chocolate Chip)


This was the small size!  Avery licked up all the sprinkles and then he was done with it… one minute he was eating…IMG_6889

Then he handed it off to me (more squats for me to do later!) and in a few minutes, he was OUT.


It was perfect timing too, because it was 7pm, and on weekends since Avery doesn’t nap, I try to get him to bed by 7pm, so he can sleep 12 hours straight.  He slept until 8am the next morning.

Sunday morning we geared up and Avery, Mimi, and I went kayaking on Arrowhead lake.  It was such a nice day out.  We paddled around for hours and spotted geese families with their babies swimming and eating, turtles sunning on logs, a red winged black bird pestering a blue heron, a fish jump, a male and female duck, and Avery picked some really big lily pads.

We took a jump in Uncle Michael eyes pool (burr!) and after dinner, Avery went thru the notch with Mimi and Grampy for some rock climbing… IMG_6898

And more ice cream…IMG_6899

Avery passed out on the way home again.  Such a fun filled weekend!!!

We’re off camping this coming weekend, so I’ll have lots more pictures and stories to share when we come back.  And this weekend it’s officially Summer!  Once this rain finally stops, maybe it’ll feel like it!

❤ Meghan


Fun Friday!!!

Happy Friday!

We are so done with rain up here.  Seems like we got one sunny day, and 6 rainy ones this week.  So how do I tame my rambunctious three year old, and have some fun!??  Chalk hats in the garage…

I did the crown first, and then Avery got the idea and started making hats for himself (the first one is bunny ears he made), and then he made some for me…IMG_6817

I don’t let Avery play with my phone very often, but he quickly figured out how to use the camera.  Fun times!  After a few days of this, the garage is now a giant mural of drawings.  I’m really amazed at how Avery’s ‘artwork’ is actually more than just scribbles now.  He made a fish, a spaceship, and a cloud recently at school for me, and they actually almost resemble something 🙂

When it is sunny, we take advantage and bring the fun outside!  Mimi was painting the front doors on the house, and Avery wanted to join in and paint too, so I had him paint something not attached to the house…IMG_6780

My parents gave me a canvas and artwork box full of paints, and I haven’t used it yet – I was so happy to have Avery break it in.IMG_6782

He concentrated so hard, and wanted to try every color in the box.IMG_6785

Towards the end of painting, he started mixing colors.IMG_6788

And he was so proud when he was done.IMG_6790

I hung it up with my artwork in our room.IMG_6792

And thankfully, Grampy took Avery and I fishing last Friday down at the falls before all this rain hit.


It was nice and sunny, and Avery worked on casting and slowly reeling in his line.


Avery loved picking out his worm and washing it off to see it.IMG_6747

Avery pulled in his line and we didn’t realize it had a fish on it!  He caught the only one that day.


Grampy got the hook out because the fish swallowed it, but once it was out, Avery held the fish and let it go back in the river.

After he caught his fish, he was over fishing – his short attention span is understandable for a three year old.  He did some ‘rock climbing’ as he called it and threw some rocks and sticks in the water.IMG_6756

Grampy kept fishing….IMG_6761

And when the container for the worms fell in the water, I tried to snag it with my fishing pole, but slipped in…  IMG_6762

I did save it though!  Grampy got a kick out of it and we called it a night.  Avery wanted to go check out the falls, so we did some more ‘rock climbing’ and my soggy camera snagged some photos.IMG_6767

We had fun climbing the rocks and seeing the rushing waters.IMG_6768

The past couple days, this area they are standing on has been under water because of all the rain.IMG_6776

Oh and we can’t forget the play date we had with Avery’s (second) cousins.  We tagged along with Grampy to my cousins house for a couple hours on Sunday.  Grampy was helping them finish the basement.  Avery and his cousins went to the park, shared some snacks, and played toys inside.  So nice being close to family we can have play dates with!


We had a busy week…we also went to a baby shower (congrats Jenn and Michael – my cousins –  They are having a little girl).  Mimi and I had fun shopping for a gift for them – it was practical tho!  Avery played with his cousins and I got to chat with ladies on that side of the family.  We also went to a graduation on Thursday night for Joseph, another cousin (I have so many cousins, lol – gotta love having a big family!) so proud of him and happy to celebrate with him.

