FIT in 40

***I finished this on May 7th, 2012.  Pictures of my BEFORE & AFTER from our trip to Costa Rica are HERE!***

I’ve officially started my health kickoff for the year! I have 40 days until our trip to Costa Rice, for our close friends’ (Hi Mariana & Kris!) wedding. We’ve had this trip planned for over a year now, and what better motivation is there? I have 40 days to get FIT!

How am I going to do it? Well, I’m not going to follow any ‘plan’ or workout to a certain disk serious like ‘P90X’ or ‘Insanity’ . (although I hear they are very effective. I just can’t devote an hour or sometimes even 30 minutes to a workout). I’m just going to eat healthier, and squeeze in as many workouts as I can – without jeopardizing time with Avery, or my sleep.

So, what are my goals? I’d like to feel confident enough to wear a bikini on our vacation. No specific weight or inches loss… because muscle weighs more than fat you know 🙂 I’ll keep a log for each day, so hopefully that’ll keep me in check!

Daily Log


Day: 1
Days to go: 39
Sleep: 6 hours (Thanks, Avery 🙂)
Breakfast: Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Special K Cereal, Earl Grey Tea
Lunch: Leftovers. 1/2 grilled chicken sandwich and rice
Snacks: Banana, Earl Grey Tea, yogurt
Dinner: Taco night. (I was light on the cheese and loaded them with veggies!).
Desert: Tiramisu ice cream? No thank you 🙂 
Exercise: Zilch. (I worked 11 hours today – Tuesdays & Thursday will be my ‘rest’ days because I have to work late)

Calorie Net: 1406 (over by 206. I should stopped after 2 tacos :()
Reflections: I’m not really off to a running start, am I? I was good about food today, just couldn’t squeeze in a workout – kinda hard when I’m up at 4 with Avery and don’t get home from work until after 7. Tomorrow is a new day… and I’ll have time to workout when I get home with Avery… maybe a nice brisk walk tomorrow?


Day: 2
Days to go: 38
Sleep: 7 hours (Avery slept much better last night!)
Breakfast: Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Earl Grey Tea, Banana
Lunch: Homemade chicken, veggies, & rice soup (yes I made it myself!)
Snacks: yogurt (I wanted my usual bag of LAYS potato chips, but I was good and opted for the healthier snack!), Tea, slice of cheese (x2)
Dinner: Homemade cheese burgers loaded with veggies & small pasta side (Maybe next time I’ll skip the cheese?)
Scale Says: I got up the guts to weigh myself after seeing another blogger make the ‘plunge’ into a health-kick. 138.6. I’d love to lose about 8.6 of that by the wedding, and according to a BMI calculator, my BMI is 25.3. (25-29.9 is overweight). A ‘normal’ weight range for me would be 101-136. I laugh at the 101 part of that… yeah if only I was back in high school…
Exercise: 20 minutes! Avery and I ‘went to the gym’ AKA his play mat gym. He played while I stretched for 10 minutes, then did 10 minutes of abs/legs exercises.

Calorie Net: 1359 (over by 159. I should have left the cheese off the burger :()
Reflections: Food-wise, I feel like I’m doing well – need to go shopping this weekend for some healthy snacks to keep around the house and at work to munch on. Super-excited that I fit in some exercise. The weather is back down to the low 50s and windy, and with a little sniffle, I’m not bringing Avery outside for walks yet. HOWEVER, we did order my jogging stroller today!


Day: 3
Days to go: 37
Sleep: 6 hours (Avery is still not sleeping well – implementing a new method tonight…)
Breakfast: Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Earl Grey Tea
Lunch: Leftover hamburger & pasta
Snacks: Banana & yogurt, tea, cheese, a couple m&ms (I needed them at the end of working a late night!)
Dinner: Greek salad
Exercise: 0 minutes. Worked late.

Calorie Net: 1277 (over by 77…not too shabby!)
Reflections: I’ve started logging my calories via the MyFitnessPal app (thanks for the tip, Daisiey & Buggy). According to all the numbers I plugged in, I need a net of 1200 calories a day. I’ve added a ‘calorie count to my Daily Log and gone back to fill in the previous days. Lets hope this helps me stay in line.


