Fun Friday!!!

Happy Friday!

We are so done with rain up here.  Seems like we got one sunny day, and 6 rainy ones this week.  So how do I tame my rambunctious three year old, and have some fun!??  Chalk hats in the garage…

I did the crown first, and then Avery got the idea and started making hats for himself (the first one is bunny ears he made), and then he made some for me…IMG_6817

I don’t let Avery play with my phone very often, but he quickly figured out how to use the camera.  Fun times!  After a few days of this, the garage is now a giant mural of drawings.  I’m really amazed at how Avery’s ‘artwork’ is actually more than just scribbles now.  He made a fish, a spaceship, and a cloud recently at school for me, and they actually almost resemble something 🙂

When it is sunny, we take advantage and bring the fun outside!  Mimi was painting the front doors on the house, and Avery wanted to join in and paint too, so I had him paint something not attached to the house…IMG_6780

My parents gave me a canvas and artwork box full of paints, and I haven’t used it yet – I was so happy to have Avery break it in.IMG_6782

He concentrated so hard, and wanted to try every color in the box.IMG_6785

Towards the end of painting, he started mixing colors.IMG_6788

And he was so proud when he was done.IMG_6790

I hung it up with my artwork in our room.IMG_6792

And thankfully, Grampy took Avery and I fishing last Friday down at the falls before all this rain hit.


It was nice and sunny, and Avery worked on casting and slowly reeling in his line.


Avery loved picking out his worm and washing it off to see it.IMG_6747

Avery pulled in his line and we didn’t realize it had a fish on it!  He caught the only one that day.


Grampy got the hook out because the fish swallowed it, but once it was out, Avery held the fish and let it go back in the river.

After he caught his fish, he was over fishing – his short attention span is understandable for a three year old.  He did some ‘rock climbing’ as he called it and threw some rocks and sticks in the water.IMG_6756

Grampy kept fishing….IMG_6761

And when the container for the worms fell in the water, I tried to snag it with my fishing pole, but slipped in…  IMG_6762

I did save it though!  Grampy got a kick out of it and we called it a night.  Avery wanted to go check out the falls, so we did some more ‘rock climbing’ and my soggy camera snagged some photos.IMG_6767

We had fun climbing the rocks and seeing the rushing waters.IMG_6768

The past couple days, this area they are standing on has been under water because of all the rain.IMG_6776

Oh and we can’t forget the play date we had with Avery’s (second) cousins.  We tagged along with Grampy to my cousins house for a couple hours on Sunday.  Grampy was helping them finish the basement.  Avery and his cousins went to the park, shared some snacks, and played toys inside.  So nice being close to family we can have play dates with!


We had a busy week…we also went to a baby shower (congrats Jenn and Michael – my cousins –  They are having a little girl).  Mimi and I had fun shopping for a gift for them – it was practical tho!  Avery played with his cousins and I got to chat with ladies on that side of the family.  We also went to a graduation on Thursday night for Joseph, another cousin (I have so many cousins, lol – gotta love having a big family!) so proud of him and happy to celebrate with him.

Let’s hope some nice weather is ahead for the weekend.  We have have pizza and a movie tonight, grocery shopping and a birthday party tomorrow, and who knows what else!?

Happy Friday!

❤ Meghan


Memorial Day Camping Weekend

We are back from a long (and FUN) camping weekend.  We spent last week getting geared up for it – MiMi and Grampy stocked up the camper while Avery and I made some goodies to pack.


Avery was a big helper making apple chips.  Yes, he took a bite out of almost every one before putting them on the tray.

That batch of apple chips barely lasted Friday afternoon – Avery devoured them as soon as we got to camp and shared them with his friends.  I’ll make two batches next trip. And if you noticed Avery’s face in the last picture…IMG_6491

He also helped me make cookies and since stirring is hard work, some flour escaped the bowl.