Let’s hope some nice weather is ahead for the weekend.  We have have pizza and a movie tonight, grocery shopping and a birthday party tomorrow, and who knows what else!?

Happy Friday!

❤ Meghan

Money, Mother’s Day, and More!

I can’t lie, I am getting sooo excited for buying this house!  Probably because I drive by it twice a day and mostly because I got to visit and take measurements last weekend!
house selfie
Yep, I spent a couple hours one night with a tape measure and my laptop drawing out the first floor.  This way I can play around with furniture layouts before we even move in – so exciting!

On the financial side of things, I’m one month into saving for the down payment, and things are looking good…

April Goal Thermometer

I have saved 31% of my goal, and there are still 5 months to go! (I did start off with a nice chunk on day one of saving, so don’t expect another 31% jump next month!)  Just keeping expenses to a minimum, and saving every bit I have leftover every week seems to be working.  That plus I FINALLY got my VT tax return back.  It took weeks and it was complicated because I had to file in VT and Mass, since I lived there part of last year – but thankfully it’s all sorted out, I got my $ back, AND I don’t have to do it again next year! (Why?! Because I’m a Vermonter, and as much as my manager wants me to move back to Mass, I’m staying put!)

So, what’s been happening on the homefront?  I have a little catching up to do… two weekends ago, we had a busy shopping day, getting our weekly fix of groceries – Costco, then Hannafords.  I know, who choses to take their kid shopping with them – usually they have to.  But not me, I for one LOVE to get out of the house, since I work at home all week, and the weekends are my time with Avery so, he comes along and he has so much fun.


He was a big helper, going around finding things on our list.  And he LOVES to put items on the belt when we check out.

And if he behaves well and helps out, he gets doggy bones.  Yeah, the woman in line in front of us gave us a pretty odd look when he asked if he could have his doggy bones now.  Doggy bones are a candy in the little quarter machines when you leave the store.  They are one of his favorites, so it’s a nice treat and incentive for a hard morning’s work of shopping.


And as if that wasn’t enough work for a three year old… he helped me clean all three vehicles that afternoon.IMG_6266

We found out last summer how much Avery loved playing with the hose, so when I asked him if he wanted to help wash the cars, he jumped with joy, litterally!  And man was it a feat cleaning the vehicles – mine hadn’t gotten a thourough clean since last fall.  I did a quick vaccum a month or so ago, but finally it’s really clean.  All those stale cheerios and missing toys are no more.  I even found my missing set of car keys!  I had sucked up a dinosaur with the shop vac on accident, opened the cover and there was the little orange guy, and also my spare key!  I didn’t even know it was in there. Whew – good catch!

So, when we’re not outside soaking up the rays (it was in the 70s and 80s here for almost 2 weeks straight), I’m inside baking up something new.  I started in the winter when I made blueberry muffins for Steve, and since then, I make a batch of something once a week.  This past week was cupcakes.IMG_6327

I sent those four to my gram and gramps.  The rest Dad and Steve got.  And thanks to my Nana, I have a bunch of new (new to me, they are from really old cooking books) recipes to try out.

Ok, now we’re caught up to last weekend.  On Friday night, Steve and I had a picnic dinner on the tailgate of his truck on the lake.

The view was much better than our mediocre chinese food.  And Saturday morning it was nice and windy so, we flew kites…IMG_6359

That little green spec is Avery.  He’s flying our forever old send in your kool aid points kite.   He did pretty well, running to get it up, letting the line out, until he let go a few times and got it caught in a tree.IMG_6360

Steve was kind enough to climb the tree and get it down – all for the price of looking like he had a fight with a very mad cat 🙂
For Mother’s Day,  Avery made me a card and a gift at school and one at home.IMG_6378

Yeah, whatever you do, don’t tell this kid a secret.  We hid flowers for Mimi at Uncle Johns (I bought them on Tuesday, so we wouldn’t have a limited selection come the weekend when everyone was out buying flowers), but apparently Avery spilled the beans.  No biggie, we get hanging flower baskets for Mom every year, so she knew they were coming.

