We Moved!….kinda.

No no no… hold your horses.  We haven’t moved into the new house just yet.  We have, however, moved in this crazy world wide web… to a new blog!

It’s been my intention, and goal (cuz I don’t have enough of those floating around), to change the name of my blog for a while now.  After the divorce a year ago, and changing my name back to my maiden name (I’m a Valyou again!), I felt it only fitting to switch the blog to reflect my fresh new start.  Now, the problem with switching to a new blog means lots of work.  When you have a blog setup, it’s really easy to post – just click a button, type, and publish it.  Starting a whole new one took a little more time…

First, I had to think of a name for the blog.  This only took me, oh… say… a year!  I brainstormed and thought of a bunch of good ones, then a couple days later, I would look at them and re-think it again, not happy with the final ‘name.’  It’s really hard to come up with a blog name that encompasses everything I write about.  I don’t like claiming a stereotype either, like ‘BloggingMomRunner’, because I write about more than that, and those three words don’t define me.  I wear so many hats, as a Mom, a SINGLE Mom, a Divorced Mom, a daughter and friend and sister, a career woman, a runner, a country girl turned city girl turned country girl again, a soon-to-be homeowner, etc…

So, after much deliberation, and a light bulb (thanks to my dear friend, Kate), I chose a new blog name – a new identity that would encompass all I write about.  Now, that was just the start of this new adventure (aka challenge, aka another thing to cram into my already full day of working 8 hours and spending time with my son and family, but why not? because it’ll be worth it in the long run).  I had an idea and plan – I just had to make it happen.  This was the even harder part.  I enlisted the help of my go-to computer and website guru (Thanks, Phil), and with much help from him, and a few days of skipping workouts to find the time to (whoops, sorry Jarrod – I’ll get my 100 squats in today, I promise!), my new website was born!  I transferred everything from the old blog over, and still have lots of formatting glitches to fix and personalize it a bit more, but it’s live, and before I push the off button on this site, I’ll give everyone a bit of time to get used to going to the new site… maybe a couple weeks?



Let me know what you think…. and HAPPY FRIDAY!



I realized last night that I hadn’t posted since last Friday – a week ago, today.  A whole week!!! It’s not like me to go a week without posting, so I feel I need to explain myself:

  1. Instead of working on the blog at lunch, I go to the gym!  This is great, so I get my whole night with Avery and house to-do stuff, but by the time I sit down at night, it’s too late to work on the blog or I have noooo energy left!
  2. My computer is busted.  Seriously.  I picked it up the other day and the screen is cracked so I can only see half of it… ugh.  Very difficult to work on it when I only have 4 inches of screen.. .it’s like I’m back in the 80s or something – how did they do it?!
  3. Work has been soooo busy!  I haven’t been able to take a quick break and pop on the blog to work on a post.  Well, I have once this week but only got a few lines down before I got pulled back to work.  Plus, I am totally loving my job, so if I have tasks to work on, I push to get them done, instead of taking a break.

So, there’s my little ramblings for the week.  No pictures.  No updates on Avery (one coming next week because he turns 21 months this weekend!).  But I have lots to share….  just where can I find the time to blog?  Maybe I need to get up earlier in the AM and blog before I leave for work, or do it on the weekend?  Between work, the gym, Avery, the house  – where do I fit it in?  So much to do, and so little time!

But, it’s Friday and the parents are visiting this weekend to knock off more items off the Honey-Do List!!!  Happy Friday!!!

When do you squeeze in time (and energy!) to blog???