Friday morning came and Avery was so excited…. that he just kept sleeping and sleeping.IMG_6499

I even tried my ‘mommy tactics on him – opened the window, turned on the lights… but he was still snoozing.  I guess he knew he had a big camping weekend ahead of him and he needed to stock up on sleep!  Friday at noon, we were off!  Grampy and I (Mimi had to work all day and joined us later Friday night) picked Avery up at daycare (which Avery thought was pretty cool since we had the camper with us!).IMG_6501

(Oh, Avery looks like a grump in this picture because he’s making a “Pokey Face”)

Just over an hour later, we pulled into the campground – and we were the first ones there! (first ones in our group – we had 6 sites reserved for my Papa’s side of the family – my Mom’s Dad).  After setting up the camper, we headed off to the railroad track.

We stayed at River’s Bend, in New Haven VT.  It’s very secluded along a river, but there is a train track and bridge near the entrance.IMG_6506

We climbed up the hill and I snagged a couple good pictures of these two.


I wouldn’t dare walk over the bridge part – eek too high.  But Grampy and Joseph did.


Avery and I stayed on the tracks and I almost got a very poetic picture of Avery on the tracks, then the dogs photobombed it.

We put down pennies and dimes for the train to flatten.  We went back on Saturday and we found them all – smushed.  Avery and Joseph (my cousin) thought it was pretty cool!

To bring our first day camping to a close, we did popcorn over the fire…IMG_6518

Good thing we brought two bags of it because the first one exploded, haha.  Avery and Grampy enjoyed their usual nighttime snack.IMG_6520

The rest of the weekend was a blur of fun… lots of fishing, playing in the sand, kayaking, playing with family – cornhole and woffleball and some new game called KamnJam.  Avery skipped rocks in the water and rode his bike around with Joseph.  They played soccer and with this helicopter spinner Avery would let off and Joseph or Mia would catch.


Grampy finally caught a couple fish.  Avery had so much fun playing with his second cousins – ‘my friends’ as he calls them.  He woke up Sunday morning and asked ‘where are my friends?’ since they only came for the day on Saturday and had left that night.  He really loves playing with them.


Avery, Grampy, and I spent hours looking for fish.  I took this picture a split second before Avery fell in right there.  It was too funny.  He had a soaked pantleg (just one) and a shoe. We were all laughing.  The water wasn’t deep so he didn’t get far and his pants dried before we got back to camp.IMG_6536

The river was so low in places that we walked out to islands like this a couple times.  We found broken pottery, dug holes making rivers and floating sticks and leaves down – so much fun.IMG_6564

And Avery and I went out in the kayak 4 times I think… one time we even took Frasier along!


I didn’t carry my phone around with me, so there aren’t pictures of every second of the weekend, but that’s what camping is all about – leaving work, and housework, and electronics at home and enjoying the outdoors and the people you’re with – and we sure did that.

We closed the weekend with smores… oh and catching a frog – the second one of the weekend.IMG_6566

Thank you Johnson Family for such a fun camping weekend.  Sunday afternoon while I was baking up a storm for the week and Avery was playing play doh, he says ‘I want to go camping’.  I think he had fun 🙂

❤ Meghan

Money, Mother’s Day, and More!

I can’t lie, I am getting sooo excited for buying this house!  Probably because I drive by it twice a day and mostly because I got to visit and take measurements last weekend!
house selfie
Yep, I spent a couple hours one night with a tape measure and my laptop drawing out the first floor.  This way I can play around with furniture layouts before we even move in – so exciting!

On the financial side of things, I’m one month into saving for the down payment, and things are looking good…

April Goal Thermometer

I have saved 31% of my goal, and there are still 5 months to go! (I did start off with a nice chunk on day one of saving, so don’t expect another 31% jump next month!)  Just keeping expenses to a minimum, and saving every bit I have leftover every week seems to be working.  That plus I FINALLY got my VT tax return back.  It took weeks and it was complicated because I had to file in VT and Mass, since I lived there part of last year – but thankfully it’s all sorted out, I got my $ back, AND I don’t have to do it again next year! (Why?! Because I’m a Vermonter, and as much as my manager wants me to move back to Mass, I’m staying put!)