Day: 4
Days to go: 36
Sleep: 6 1/2 hours (Avery might have a tooth coming in and has a cold…can’t implement a new bedtime routine yet.)
Breakfast: Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Earl Grey Tea
Lunch: Chicken caesar salad, side rice
Snacks: None – busy day at work
Dinner: Chinese!
Exercise: None – busy day

Calorie Net: ???
Reflections: Busy day at work, then parents arrived for the weekend. We had Chinese, a treat we always have for my Dad since they can’t get Chinese Deliver in Vermont. I definately went over my calorie count but I was good all week, so I felt OK treating myself 🙂


Day: 5
Days to go: 35
Sleep: 8 hours (Thanks Grammy & Grandma-they got up with Avery so I could catch up on sleep!)
Breakfast: 1/2 bagel with cream cheese
Lunch: Easter Linner! (dinner at lunch time. Very techincal term)
Snacks: None
Exercise: –

Calorie Net:
Reflections: I caught a bug Saturday night and didn’t eat anything for the next couple days… 😦


Day: 6
Days to go: 34

Reflections: On the couch with a bug… 😦 If I logged any food it would be 3 saltine crackers and some chicken soup broth…


Day: 7
Days to go: 33

Reflections: On the couch with a bug… 😦 More chicken soup broth, a piece of cheese, and more soup for dinner.


Day: 8
Days to go: 32
Reflections: Still can’t stomach food – munched on saltines and veggie straws, had a little soup and a granola bar… I think I’ll be able to eat like normal tomorrow.


Day: 9
Days to go: 31
Sleep: 5.5 hours (tried the Ferber method last night… not much success and not much sleep either)
Breakfast: Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Earl Grey Tea
Lunch: Smart Ones: Thai Style Chicken & Rice Noodles
Snacks: Veggie Straws, toast with cheese
Dinner: sloppy joe, cucumber salad
Exercise: None yet… still getting my energy back just to function.

Scale Says: 135.4 (3.2lbs lost)… I’m pretty sure that’s mostly because of my bug this weekend, but being optimistic, lets hope its also a result of healthy eating. I expect it to go up a little after I get food in my system, but hopefully not too much!
Reflections: My new jogging stroller came over the weekend. Sooo tempted to use it, but it’s still too cold and windy for Avery to be out. Last thing we need is his cold coming back and it messing up our new sleep tactics.


Day: 10
Days to go: 30
Sleep: 7 hours (Avery only woke up every 2 hours last night, instead of the usual hour)
Breakfast: Toast with cheese, Earl Grey Tea
Lunch: Smart Ones: Mesquite Chicken
Snacks: Special K chips, FiberPlus granola bar, Tea
Dinner: leftover sloppy joe sandwhich, cucumber salad
Exercise: none. Too cold to take Avery out in my new stroller 😦
Reflections: I’m slacking on working out…


Day: 11
Days to go: 29
Sleep: 8 hours (got to sleep in because I didn’t work today)
Breakfast: veggie omelet
Lunch: Smart Ones: Mesquite Chicken
Snacks: Special K chips, FiberPlus granola bar, Tea, BK Mango smoothie & wrap
Dinner: a little salad, steak, and rice
Exercise: Does 4 hours of driving count?
Reflections: We drove up to VT to see my brother who was visiting from Germany. He told me about ‘Baby PT’… I think I’ll try that…


Day: 12
Days to go:
8 hours (holiday weekend=sleep in!)
egg white, veggie, steak leftover omelet
turkey sandwhich, a couple chips
salad, homemade mac’n’cheese, veggies and dip, crackers & cheese, glass of wine, small piece of birthday cake
0. Still too cold to take Avery out for a walk
I should have made some time to take a run while my sis watched the little guy, but we were so busy running around visiting people that I probably burned a lot of calories anyways…


Day: 13
Days to go:
8 hours
veggie keish, 1 piece bacon, 1 piece homemade bread, orange juice
Snacks: a couple hershey kisses, jelly beans, and potato chips (it was Easter, so I splurged a little bit)
Dinner: taco night
Exercise: Does bouncing Avery around during brunch count? He won’t stay still for any meal, the little bugger!
Reflections: I hope it warms up, I’m really itching to get out and use the new stroller…


