Parc Safari

BURRR!!!! It’s official – It’s fall in Vermont.  It was below freezing when I brought Avery to school this morning, and yet the calendar doesn’t consider it fall until this coming weekend.  Well, we closed out our summer with a CHILLY trip to Parc Safari!  We had been when my sister and I were little (20 years ago to be exact – Mom found a dated park map from our last visit).

We had wanted to go this summer, but all our weekends were booked, and we had to get Grampy and Avery’s passports done (that was a feat in itself!), so we fit it in a little too late this year… we’re going in the peak of summer next year!

We hit the road early Saturday morning: We met up with Nana, Papa, and Joseph (My cousin) and drove north, to Canada!


It was Avery and Grampy’s first time using their new passports, so exciting!  Just over an hour of driving and we arrived.


Although it was chilly and there were cyclists zooming past us (um, note to Parc Safari: Your Cycle program is NOT appreciated by us people just walking around.  


Bikes zooming by and taking up so much space in the park, and having sections marked off for them is NOT appealing to the normal walking on two feet guests) we made the best of our visit.  We had wanted to do the drive thru part first, but it opened much later than advertised (because of the cyclists) so we went thru part of the park first…

On the way, Avery and Joseph found some animals to pose with…




And onto the REAL animals…


The lions were first.  They were HUGE.  We walked around, and UNDER them…


And thanks to our tall Papa, Avery got to size up his paws to the big kitty:


We even got to see and hear the lions roar!  Next we saw a Tiger!  Avery had been looking forward to this animal the most, so we snagged a picture to send to Joey.


And oh the animals we saw… lions, tigers, bears, oh my!  And monkies too!



After freezing our butts off, we stopped for a nice lunch inside…


And then it was off for the best part… where we got to drive thru the park and feed the animals!  Avery was thrilled to see the animals, but what’s even better than that?  Hanging out the car window while doing it of course!


First up… the elephant!


We tried feeding it an orange, but MiMi’s throw wasn’t on par that day 😉  The boys were pretty excited to see the big guy.



Next up.. camels!


They were so big… and slobbery!  We had bought the park food to feed all the animals, and the camels walked up to the cars as we drove by and ate the food from our hands!

Avery was very hesitant at first and didn’t want to feed the animals, but he was popping around in the car from one window to the next to look at the animals… and Joseph followed behind us … both kiddos doing this most the ride!


I think these were donkeys…


And my favorite part… the ostrich!


It was taller than the car and poked it’s beak for the food onto our hands pretty hard…


We stopped and took a potty break halfwary thru (I know, I know, I owe a potty training post.. but just a hint, Avery is in big boy underpants all the time now!) and pet this guy…


Back in the car, we saw these big fellas!



And Avery warmed up and fed and pet some animals!



These deer/antelope things were very calm and fun to feed and pet.




They really get up close too…



And to give an idea of just how cool this experience was, driving thru the park, this is what a Papa’s truck looked like behind us…


Avery was full of giggles and smiles.. such a fun experience!


Tip: bring lots of baby wipes!  We went thru a ton since these animals slobbered all over our hands, haha.

After the car ride, we walked a raised pathway and saw the Giraffes


The baby giraffe was the first born at the park in 23 years, so it was fun to see her.  She was 1 1/2 months old.  Avery got to feed a carrot to the giraffe too (Tip: Bring bags of apples and carrots – the animals prefer them over the food the park sells, and the park is OK with it!)

We saw the elephant again…


And Papa and I stood in Kenya!


The platform was in the shape of Africa with all the countries mapped out.

Next up, a big Rhino…


And these two animals…


Avery had such a fun time with Joseph… these two goofballs…


Running to see the next animal…


Checking out some antelope…


The Chetas woke up (they were sleeping when we drove by earlier) and we watched them for a while…


With a couple hours left, we hit up the rides!  Avery rode a truck…


Joseph took Avery on this flying ride!


Avery cruised in the blue car… of coarse he picked the blue one!



And took a ride on an elephant… the blue one!131_2217

And the boys went thru a fun ball pit obstacle course…

Then we went to the petting area… first, a camel.


A pig…


chickens and ducks…131_2223131_2222

And the last part… the deer path.131_2228131_2232

They came up and ate right out of our hands.131_2242131_2236

Joseph made a friend…131_2240

Avery sat down and waited for them to come to him and they ate out of his hand.



We had so much fun!!!  Avery passed out a few minutes into the car ride home.. he was wiped out!  And he slept 11+ hours that night after such a busy day!

We’re excited to go back next summer… when it’s warm!!!

Happy Friday!  We had a busy weekend ahead of us: A football game tonight, a wedding tomorrow and sleepover with cousins, Joey’s half marathon Sunday, and two birthday parties Sunday afternoon!

❤ Meghan

Pre-Move Frenzy

Life gets pretty crazy when you decide to move!  The past week has been filled with squeezing in play dates with all our friends down here in Mass, making arrangements to move, and getting things squared away at work.

Play dates.  Although we do have a ton of friends and family in Vermont, we will be leaving some friends down here.  After being in Boston for 10 years, there are a few people I will miss 😦 So, I’ve made it a point the past two weeks to spend some time with everyone before we move.  My friend from college and the gym, Jarrod, popped by on a Saturday while his wifey was getting her hair did.  Avery was sleeping, so we got to chat for an hour. We spent a weeknight over at Phylis (she’s been my closest friend at work) and Joe’s house for dinner and played with them.

IMG_1339Phylis even scored some bruins tickets last weekend, so we went out together for a girls outing while the guys, Phylis’ husband and son, played with Avery.
On another weeknight, Pat came over and we watched Frozen with Avery.  We had popcorn and watched the movie in our pajamas!

