Date Night at Cirque du Soleil

Sticking with our promise to ourselves to have regular date nights, we jumped at the opportunity to see Cirque du Soleil while they were in Boston.  A good date night activity?  Heck yes!  What night with your husband full of laughs, gasps, excitement, and lots of smiles isn’t good?!  Here’s a little recap of our evening out…

We left the munchkin (who just HAD to get messy at dinner while we were trying to quickly leave)


at home in the loving hands of two friends for the evening – and after some scrambling to get out the door (going over instructions, location of toys, bottle prep, bedtime routine, how to turn on the TV…) we were off!  I was sure to leave their ‘payment’ (they wouldn’t let us pay them) in the kitchen…


We arrived an hour before the show started, and glad we did because there was so much to see.  First, we had to snap a photo of the ‘big top’ tent…


Vinay was VERY excited.  Can you tell?  And to commemorate the night, we took a picture together (a rarity because I’m usually behind the lens) in front of one of the show graphics-


Then we ventured into the tent – which was full of concession stands and souvenirs.  We had some fun trying on a few masks from the show…


We grabbed some drinks and walked around.  They had some pretty cool light displays inside the tent…


Then it was showtime!  I won’t share too many details about the show because seeing it without knowing the details about the acts made it more thrilling and exciting… we never knew what was next, and when they surprised us, they did something even bigger and better to make us roar with cheers, laughter, or gasp out of surprise!

If you haven’t seen one of their shows before, know that it’s a twist on a ‘circus’ and each show has a different theme.  We saw ‘Totem‘ which is described as “A fascinating journey into the evolution of mankind.”  There were thrilling acts on trapeze, a wedding on roller skates, people swinging and jumping and coming down from the ceiling.  There was never a dull moment!

It was a perfect date night… our only gripe was that since we got reasonably priced tickets, it had to be on a weeknight.  We didn’t get home until 11:30PM and we’re both hurting from it today.  It was very worth it though!

(Sorry no pictures of the show because they didn’t allow it)

We need some suggestions for our next date night.  Any ideas you’ve done for date night that you’d like to share?  Anything that will top this?


10 thoughts on “Date Night at Cirque du Soleil

    • I would highly recommend it! And know that there are no ‘bad’ seats at the show. The stage is mostly in the center of the tent, so the $30/ticket we spent was in the back and on the side, but we saw the show perfectly – so glad we didn’t spend the $80-$100 some tickets were!

  1. how fun! What a great date night! I have always wanted to see one of these! Not quite sure what would top this haha. What about going to see a comedian? Or a comedy show of some type? You could go out for drinks first and then go to the show. We have tickets to see Jim Gaffigan in August and we are so excited! Of course, a date night in cooking and drinking some wine could be fun too!

  2. I saw a Circque show in Vegas back in 2003. Yikes… that’s almost 10-years ago. P and I need a date night soon. We’ll see what the schedules are looking like…

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