Day: 14
Days to go: 26
Sleep: 6 hours (Avery was up quite a few times, and because we drove back later than usual from VT, I wasn’t in bed until 10)
Breakfast: Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Earl Grey Tea
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Asian Potstickers, yogurt
Snacks: Banana, cucumber salad
Dinner: cheeseburger, side pasta
Exercise: 20 min (5 minutes stretching, 5 minute jog, 5 minute walk, 5 minutes stretching)
Reflections: So excited that I was able to go for a run today!!!  I ran out for a jog around the block. Man, am I outta shape. If I can spare 20 minutes a day to do that, I might just fit into a bathing suit. Speaking of which, I need to go bathing suit shopping before the trip and decide if I want to go for the bikini or try a one-piece. Hmm…


Day: 15
Days to go: 25
Sleep: 6 1/2 hours
Breakfast: Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Earl Grey Tea, slice cheese
Lunch: mac n cheese frozen thing, yogurt
Snacks: Special K cereal, tea, Special K Chips
Dinner: enchiladas with extra veggies
Exercise: none today. Busy busy.

Calorie Net: 1679
Reflections: I’ve been slacking on the calorie counting. I need to get back into it. Starting today.

Day: 16
Days to go: 24
Sleep: 5 1/2 hours (Up with Avery a bunch last night – his cold is really bothering him :()
Breakfast: Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Earl Grey Tea
Dog, salad, meatball, sausage, italian ice
Snacks: bagel chips
Dinner:1/2BK chicken burger
Exercise: zero. worked, then drove to RI…no time 😦

Reflections: I wasn’t too bad for our Red Sox Opening Day party at work.  I had a little bit of everything, and a lot of salad.

Day: 17
Days to go: 23
Sleep: 7 hours (we love vacation!)
Breakfast: slice of banana bread, hot chocolate
Lunch:french onion soup, 1/4 jerk chicken wrap
Snacks: 1/2 Ben & Jerry’s small Phish Food
Dinner:1/4 small pizza, greek salad
Exercise: some walking

Reflections:  We were on vaca… I splurged with the ice cream 🙂

Day: 18
Days to go: 22
Sleep: 9 hours (we love vacation!)
Breakfast: slice of banana bread, hot chocolate
Lunch:boston market frozen thing
Snacks: 2 girl scout cookies
Dinner: chicken & dumpling soup
Exercise: noon-time power walked 4 miles with Avery in the new jogging stroller, took another walk later in the day

Reflections:  Felt so good to exercise with Avery!

Day: 19
Days to go: 21
Sleep: 9 hours (we love vacation!)
Breakfast:scrambled egg and cheese sandwich
Lunch: fruit smoothie
Snacks:  slice of banana bread, feta cheese
Dinner: chicken and veggie stir fry over white rice
Exercise: took Avery for a walk around the mall & later around the block

Reflections:  Used the calorie counting app. 1039 Net. Yay! Working out feels great!

Day: 20
Days to go: 20
Sleep: 5-6 hours (tough night with Avery… up every 30 minutes from 10-12, then again at 4.  Little bugger!)
Breakfast:Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Earl Grey Tea
Lunch: Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas Suiza
Snacks:  2 slices of cheese
Dinner: hot dog & pasta – had to make something quick because we were crunched for time.
Exercise: none. busy day.

Scale Says: 134.2 (down one pound since last weigh-in!)



Day: 21
Days to go: 19
Sleep: 6 1/2 hours (had a hard time sleeping last night…)
Breakfast:Fiber-Plus Granola Bar, Earl Grey Tea, slice of cheese
Lunch: Smart Ones Chicken & Fetticine
Snacks:  Nana’s Banana Bread, Veggie Straws, leftover hot dog & pasta
Dinner: Steak & scalloped potatoes
Exercise: None. too cold to talk a stroll 😦

Reflections: I wish it would warm up again…


Day: 22

Days to go: 18

Sleep: 6 1/2 hours (still not sleeping thru the night…)

Breakfast:Earl Grey Tea, slice of cheese, Special K cereal

Lunch: Italian wedding soup

Snacks:  Bagel & cream cheese

Dinner: Homemade chicken parm

Exercise: 35 minutes stroll with Avery + 15 minutes abs, legs, etc.