So, what’s been happening on the homefront?  I have a little catching up to do… two weekends ago, we had a busy shopping day, getting our weekly fix of groceries – Costco, then Hannafords.  I know, who choses to take their kid shopping with them – usually they have to.  But not me, I for one LOVE to get out of the house, since I work at home all week, and the weekends are my time with Avery so, he comes along and he has so much fun.


He was a big helper, going around finding things on our list.  And he LOVES to put items on the belt when we check out.

And if he behaves well and helps out, he gets doggy bones.  Yeah, the woman in line in front of us gave us a pretty odd look when he asked if he could have his doggy bones now.  Doggy bones are a candy in the little quarter machines when you leave the store.  They are one of his favorites, so it’s a nice treat and incentive for a hard morning’s work of shopping.


And as if that wasn’t enough work for a three year old… he helped me clean all three vehicles that afternoon.IMG_6266

We found out last summer how much Avery loved playing with the hose, so when I asked him if he wanted to help wash the cars, he jumped with joy, litterally!  And man was it a feat cleaning the vehicles – mine hadn’t gotten a thourough clean since last fall.  I did a quick vaccum a month or so ago, but finally it’s really clean.  All those stale cheerios and missing toys are no more.  I even found my missing set of car keys!  I had sucked up a dinosaur with the shop vac on accident, opened the cover and there was the little orange guy, and also my spare key!  I didn’t even know it was in there. Whew – good catch!

So, when we’re not outside soaking up the rays (it was in the 70s and 80s here for almost 2 weeks straight), I’m inside baking up something new.  I started in the winter when I made blueberry muffins for Steve, and since then, I make a batch of something once a week.  This past week was cupcakes.IMG_6327

I sent those four to my gram and gramps.  The rest Dad and Steve got.  And thanks to my Nana, I have a bunch of new (new to me, they are from really old cooking books) recipes to try out.

Ok, now we’re caught up to last weekend.  On Friday night, Steve and I had a picnic dinner on the tailgate of his truck on the lake.

The view was much better than our mediocre chinese food.  And Saturday morning it was nice and windy so, we flew kites…IMG_6359

That little green spec is Avery.  He’s flying our forever old send in your kool aid points kite.   He did pretty well, running to get it up, letting the line out, until he let go a few times and got it caught in a tree.IMG_6360

Steve was kind enough to climb the tree and get it down – all for the price of looking like he had a fight with a very mad cat 🙂
For Mother’s Day,  Avery made me a card and a gift at school and one at home.IMG_6378

Yeah, whatever you do, don’t tell this kid a secret.  We hid flowers for Mimi at Uncle Johns (I bought them on Tuesday, so we wouldn’t have a limited selection come the weekend when everyone was out buying flowers), but apparently Avery spilled the beans.  No biggie, we get hanging flower baskets for Mom every year, so she knew they were coming.

We spent the morning and early afternoon with Nana and Papa on their screened-in porch.  Avery had fun with the men, throwing rocks in the water and walking around outside.  He even sat on the porch with Papa for a while.IMG_6379

We shared some pictures and videos of Avery and he showed his math skills on the ipad.  Oh and we had a yummy lunch – I wasn’t hungry for dinner 6 hours later.IMG_6380

Then we were off to Gram and Gramps where Avery and MiMi got caught in the rain outside!  We played Go Fish with Grandma and saw some family too.IMG_6381

Oh, what are some other random misc things going on?  Oh, Mimi and Grampy celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary.  I made them a treat on the day, but they went out and celebrated with friends the weekend before.  IMG_6312This just means it’s getting closer to my 30th birthday… eeek!