We spent the morning and early afternoon with Nana and Papa on their screened-in porch.  Avery had fun with the men, throwing rocks in the water and walking around outside.  He even sat on the porch with Papa for a while.IMG_6379

We shared some pictures and videos of Avery and he showed his math skills on the ipad.  Oh and we had a yummy lunch – I wasn’t hungry for dinner 6 hours later.IMG_6380

Then we were off to Gram and Gramps where Avery and MiMi got caught in the rain outside!  We played Go Fish with Grandma and saw some family too.IMG_6381

Oh, what are some other random misc things going on?  Oh, Mimi and Grampy celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary.  I made them a treat on the day, but they went out and celebrated with friends the weekend before.  IMG_6312This just means it’s getting closer to my 30th birthday… eeek!

Oh, and with all this nice weather, I put away winter clothes and got out summer clothes (yay for dresses and skirts again!!)  But that also meant going thru Avery’s clothes and putting away things he has outgrown.  I filled a box.IMG_6286

Thankfully, at his last birthday and the holidays, he was gifted lots of bigger clothes, perfect for this summer.  Oh and Mimi bought a few new outfits for him too – shorts and t-shirts perfect for playing outside in.IMG_6287

We got a little rain this week, but the weather is finally staying warm and we’re playing outside every day.  Avery scored a free blow up beach ball at the Pharmacy yesterday when we bought new sunscreen for him at school, and the nice lady gave it to him for free.  Score!  It’s perfect to kick around the front yard.  Little guy is all tuckered out and in bed now… I will soon be in there too.  I forgot how much the sun makes me tired, oh that and running 🙂

❤ Meghan

Weekend Mash Up

It’s Thursday, right?  I feel like the past week has been a blur.  We haven’t had our normal routine the past week, but that’s not a bad thing because it’s been filled will laughter, silliness, and lots of fun.

Starting on Saturday, while Avery spent the day with his Dad, I worked 9 hours.  Don’t get too excited for me – it wasn’t for overtime.  Avery’s daycare was closed on Monday (for MLK Jr Day), but my office was open.  So instead of using a vacation day to stay home with the little dude, I worked my Monday hours on Saturday.  That made for a long day, but I did get a lot accomplished because there were only a handful of people in the office – less interruptions = higher productivity. So that meant Avery and I had both Sunday AND Monday together!

Sunday morning we cuddled in bed, had a yummy breakfast, played trains and legos.
While we were playing, Avery heard the snow blower outside clearing the pathways.  He was sooo excited – squealing and pointing and we moved around the apartment going to all the windows watching it go around.

Mid-morning we bundled up and headed out to do the laundry.  We have to go outside to the building next door, so laundry is quite an adventure.  We put our two loads of laundry in – Avery loves helping me put the clothes in and doing the washing machine dance (he shakes like the washing machine saying ‘washin, washin”).  I set a timer on my phone and since we had a dusting the night before, we headed out to clean off the car.
Every morning we leave the house, Avery asks ‘Snow?  Car Wash?” Because he likes to wipe the snow off the car.  There wasn’t much snow, but Avery was thrilled to help Mommy clean off the car.  While we were cleaning the car off, Avery heard the snow blower again. So I told him to go find it.  We walked around, me on the sidewalks and Avery tramping thru the untouched snow.  He loves making tracks and running in circles.

We found the snow blower and what did Avery do?  He followed the snow blower around…. for 15 minutes!!!
It was too cute.  I followed behind Avery and he would turn around and point to his ear ‘loud mommy’ or simply point to the snow blower in awe.

Then it was time to go swap the laundry and it took some convincing to prevent a tantrum because he did NOT want to leave the snow blower!  When I told him he could help with the laundry (because Mommy makes everything fun – even laundry!), he gladly walked away from the snow blower.  We swapped the laundry to the dryer and headed inside to have a snack and play some more.IMG_0422
When the laundry was done, we bundled up again to make the trek next door.  This time, Avery HAD to bring Simon with us.  Simon is Avery’s plush kitty.  It’s a miniature version of the cat at my parents house (He has a Pokey and Frasier too – the dogs).  As of late, the kitty goes everywhere with Avery.  He especially likes setting the kitty on my shoulder (like a parrot) and laughs and points at it (It’s quite a challenge to keep him up there but some days he’s up there for over an hour while we are playing something else).  Avery cuddles him at bedtime and loves to put him in his lap and pet him.  So, Avery took the kitty for a nice walk to collect the finished laundry…

Avery thought it was the funniest thing… he even put the kitty in the snow and laughed so hard at it ‘kitty ina snow mommy! like it!”