Reflections: Yay for working out!  Felt bad about eating lots of carbs today, but I think I worked them off!


Day: 23

Days to go: 17

Sleep: 7 1/2 hours 

Breakfast: mint hot cocoa, bagel and cream cheese

Lunch: leftover chicken parm

Dinner: steak fajita & rice, salsa & chips

Exercise: 30 min. AM stroll., 4 mile stroll (the first 1/2 mile I jogged!)

Reflections: I splurged on dinner… we had take out as an end of the week treat 🙂


Day: 24
Days to go: 16
Sleep: 7 1/2 hours (Avery slept in until almost 8am!  Yay for weekends)
Breakfast: DD turkey bacon sandwhich
Lunch: Chicken caesar salad
Dinner: leftover steak fajita
Exercise: 20 minute AM stroll
Reflections: Busy day running around shopping.  Must have burned lots of calories….


Day: 25
Days to go: 15
Sleep: 7 1/2 hours (Avery slept in until almost 8am again!)
Breakfast: bagel & cream cheese
Lunch: grilled cheese, cucumbers
Dinner: baked chicken & rice
Exercise: zero.  It was pouring all day…
Reflections: Not looking forward to this week’s weigh-in.  I wasn’t too good on calorie counting and eating well this weekend.  I’ll get back on it this week!


Day: 26
Days to go: 14
Sleep: 7 hours
Breakfast: Fiber One bar, tea
Lunch: Smart Ones Mesquite Chicken (mm mm mm!), fruit cup
Dinner: tacos & rice

Snacks: small bag of lays potato chips, leftover steak pieces from fajitas, 100-calorie cookie pack
Exercise: 20 minutes. It was raining out so we did an indoor workout- jumping jacks, lunges, leg lifts, push ups, etc.  Avery had fun watching me!
Reflections: I was a bad snacker today… but I was super-hungry.  Maybe my body is realizing how much I’m exercising now and needs more fuel?  Scale said 136 this morning… gain from last week.  Let’s hope its because I gained muscle (which weighs more than fat) 🙂


Day: 27
Days to go: 13
Sleep: 6 1/2 hours
Breakfast: Fiber One bar, tea
Lunch: Smart Ones: Chicken enchilada, yogurt & apple sauce
Dinner: pork & homemade stuffing & salad

Snacks: 100 calorie cookie pack, 2 slices of cheese
Exercise: 20 minutes (stretching, abs, lunges, jumping jacks, whew that felt good!)
Reflections: It feels good to excercise almost daily.  It really isn’t hard to squeeze in some yoga mat time while Avery plays in his bouncer or walker – he gets a kick outta watching me I think…


Day: 28
Days to go: 12
Sleep: 5 hours
Breakfast: Fiber One bar, tea
Lunch: Smart Ones Sweet Noodles & Chicken (I forget the exact name of it), fruit cup
Dinner: Chicken Crock Pot Surprise.  Veggies & Chicken mmmm.

Snacks: 100 calorie pack cookies, a chocolate easter egg – one of those tiny ones that were at a coworkers desk that I couldn’t resist!
Exercise: just some stretching and leg lifts for 10 mins.  Tired tonight.
Reflections: Getting excited for bathing suit shopping this weekend… I think I’ve made good progress…


Day: 29
Days to go: 11
Sleep: 7 hours
Breakfast: toast & Nutella (got my sweet fix off the bat today!)
Lunch: leftover chicken crock pot surprise
Dinner: salad & pizza

Snacks: real fruit popscicle, FiberOne bar
none. worked 12 hours today.
I wish the weather would turn around so we can go for a stroll or two this weekend… missing the outdoor walks with Avery this week.