Oh, and with all this nice weather, I put away winter clothes and got out summer clothes (yay for dresses and skirts again!!)  But that also meant going thru Avery’s clothes and putting away things he has outgrown.  I filled a box.IMG_6286

Thankfully, at his last birthday and the holidays, he was gifted lots of bigger clothes, perfect for this summer.  Oh and Mimi bought a few new outfits for him too – shorts and t-shirts perfect for playing outside in.IMG_6287

We got a little rain this week, but the weather is finally staying warm and we’re playing outside every day.  Avery scored a free blow up beach ball at the Pharmacy yesterday when we bought new sunscreen for him at school, and the nice lady gave it to him for free.  Score!  It’s perfect to kick around the front yard.  Little guy is all tuckered out and in bed now… I will soon be in there too.  I forgot how much the sun makes me tired, oh that and running 🙂

❤ Meghan

Surprises and Easter!

We started April off with a bunch of surprises – and not just any surprises… ones that had been in the works for MONTHS!

On just a typical Wednesday afternoon, Avery and I went out and instead of heading to a friend’s house (Kate, I used you as a cover!), we went to the airport to pick up MiMi’s birthday present.

Months ago, Grampy and I were talking about what to do for MiMi’s big 50th birthday and we decided on a dinner of close friends.  While we were running names, Mina’s name came up (she worked with MiMi as a teacher here in VT, had a baby last summer (Charlie), and moved back to Reno, Nevada), and we knew Mom would love to have her here, so I wung it and asked Mina if she would like to come (and Charlie too), and they accepted our invitation!!!

So, sneakily, Avery and I picked them up from the airport, and brought them home to surprise MiMi!  We had been planning for months, and the weekend before, I got to buy baby food and diapers for Charlie’s stay!

Avery was very excited for our friends coming!  We picked up a couple things for Charlie’s Easter basket, and a few ‘baby’ animals for Avery and headed to the airport to watch the plane come in.IMG_5810

Avery took this picture! (see the BUSY airport behind me and the tiny animals?)IMG_5817

Burlington Airport is very small and not busy at all.  We only saw two big planes come in during an hour wait.  Avery had fun watching a small plane do touch and gos tho from the observation tower.IMG_5819

They arrived and we headed home! MiMi was so very happy when we arrived – there were tears 🙂IMG_5841
Mina and Charlie stayed with us for a week.  We converted half the finished basement into a room for them – and thanks to hoarding all of Avery’s baby stuff, we had everything they needed!

Charlie is 9 months, so he was sitting up, putting everything in his mouth – such a sweet age!

I had the pleasure of making Charlie and Mina breakfast and lunch a couple days – he was so cute eating finger foods like hot dogs, scrambled eggs, and mac n cheese.IMG_5824

Oh and I got to fold his tiny baby clothes!!! So so so cute!IMG_5830

On Friday, Avery got a surprise – his 3 (second) cousins came over to play!  My cousins had a death in the family and asked me to watch their kiddos for the afternoon.  Avery had fun playing outside with them and later having pizza and a movie (our Friday night tradition).IMG_5838

We got snow Friday night, so Saturday we played outside with Charlie – it was his first real experience with snow!IMG_5843

Avery and Grampy had snowball fights and Charlie took a sled ride.IMG_5851

Saturday morning I took Avery to the town common for the Easter Egg Hunt – we met our friends Joayn and her son Caleb there.  After they gathered all the eggs and got bags of goodies, we went to their grandparents house so the boys could play and we had coffee and chatted – so fun.

Then it was back to surprise plotting because I had to pick up more supplies at the store (I got most of them the weekend before) for MiMi’s surprise party that night!

Mina made an excuse to get Mom out of the house with them, and then the party planning began!  Grampy made four different yummy meats,  Sarah and Jonathan and their friends Kelly and Amanda came with decorations and gifts and desert.  I made appetizers (I tried to keep it healthy with fruit and veggies and dips) and Charlie approved…


The guests came with a dish each (thank you everyone!!!).  When MiMi got back home, we had a house full of people, and food!  MiMi was surprised and we all had a great time celebrating her big milestone with her.


Avery helped her open presents… some socks, gift cards, lottery tickets, and lots of wine!IMG_5979
Sunday we celebrated Easter, and it was Charlie’s first!  Avery got a basket from the Easter Bunny filled with goodies.


