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Awards received from fellow bloggers

NUMB3RS:  Monthly Recaps in 2012 are a fun way to share blog stats and recap the past month’s events.

NUMB3ERS: 2013

Globe Trotting We’ve gone international!  Check out the countries that our visitors come from.

Blogiversary: 3 Months, One Year: In Photos, One Year: Top 10 Reasons I Love to Blog

Shout Outs are our way of sharing some blog love with other blogs, websites, companies, and people that we feel deserve a littler recognition.

Guest Blogging  We wrote our first guest blog post for Melanie at Todayi about choosing Avery’s Daycare & Melanie wrote on our blog…!  More guest blogging to come…

10 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. I am very intereste in the invitations you made for your sons first birthday. how did you do this or where from. this would fit my son extremely well

      • love the blog! i totally get it. my challenge is posting everyday. i have a family blog and my writing blog bc i used to be super paranoid about strangers knowing my biz…but i might just consolidate the two bc it’s too hard blogging to two different sites and building an audience at the same time. anyways, cheers!

      • oh my gosh, two blogs? i wouldn’t be able to do that! I understand wanting to seperate the two. my blog was intended to be about whatever goes on under our roof…with our family. it can range from something new with avery, a room we remodelled, finances, personal health goals… it’s become a big mess and i’ve been meaning to reorganize it a bit… but that may take a while seeing as i barely have time to post these days!

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