Back inside, I made Avery lunch – which he had way too much fun with…IMG_0421

And then it was time for some reading before a nap.  Avery has been really into a couple choice books lately – this truck one in particular (Thanks, Lorri!).  Each page asks a question, like ‘Which truck takes away the trash?’ and Avery can answer every single one correctly!


While Avery was napping, I folded all the laundry, sat down with a yummy salad and relaxed.  Leftover meatballs (homemade with turkey meat) are delicious on a salad by the way…


Then I was thinking about grocery shopping and what we needed to buy and realized I had some old bananas… that meant I could make banana bread!


I was having a great time… making a mess of my kitchen and listening to music – until I realized I didn’t have enough flour!  I added some granola to thicken it up, but in the end it still came out mushy.  After it set, it was delicious though and I really like the texture of the granola in it!  I’ve had it almost every night for a snack before bed.  Avery, not so interested.  He isn’t a fan of cakes/breads.

When Avery got up from his nap, we headed out to grab supplies at Target.  We needed diapers and some groceries.  I’m not going to lie, shopping with Avery is a challenge.  I try to squeeze in shopping when he’s with his Dad so he doesn’t have to sit through the boring experience – he is usually good and ‘helps’ me pick out food and put it in the cart, but after a while, he gets bored of it and just wants out of the cart and to run around. And then he doesn’t want to hold my hand and throws a fit and flails on the floor.  It’s not pretty. I hate putting him through that.  So while he was napping I made my shopping list (which I added flour to!), and I just hoped we would be quickly in and out and Avery wouldn’t have a hard time.  We literally had 4 diapers left so we HAD to go.

WELL. What do you know, I left my phone in the car with the shopping list – NOT a great start!  But…..we were in and out in 30 minutes and Avery stayed in the cart the whole time, was in the best of moods, and we really had fun.  He even got a package of gummies as a treat when we got back in the car.  And I remembered everything on my list.  Success!  Maybe it’s lame, but I was SOOOO proud of him and happy that we had such a good time.  Little triumphs like that bring me so much joy.

Back at home we played some ‘Yegos’ and play doh before dinner.

Avery has REALLY been into his play doh lately.  He got his first set on Christmas and although most play doh says for 3+ year olds, he really loves it.  He loves cutting out shapes, we make mini snow men (which he calls ‘pumpkins’ like his snowman he made in VT that he named ‘Pumpkin), and he loves switching colors.

Then we had some fun with legos…IMG_0432

We made a house for John (the lego man that drives the john deere tractor) that ended up being three stories high!  With the new set of legos from Christmas, we have tons of pieces to be creative.  Avery loves making stairs and having John and Boy (the new lego man from the new set that Avery named ‘Boy’) walk up and down them.  There are more colors too, so being Mommy, I always ask Avery for a particular color block or quiz him on them… he’s got every color down that I ask him – except he mixes up red and green … aren’t those the colors colorblind people mess up?  I’ll have to ask Uncle Paul.  And he mixes up pink and purple sometimes, and black and brown.


Then it was time for dinner, bath, and bed.  This little fish has been REALLY into his baths lately.  He does NOT want to get out… even when all the water is gone!


Monday we played trains in the morning…


Avery likes to switch it up and after we’ve spent 30 minutes putting a track together on the table, we play with trains on it for 2 minutes and then Avery stops, looks at it and says ‘no like it mommy’ and starts pulling the track apart – and we start over again!  Another common saying after we make a track is ‘carpet mommy’ because he then wants to take the train set off, push the table aside and make the track on the carpet – never a dull moment in our house!


While we were goofing around in the living room, Avery tooke down our christmas chain we made from construction paper.  He asked for his scissors and we went to town cutting it up.

Avery LOVES using his new scissors.  It’s fitting though – he’s a boy and loves destruction. And after we cut the chain into hundreds of tiny pieces, Avery wouldn’t let me sweep them up – he wanted to do it himself!