He got new underwear (The Easter Bunny must have known his current ones were getting tight!), chocolate eggs with characters inside, a ball set, and eggs that grow animals!IMG_5858

Avery was very excited about the chocolate eggs – he bit one and got the toy from inside and didn’t want the rest of the chocolate.  These eggs were months in the making – Avery always watches these youtube videos of eggs with tiny characters inside, but they don’t make them in the US, so we found them in China and had them shipped here a month ahead of time.  It was worth it, because so far Avery has opened two eggs, both cars from the Disney movie ‘Cars’ were inside and he loves playing with them.


Charlie got shaker eggs and a bunny rabbit!  And two packages arrived with Easter books for the boys!IMG_5866

He seemed to enjoy them, just not the bunny ears – they barely lasted long enough to take this picture!


MiMi and Grampy made a big Easter Linner (Lunch+Dinner, served early afternoon) and we got all dressed up for our family and friends to arrive.IMG_5880

I was so proud of Avery, he kept his tie on even though he complained ‘its hurting me!’… it was a clip on, and the shirt collar was big on his neck, so dramatic!

The kids at the kids table…


And the big adults table…IMG_5882IMG_5883

The kiddos had a fun egg hunt downstairs…IMG_5888

And Avery worked very hard the two weeks before Easter making the Egg Piniata…


He kept asking every time we put a layer on if he could smash it… well he finally got his chance to!


Charlie even took a few swings – and after two rounds, there was candy everywhere!

The surprises ended when on MiMi’s actual birthday, Grampy gave her two handmade aderondak chairs with their names engraved.  I was sitting in them this afternoon actually… oh see all the snow is finally gone!!!

Now that all the surprises are out, I’m back to the blog.  So much sneaking around took lots of time and effort!  Next up… the plan for saving for our house!!!  It’s already in the works, just gotta bring everyone up to speed and get back on my monthly updates for it 🙂

Oh and a big thanks for everyones congrats on paying off my loans – so exciting and glad to share it with everyone!

❤ Meghan

This is Three

Ugh!  Is it spring yet!? The calendar says yes, but if I look outside, I’m reminded it’s not all butterflies and green grass just yet…


I picked the right year to move up from Boston – they got slammed with snowstorms and sooo much snow this winter, but man is it really dragging on up here.  We still have snow on the ground, it even snowed this morning.  There are brief glimpses of spring though… birds chirping in the morning, muddy rutted dirt roads, and with spring comes celebrating Avery’s halfway thru his third year.


(Ice skating at the town common)

I still catch myself calling him a toddler sometimes, and other times I wonder what happened in the blink of an eye – when you’re a parent, time seems to drag on during those tantrums and fits of fussiness and crying, but when they start doing circles around you, you wonder when that happened and actually wish they were tiny again and you could cradle them in your arms.  He’s not a baby, or a toddler, he’s a kid.  He’s in (pre)school, he has friends (real ones, not just the kids of his Mom’s friends), and he’s growing into his own person.


(homemade donuts – Avery approves!)

Oh how I wish I could just swaddle him up and rock him to sleep again, but man is this a fun age.  You’d think by now we’d run out of ‘firsts’ but now that he’s older, he can and wants to do new things… he loves baking cookies with me, or prepping a salad for dinner.  We even trust him bringing plates (one at a time!) to the dining room to set the table for dinner.  He’s such a big boy!


(Celebrating Grampy & Uncle Todd’s Birthdays-Avery picked out the pink cupcakes)

Dinner is still one of our favorite times as a family.  I remember back when most the pictures I took of him were of him in his highchair, because otherwise he was crawling around and I couldn’t get a shot that wasn’t blurry!  Now Avery sits in his own chair, and complains about the food on his plate.  We ‘Talk about our days’ as Avery calls it, every night at dinner.  I can’t even ask him how his day was at school because he says its not dinner time yet.  At the table, Avery goes around asking about our days.

 “How’s your Day, Mimi?”