We spent Saturday morning with Avery’s friend from his old daycare, Emmett, and we met Emmett’s new little brother, Finn.

IMG_1337They boys had fun eating lolli pops and playing at a sand table.


Sunday, we met up with my two girl friends from my Masters program, Jess and Victoria, at a mall play place.  Jess’s daughter and Avery had fun running around while us girls talked – for 3 hours!


Moving.  Tonight I start packing! Pat’s coming over to help.  Friday, my parents, sister, and Joey are coming to help move – not before we celebrate first – at the Red Sox Game! IMG_1327
Friday night we’ll all go to the game.  I’ve got a truck rented, so we’ll pack it up on Saturday, go out to dinner Saturday night, and then leave Sunday morning.  My Dad was amazing (as always) and cleared out room in his garage for all our storage stuff, so when we get to VT, we can unload and store it where we’ll be living and not have to pay for or deal with the hassle of getting a storage unit.  My apartment lease had to be broken – in Boston, there aren’t any month to month places, so I knew signing a year long lease last October would bite me in the butt, but the penalty I had to pay is going to be worth the move.  So excited… we’ll be moving in just 4 days!

Work. With the intentions of moving to VT, I had to get a job lined up there to support Avery and I.  I had a couple opportunities and one company that held a position for me.  However, when I gave my notice with my current employer, they came back an hour later asking if I would work from home from VT.  Of course I would!!!  As you have heard me talk before about how great my company is, this really shows it.  I didn’t want to leave, but I thought moving to VT meant cutting ties with them… apparently not!  I’ll be moving back into Coordination work (drawing plumbing systems in 3D on the computer) instead of Project Management, which means I’ll probably be working side by side with Phylis again!  She was my mentor for a year 🙂  So, my company is working out the details, and my parents have generously allowed me to use their home office while we stay with them, so just getting all that situated and I’ll be good to go!  I am so excited to still work for the same company, and also be making the salary and benefits I currently have – that just means I can pay off my student loans SO much faster – and save for a house for Avery and I sooner!

Avery and I will be living with my parents for a while, to save up money.  And it just so happens that my lil sister got into Grad School (yay, Sarah!!!) and she’ll be leaving in May, which means, we can make her room into Avery’s room!  Dad has the great idea to build bunk beds for Avery and I, so I can work in the office, but we can both sleep in Avery’s room – and my parent’s basement is already Avery’s play space – so he has space inside to play.  And yes, Avery will still be going to daycare full time.  He enjoys it and I think it’s good for him – plus, I can’t work with him running around!  I’ve got him enrolled in a daycare center just a few miles from my parents house.  He’s got a week vacation before he starts though – with Mimi! I have to be back in Mass next week after the move to smooth out the transition, so Avery will stay with Mimi for a few days in VT, since she’s on vacation from school.

Back to work for me… busily trying to get all my work transferred over to the new guy…

Do you work from home?  What should I expect?  Any tips/tricks for me to be as productive as possible, but also stay sane – not having coworkers around to talk with will be different!

❤ Meghan

Time Flies

Whew.  I’m taking a breather at work to say a quick hello.  It’s been a busy couple weeks!  Time flies when you’re having fun – and you’re busy!!! I’m lucky if I even get time to post pictures on Instagram, so posting on the blog has been near impossible.

So, a quick recap.  We spent the past two weekends in Vermont.  After the first weekend, Mimi came back with us (she was on vacation from school) and stole Avery away from daycare for two days.  They played and had a grand time.  We went out one night and MiMi got Avery new shoes!


There were Thomas the Train and Cars shoes to chose from and Avery chose the light up Cars ones and he loves them!

I even got some fun nights with Mimi, after Avery was in bed, we watched a movie one night and played scrabble another.  Thanks for coming, Mom!!! XOXO

Mimi went home on Wednesday and Avery and I returned to our normal schedule of school and work… and weekly taco night!Capture2

This past weekend in VT was a last minute decision – I needed to get some work done over the weekend, and planned it on Saturday, but Avery’s Grandma had to cancel her and Avery’s Dad’s visiting time, so we went to VT.  I spent all of Saturday morning working while Avery played with Grampy.  I peaked in on them… they were watching cartoons, playing with cars, and even planting seeds!

I caught my high school boys basketball team’s playoff game.  They lost, but it was so exciting!  I forgot how much energy and spirit there is in small town sports events.  I look forward to Avery being out on the court (or field) when he starts playing sports!

We had a fun Saturday evening dinner and Kinect games with the Tucker family (Hi Guys!).  Anyone sore after all that bowling?  Avery LOVED the bowling – we would hold him and guide him throwing the ball and he would cheer and clap for the strikes.  So much fun and laughter!

On Sunday, I worked an hour more and studied a bit for my Plumbing Class exam coming up on Tuesday.  Instead of going home at Avery’s nap time, we stayed all day.  We played toys, did art projects, Avery got a haircut, and just hung out with the family all day.  We got in late Sunday night and since then, we’ve had a very busy week.  I’ve been training a new person at work, aced my plumbing exam, hit the gym every day this week, and had a movie night with Pat last night after Avery was in bed.  Busy Busy!

Avery and I are over our colds and he’s his usual energetic, talkative, curious self.  I swear he’s been growing a lot lately too though – I look at him and think, man, he’s getting taller!  He turns 2 1/2 at the end of this month, so I’ll make a fun lengthy post about him and what he’s been up to and all his number stats.

I’ll be back next week….

❤ Meghan