Another weekend nap meant another two hours of relaxing with a salad and I spoiled myself with a movie on Netflix!  It was so nice to veg out.  When Avery got up, we were both rested and had a fun afternoon… more play doh!


And we drew some pictures using Avery’s easel.  And we FaceTime’d my parents.


For dinner, Avery had quite the appetite…


More fun in the bathtub… with lots of bubbles and lots of toys!  It’s funny how many games we make out of plastic cups and balls and water… the possiblities are endless.  Our new favorite is making ice cream cones of bubbles and pretending to eat them.  Avery gets a hoot out of me smushing my face in the bubbles and getting bubbles all over my face.


I’d like to say bedtime went as smoothly as our fun days, but we’ve been having some difficult nights.  It’s been taking 30-45 minutes every night of Avery getting out of bed and me putting him back in bed (over and over) for him to fall asleep.  Maybe he’s just having so much fun that he doesn’t want it to end?  🙂

And to add to our odd week, Avery had a snow day Wednesday, so guess who came to work with me…?!!  I’ll try to share those pics tomorrow 🙂

More on our sleep troubles and the phases and stages of toddler-hood coming soon… I’ve been meaning to write about it, but it will have to wait until next week.  Tomorrow we’re off to Vermont!  MiMi and Grampy are SO excited for our visit!  They have some surprises waiting for Avery that even I don’t know about!!!  I’ll share about our visit next week…

❤ Meghan

Twelve Dollar Milk

On our way home Wednesday, we stopped to gas up.  Avery and I played peekaboo while I filled up.  He was all giggles and smiles.  He had a great day at school – didn’t cry when I dropped him off, and when I picked him up he was a ball of energy – running around the room and bringing me cars he was playing with.  His teacher took me aside to talk because there had been an accident – Avery and some kids were fighting over a bin (a dull, grey, empty, plastic bin – obviously the most popular item out of a room full of toys) and when the other child let go, the bin hit Avery.  Avery’s got a small bruise under his eye.  His teacher says they iced it and at first glance I didn’t notice anything wrong because Avery was running around playing as usual.  When I kneeled down to ask him about it, he said “Mommy, boo-boo.  Ice! No touch!” (We’ve since seen Avery’s doctor who said it was just a bruise, no serious damage and it would go away in a week)

So, from our fun gas stop, I could tell the kiddo was just fine.  He was in a great mood, talking away about the traffic and telling me to go fast over the bridge.  We stopped at CVS on our way home to grab some milk.  I knew we were low and Avery downs 2 cups of milk every morning alone.  So we hopped out and headed inside for milk.  Avery was holding my hand and we were dodging people to head to the back aisles where the milk was but nope – Avery spotted the candy.  “M a nems?!” I tried convincing him that we could have them after we found the milk, but nope.  Didn’t work.  So he grabbed a small container of mini M &Ms.  He then refused to hold my hand because he was too busy trying to open the plastic wrap on the candy.  I told him we had to buy it after we get the milk and he followed me thru the aisles quietly repeating ‘Buy it, Mommy!’  We found the milk and Avery made a face, “Noisy, Mommy!” because the coolers the milk are in make a buzzing noise.  We grabbed the milk and were headed to the counter when I remembered we are also low on band-aids.  The past week, Avery has been obsessed with using band-aids.  He has a small scratch on his left pointer finger that if he remembers it, he demands a ‘Ban-Aye’.  I had a package of Hello Kitty ones of mine from a gift that I used.  Avery was thrilled, “Kitty!!!’ … 10 seconds later.. ‘All Better Mommy’ And he takes off the band-aid.  Another 5 seconds after that, he wants another band aid.  Repeat.  And those things only re-stick so many times.  So you can see why I was running out.

We took a detour and found the aisle with band-aids.  The character ones were buy one get one 50% off and I knew we would be needing a lot, so I told Avery he could pick out the ones he wanted.  There were animals, cars, hello kitty, princess, spongebob, and kermit the frog.  Avery’s first choice?  The very pink hello kitty box.  I gave him a second choice… cars.  Avery demanded holding the hello kitty band-aids and M and Ms all the way up to the front and put them up on the counter himself.  We walked in from a gallon of milk, but $12 later we had two bags and all those goodies!  And the little guy had a couple M and Ms when we got to the car as a treat for being so good 🙂

Avery had such a great night when we got home.  He and I played trains while dinner cooked.