“Mimi had a good day at school.  Guess what I did today?”

“More MATH?!”

Avery always asks with a big smile and silly face.  For a while, every night Avery would tell us he had gone to Parc Safari that day (We went last September).  He’s still working on the concepts of ‘today’ ‘tomorrow’, etc. but man is it cute to hear him ramble on….


(Weekend fun shopping with Grampy, making cheerio necklaces and cookies!)

And does he ever ramble!  Avery talks and talks and talks.  It’s pretty hard to get a word in these days, especially if he’s throwing a fit.  Yes, life with a three year old is not all fun and games.  When he was a baby, it was all about eat, sleep, diaper changes – just keeping him alive and growing was the goal!  Then he became a toddler and it was about colors, and numbers, and making sure he’s talking and walking.

Now that he’s growing into a little boy, a kid, it’s about parenting, teaching him right from wrong and guiding him to become a little gentleman.  So, when he refuses to take off his boots himself and flops on the floor like a runner after a marathon, or when he chucks a dinosaur at me while I’m driving down the highway during a 4-hour car ride, or when he refuses to eat corn off the cobb, because corn on the cobb is delious, but off the cobb it becomes enemy number one, well, that’s when parenting kicks in.


(Baths are still one of Avery’s favorite parts of the day)

Avery is Avery.  He wants what he wants, when he wants it.  He knows what he likes and wants and doesn’t like and doesn’t want, and man does he vocalize it.  He tries to negotiate…

“Avery you have five more minutes of the movie, then it’s bedtime”,

“10 more minutes?!”,

“No, Avery 5.”


“OK Three” 🙂

I didn’t say he was good at it.


(We love making new train tracks – Avery’s favorite train is Percy)

Oh and when he doesn’t get his way, he puts his foot down, or throws something, haha.  He is stubborn and defiant, and at times has quite a temper.  And although he tells me he loves me many times a day, oh so many times he’s glared at me and told me “I no like you” or, “you made me cry, Mommy!”, and man does he know how to tug on those heart strings.  I hate seeing him upset and especially cry, but teaching him lessons is part of parenting, and I know it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Like when he’s giving me a hard time putting his winter clothes on to go home from school and he kicks me and gives me a disgusted look.  Well, then he loses his jelly bean treat (We stop and get Mike and Ikes at the hardware store nextdoor most days, if he has a good day).  And man does he throw a fit, and the tears, oh the tears, and wailing – the whole sha-bang.  But if there is one thing I’ve gained over the past three and a half years, for some many reasons other than just being a parent, is patience, and staying calm and collected.  I hooked Avery into his carseat, tears streaming down his face, and sat with him for a few minutes talking about jelly beans being a reward, and how kicking was not nice, and he knew he did something wrong and he looked so dissapointed in himself – he knew the conversation was coming to a close and said sorry before I asked him to, and know what he did?  He pulled my head in and asked to give me a kiss.  Parenting is hard work, but soooo worth moments like that, that give me clarify that I’m raising a fine little man!


(Avery loves trying to play board games like Scrabble and Yahtzee with MiMi and I)

And now, onto the fun stuff!  Avery has always been go go go!  He’s always been on the move and wants to try everything.  We’ve been ice skating, snow shoeing, sledding, and have kept busy inside this winter, all in hopes of curing our cabin fever.  The latest fun activities Avery has been thrilled with… a box, some sticks, and a ball of yarn.


So, we visit my grandparents every Monday, and there was a ball of yarn on the coffee table, for Gram’s cat, Missy.  Avery took it upon himself to make this yarn into a game, and proceeded to tie all the furniture up and before we knew it, the living room had become a giant cat’s cradle!  So, we gave Avery a ball of yarn at home and he sure keeps busy!


Grampy had some scrap wood, so he made a set of sticks for Avery that he stacks and makes houses with, so much fun!


Grampy came home with this gem (little kid or big box?) and Avery has since made it home, and shared it with friends.


