Here’s a look at our first house…I need to update all the before and after photos so bear with me as I get those organized and I will share soon…


Style: Bungalow

Size: 1032 sq ft

Rooms: 2 bedrooms + den/1 bath (7 rooms total)

Year Built: 1928

Back Yard (before)

So far we’ve added some nice flowers, ride the existing garden of poison ivy, oh and added a deck!

Kitchen (before)

This was the first space we tackled before we even moved into the house.  The kitchen was a mish-mosh of random cabinets, a odd doorway into the second bedroom, and overall far unlivable for us.  So, we gutted and renovated the entire space.  Not too bad for the 82 square feet we had to work with, eh!?

Kitchen (after)

Dining Room (before)

What we LOVE about this room, is that although our house is small, the living space is open and feels really large.  The Dining Room, located off the Kitchen, is open to to the Living Room through some awesome architectural columns and cute built ins.  So far, a good cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, new light fixture, and establishing our wine bar is the extent of renovations in this room.

Dining Room (progress)


Living Room (before)

Although we’d love to have a real fireplace some day to hang our Christmas stockings, we were NOT fond of the fake pile of bricks hogging tons of space in the living room… so we took care of that!  Then we added some new flooring to cover the fireplace hole, a good cleaning, patched the ceiling, and a little paint.  And we recently added a new couch and chair to polish off the room…

Living Rm (progress)

Office (before)

Labeled as a ‘Den’ when we purchased the house, we decided to use this space as our office.  It still needs a paint job, but we’ve recently unpacked all (but 3) boxes in there and made some progess

Office (progress)

Bedroom 1 (before)

This cute 10′ x 11′ room is the smaller of the two bedrooms, and perfect for a nursery!  A lot of changes already went into this room… paint, new light fixture, window treatments, furniture, and lots of penguins.  Check out our posts on the progress of this space: Neutral NurseryMake Room for Penguins, and Nursery Shuffle.

Bedroom 1 (after)

Bathroom (before)

Oh how we loath this space!  Since our kitchen renovation took the bulk of our savings and time recently, we’ve had to hold off on remodeling this room, for now.  Because it’s such a small space, we’ve added some temporary storage until we can figure out a long-term solution that we can incorporate later on…

Hallway (before)

Hallway (after)

Bedroom 2 (before)

Although quaint, this tiny 9’6 x 13′ space has become our oasis.   The walls are still bare… so we still have some work to do…

Bedroom 2 (progress)


I promise I’ll update with final before/after photos soon…

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