He devoured his dinner – turkey hot dogs and veggie pasta.  He had a cookie as a treat and watched an episode of Tayo the Bus.


We had a fun time in the bathtub, followed by testing out his new band-aids!  He was a riot – wanted one on his face and his finger and then asked me to take them off and switch them.


And look at how pruney his fingers are!!  This kid loves the bath – I always have a rough time getting him out before he’s all pruney!  Then he was a monkey while brushing his teeth, using his potty as a seat and step stool as a foot rest.  Silly kid.


He wanted to see his boo-boo so I took a picture for and showed him.


It’s pretty small compared to his first accident at his old daycare last October.  Or when he was bit by another kid in daycare (around the time they were all teething) and he had legit teeth marks on his face.  Boys will be boys.  We’ve had along run of Avery being healthy and not getting a cold or needing a trip to the doctors the past 6 months, so I should be thankful it’s just a small bruise and he’s acting like his normal self 🙂

We settled in for books before bed and he said goodnight to his fishy.

After Avery was in settled all snug in bed, I had my college friend, Pat, over for dinner.  He brought this yummy spread:
I can only take credit for making the salads!  The food was delicious and Pat brought my favorite – sparkling cider!  We had a great time talking about work, friends, life, and ended the night chatting on the couch with cups of tea.

And that, my friends, was our $12 Milk Wednesday.

❤ Meghan

Busy Busy

So, there’s this saying we have with Avery… he really gets involved in what he’s doing and doesn’t pay attention to anyone or what they are saying to him, so my mom would say “Avery’s busy busy”… and now when Avery is playing alone – which he does more of now as he gains independence and doesn’t need me by him 24/7 – I can hear him saying ‘Busy Busy’… so cute!

I am very relieved it’s Friday.  This week has been so long.  We had lots going on every day…

Saturday – We watched cartoons in bed together and played around the house before going grocery shopping.

photo (3)

Avery was such a good kiddo at the store, and was rewarded with strawberries!  He loves them.  After Avery’s nap, we did laundry, and in between switching loads, we played at the park and outside with chalk
photo (6)

It was gorgeous out – too warm for jackets!

Sunday – Avery’s day with his Dad, so I went to work & did my long run…
photo (4)

6.1 Miles in 1 hours 58 seconds.  Oh yeah!  More nice weather.. didn’t need gloves or earmuffs.

Monday – Back to work and school.  Quick mile run at the gym, 9:32 PR (yay!) When we got home, we played before dinner.  When Avery ate well, he had marshmallows for desert…photo (5)

And how he says marshmallows is too darn cute…

After Avery went to sleep, I hunkered down for my last night of studying.  I have been taking an hour every night after Avery goes to sleep to study for our first exam in the plumbing class I’m taking.

photo (7)

I started to get a headache before bed and thought it was just from stress or dehydration from running.

Tuesday – Test day.  Headache was worse, but Tylenol helped. Luckily, the test didn’t take long so I was home by 5:30 and had lots of time to play with Avery.  We built a new track for his trains and tried the potty some more…(this picture will come back out when he starts dating)

photo (2)

By the time I put Avery to bed, I was miserable.  Freezing, headache, ugh.

Wednesday – I had to spend the morning at court, but it went much quicker than anticipated, so I was back at work by 11.  Brought Avery to visit with his Dad, worked some more.  Feeling a little better, but maybe that’s just the Tylenol talking.  I let Avery stay up half an hour later than usual because I hadn’t seen him all day and he’s been waking up a little before six most mornings, so we played before hopping into bed.

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Avery knows so many colors now – blue, red, yellow, green, black, and orange.  He put those pegs in himself – matching the colors!

Thursday – I had my yearly review at work – it went well and it feels good to put down goals for the upcoming year.  I ran an easy 2 1/2 miles at lunch – but as it turned out, I ran 9:30 miles, eek.  Guess I’m getting faster and didn’t notice.  I’m feeling better and well enough to run the 10K on Saturday.  When we got home from school and work, Avery was in a great mood.  We played Legos and trains and he helped me ‘make’ dinner.