I’m not surprised that his two favorite things right now are not actual toys and were free – he used to love playing in cupboards with tupperware.  But he still does love his toys… trains and cars mostly.  He does like to color and do art projects.  Our latest project is making a piniata for Easter!


Avery kept asking when he could smash it, haha.  We are having family over for the holiday and he’s been told, and tells others when he shows off the piniata, that he can ‘smash it’ when his friends come over.


Avery is becoming his own person.  He has likes and dislikes (strawberries, yum.  green beans, oh no!). He has an opinion about everything, and he is such a sponge.  He doesn’t forget anything, and the questions have started – Yesterday he asked me “Why is it raining Mommy?’  Now how far do I go with that for a toddler?  Just tell him it’s coming from the sky or explain precipitation and weather…. oh man I have to brush up on my 3rd grade science and weather unit from 1995!

We get to do so many fun things together tho that expands his knowledge of the world around him.  Just last week, he and Grampy planted flowers and veggies and he is sooo proud that they are growing now and waters them.


At three and a half, Avery is amazing.  He always surprises me, makes me laugh, smile, and yes, at times I feel like throwing my hands in the air and giving up, but that only lasts a few seconds – every parent needs a time out for themselves for moments like those (Like when he’s called “Mom, Mommy, Mooooom, Momma!” so many times!


(Riding back from Boston, MiMi’s driving, and Avery sound asleep – so sweet when they are sleeping!)

My favorite thing I want to remember about him being three right now is saying good night and I love you.  After his bath and pjs are on and teeth are brushed, he tells everyone good night.  Avery says ‘I love you’ and Mimi started telling him ‘I love you more’ back, and then it became ‘ten more’, and ‘100 more.  Now when Avery goes to bed, we wait in anticipation to hear what his response would be.  It’s always so darn cute and the other night my Mom and I were laughing so hard that I had to write it down, so here are a couple from the past few days

“Good Night, Avery.  I love you”….

“I love you one hundred miles ago!”

“I love you one hundred and a half!”

Now I’m off to Friday Night Pizza and a Movie, and I’m sure I’ll have much more to share in the coming months from my growing little wonder 🙂

❤ Meghan

Can You Feel the Love

Can you feel the love (tonight)?  Avery’s been watching Lion King way too much if I’m quoting songs from it for blog posts!  Can’t lie, I have fun singing along to all the movie’s songs, cuz knowing all the words after not seeing it for 20 years is pretty awesome.  Hakuna matata!

We sure felt the love this weekend for Valentines Day.  As with any holiday, we prepped goodies during the week beforehand.  Avery played with scissors, glue, glitter, stamps and markers to make homemade valentine cards for Aunt Sarah, Grampy, and Great Grandma and Grandpa.  For Mimi, Avery painted noodles and made her a necklace!

Avery’s school had a Valentines party on Friday, so I scoured Pinterest for ideas.  I really wanted a Valentine that didn’t have candy (because I knew there would be lots of candy, which kids love, but I’m sure they won’t need more of after a candy filled party!) so I found one with cars – perfect for my car loving kiddo. The example online had a cheap little dollar store car, so I splurged and got real hot wheel cars that the kiddos would actually keep and use for a long time.  I used the paint program on my computer and printed the simple cards.IMG_5200

Some cutting and taping, and a few minutes later, I had this!IMG_5201

And a lot of more minutes later I had all these!IMG_5202

Avery was soooo excited when he saw them.  And when we brought them to school, I put them in a bag and he demanded to carry it and stopped and showed everyone his valentines as we walked to his classroom.  As kids came in, he kept asking if they wanted to see his Valentines.  It was adorable.  I had to put them away for the party later otherwise he would have handed them out right then and there!

That night, Avery came home with a goodie bag of all the Valentines from school.  He dumped it out on the floor and spread them out to show us.IMG_5242

He also took Mimi’s out from school and checked those out too.  He was most excited about the lolli pops – still one of his favorite candies.

Saturday morning, we opened Valentines gifts.  Avery got a box of chocolates and a fun card from MiMi and Grampy with a Lightning McQueen bracelet.IMG_5247

Grampy also got him a bunch more finger lights (Avery got a set of these for Xmass and loved them!) so we had fun turning off the lights and playing with these yesterday!IMG_5259

And then Avery opened his gift from me while Grampy opened his gift from Mimi…


We had a theme….


And of coarse the shot is blurry!  Grampy got blades for his razor, and Avery got a shaving kit!


Avery got a car like his friends at school, candy for his Pez, and some jelly beans of coarse 🙂  Mimi got a massager from Grampy and we tested it out!


Avery got me a card that said ‘I love you’ and two new books for story time at night.  Then we were off for a fun filled morning at ECHO!  It’s been freeezzing here, so since we haven’t been able to go outside, we had some fun at the aquarium inside.


We saw turtles, fish, star fish and frogs!


Avery had fun in the games exhibit too.IMG_5266

That night we had a yummy family dinner together and before bath, Avery and Grampy shaved together…IMG_5268IMG_5270IMG_5271IMG_5272

I made a batch of heart cookies for Steve and he brought me the most beautiful bouquet!


Happy Valentines!

❤ Meghan

Snow and Skates

Everyone enjoying the calm after the storm?  We got a whopping 10 inches yesterday, on top of the 4-5 we already had from the storm last week.  Oh and to top it off, it’s -18 today.  Burr!!

We’ve had serious cabin fever lately, so every chance we get, we get out of the house and do fun wintry stuff like playing in the snow yesterday…

Avery and Mimi went out after lunch, and I went out with Avery after I finished work.Capture1

We shoveled a path around the house (for the dogs) to the sledding hill in the back.IMG_5158

Avery had gotten a white wash earlier when he went sledding with Mimi, so this time, we tried sledding backwards so he didn’t get any snow in the face!



Avery shoveled the front porch, twice.IMG_5146


Can you spot the yeti snowman in the background of all these pics?  We built him probably a month ago and he’s still standing strong, just looks a little oversnowed…IMG_5154

After Avery’s fun filled day with Mimi and two trips outside in the snow, he was one tired kiddo.  We had tacos for dinner, at 5pm, Avery’s favorite, and he was so quiet, took a few bites, and laid down on the bench and closed his eyes.  He was wiped out!
…and in other wintry adventures… we went Ice Skating!


Our town puts up an ice skating rink in the town common every year (which means its free!), and I got some used skates for Avery a while ago, and being a frugal single mom, I got him a secondhand pair (for $6 – he’s gonna outgrow them in a year or two anyways)… but I got some crap for getting him white skates (they only had a black pair, and they were a size too big)…


It’s been a super cold winter, so we kept waiting for a warm day to go, and it never came, so we went on a warmish, but windy day weeks ago.  Steve and I took Avery – we held his hands and did two loops around the rink and then he was sooo done with it.  It was way too cold.

So last weekend, it was finally warm out, so Grampy and I took Avery for round two.


We started with milk crates.  The ice was pretty cut up, so it wasn’t too smooth to push the crates, but with a little help, we did a couple laps around.

Then Avery tried walking around – he didn’t want to hold our hands and just went off on his own.



He was so confident and proud of himself and full of smiles…. oh and a such a trooper.  He fell a bunch, but got up every time!

And it wasn’t long before Avery saw the hockey players and asked for his hockey stick (He got hockey sticks from Michael Eyes and Aiden for his Birthday and we have been to two of his cousins hockey games this winter).  I didn’t bring it – it didn’t cross my mind he’d be needing it this soon!  So we used some broom ball sticks…

Next time, we’re bringing his hockey stick!


We were at the rink for over an hour, and Avery did NOT want to leave, but he was tired and so ready to go, so we played with the crates a lil bit.IMG_5033IMG_5035


And our adventure ended with a full on tantrum with me carrying Avery to the car because he did NOT want to leave!  We’ll be back out on the ice soon!

Now all we need is some wet snow, sticky snow, so we can build Great Grandma a snow man!

❤ Meghan