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He also occupied half our suitcase while I packed for Vermont.  He likes to sit in it… still.  Even though he is getting much too big for it!  We had a quick video chat with MiMi before bed, while we brushed our teeth…
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We read ‘just one more book’ before bed.  After Avery was asleep, I did a clean sweep of the house and half packed.

It’s finally Friday and I’m ready for a break.  We’re headed to Vermont for the weekend for some relaxing and fun!  (Oh and a 10K race – eek!!!)

Happy Weekend!

A Sunday

If you had fun reading about our Saturday this past weekend, wait until you see what we did on Sunday!

7:00 AM We’re up with the sun and thanks to our grocery trip Saturday, we had lots of goodies to choose from to make a warm Sunday breakfast.


On the menu this morning was mini pancakes, sausage, and eggs!  Avery wasn’t impressed with the pancakes, but he did try them!  He was all about the sausage and had some of the eggs.

8:00 After breakfast, we got dressed and brushed our teeth, and we took Rufus out for a walk (our friends’ dog we dog-sat for the weekend).


We did our mile loop and met a couple dogs along the way.  And oh man, I thought travelling with a toddler was a handful… this dog stopped every 5 seconds!  Sniffing this and checking out that… but he did keep Avery occupied, so I can’t complain.  And oh man my legs were sore from the day before at the gym, so the walk did me good too!

8:30 Back at the house Avery went to work on the lawn… see the tracks he made in the grass?  He was so pleased with himself!

I had to have him call it quits because the grass was still wet and his sneakers and socks were getting wet.

9:00 Choo Choo!  We took our playing inside and played with Avery’s Thomas the Train set for a while.  Little does he know, he’s going to have lots of new tracks and trains in a couple weeks for his birthday coming up…

9:30 Cleaning Time!  Since were didn’t show the house at all this past week, I didn’t do any cleaning… so it was time to do a clean sweep of the house.  Avery LOVES the vaccuum “Back-UM” as he calls it.  We went to town on the 3 area rugs in the house… he helped push it and run away from it laughing.  Silly kid.

Then we swept a little bit and before we knew it, it was warm and dry outside so we could go back out!

10:00 Snack time outside!

Avery loves his pops!  And then we were off… riding his bike from Me-Me and Grampy.  They gave this to him at Easter and he is finally tall enough to reach the pedals and try pedaling.

10:30 We’re off to the park!  Rufus tagged along and met Lilly, a little Shitzu we see all the time.  Avery and I played on the swings and he even made me climb thru the tunnel with him… “COME MOMMA’ So demanding!


We spent some time in a tree…


And then back to the house because it was time for Rufus to go home.  We played in the sand box for a bit before heading in for lunch…

12:00 PM Lunch. Read Books. Nap.

12:30 Avery’s down.  Time for Momma to work!  In the next hour and 15 minutes, my kitchen looked like this…


Some music and lots of food… I prepped 6 meals for the week… Sunday – Friday.  All different ones.  I have been wanting to do this for sooo long but never found the time.  It only took an hour though, because I used the stove and oven at the same time and cooked everything at the same time.


Avery woke up and stumbled into the kitchen as I was packaging them up.  Perfect timing!  And like that, my cooking for the week was done!  That means more time every night with Avery and less time cooking and scrambling to make a meal when we get home at 6PM on a weeknight.


#FeelingAccomplished !!!

2:00 Another pop snack (it was a hot day!) and watching cars on the front stoop…

We saw the neighbor our with her dogs, so Avery had to go say hello and we played with them for a while.

2:30 We were off to the park again and thanks to the teenage kids that leave a mess, Avery saw a Slush Puppy cup and after that you know what we had to get…


A BLUE slush puppy!  Some was happy…

3:30 Back inside to play blocks!  We are working on colors and shapes and stacking blocks as opposed to just knocking them down!





Then it was time to color for a bit and people watch out the window…



5:00 Out for a walk before dinner…


5:45 An early dinner, bath, books, and bed.  Avery was asleep at 7:30PM and didn’t wake up until 6:30 Monday morning!  I think I tuckered him out!

Yay for a fun weekend together!  I was whipped though and asleep by 9PM myself… but feeling so good… a fun weekend with Avery and all our meals are already cooked for the week… woo hoo!

Do you prep food for the week beforehand?  What’s your strategy?