Day: 30
Days to go: 10
Sleep: 3 1/2 hours. Seriously.  I was up late doing a project for my Aunt.  It was well overdue and I didn’t have free time for the past week so I sucked it up and lost sleep.  Oh well. Early to bed tonight.
Breakfast: DD mint hot chocolate & turkey bacon sandwich.  I know, a splurge, but after last night, I need lost of calories to keep me going today.
Lunch: leftover chicken crock pot surprise
Dinner: 1/2 chicken wrap

Snacks: FiberOne bar
10 min abs.


Day: 31
Days to go: 9
Sleep: 7 1/2 hours
Breakfast: leftover 1/2 chicken wrap
Lunch: 1/2 philly cheese steak sub
Dinner: steak & pasta
20 min. abs, jumping jacks, lunges, etc.


Day: 32
Days to go: 8
Sleep: 6 1/2 hours
Breakfast: sausage & cheese wrap, 1/3 of a smoothie
Lunch: chicken & rice
Dinner: chicken, steak, sweet potato fries, salad (shared with Mom & Sis)

Snacks: banana mango smoothie, tomato soup
lots of walking


Day: 33
Days to go: 7
Sleep: 6 1/2 hours
Breakfast: FiberOne bar
Lunch: Smart Ones chicken enchilada
Dinner: chicken fahitas – with more veggies than meat!  Yum.  I did splurge a bit and have some cheese on mine… yummy cheese.

Snacks: 100 calorie snack pack cookies, baked potato chips


Day: 34
Days to go: 6
Sleep: 6 1/2 hours
Breakfast: FiberOne bar, tea
Lunch: LeanCuisine chicken enchilada & rice, fruit cup
Dinner: homemade pulled pork sandwich, rice, cucumber salad

Snacks: leftover chicken & veggies from fahitas, just a few spoonfuls 🙂


Day: 35
Days to go: 5
Sleep: 6 hours (Avery woke up to eat TWICE last night, ugh)
Breakfast: FiberOne bar, tea, toast with butter
Lunch: chicken wrap, soda (a splurge)
Dinner: pizza & salad (busy night had to do something quick)
10 min abs


Day: 36
Days to go:
7 hours
FiberOne bar, tea, english muffin with butter
leftover rice & chicke & peppers from fahitas
sloppy joe & side pasta
none. worked late to setup for my co-worker’s bday party

Reflections: Tried on my bathing suit …still feel good about it!


Day: 37
Days to go:
7 1/2 hours (Avery only woke once last night!)
FiberOne bar, tea
leftover sloppy joe
Exercise:10 min abs


Day: 38
Days to go:

7 hours (Avery was up and ready to start the day at 5:30AM)
leftover meatloaf
burger on the grill & baked potato chips


Day: 39
Days to go

7 hours (Avery was up and ready to start the day at 5:30AM again)
poppy seed muffin tops
salad, meatball, chicken, pasta

Dinner: meatballs & pasta


Day: 40
Days to go: 0
Sleep: , apple baklava!
Exercise: –

Reflections: I’m a little bummed that the last week of this whole thing it was rainy every day and we’ve been busy with getting ready for our trip to Costa Rice.  But I was good about what I ate, and I feel good about wearing my new bikini… so here we come, Costa Rica.  This ends my health kick, but I’ll keep eating healthy and exercising when I can squeeze it in.


5 thoughts on “FIT in 40

  1. Meg!! Up your calories a bit if you’re getting some exercise during the day! You don’t want to burn muscle, instead of fat. Add some light strength training 2-3 days a week, 20-30 minutes, nothing more, and cardio on the off days – 20-30 minutes of light jogging. Net 1200/1300 cals a day with fewer empty carbs. I PROMISE you will like the results WAY more with much less effort 🙂 AND you can eat more cheese on your tacos if you just eliminate one of the taco shells. Way more satisfying :). That’s just my 2 cents.

    • Thanks, Chris. I realized yesterday after I logged everything PLUS my walking that I was way under my calorie goal. I guess I was just so used to keeping low calories while I didn’t have time to workout. Now that I’m exercising more I’ll have to rack up the calories a bit. More cheese you say? Don’t mind if I do! Thanks for the work-out tips. I’ll see if I can incorporate that this week 🙂

      • 🙂 I’m happy to give as many tips as I possibly can. I caught the fitness bug about 6 months ago and I haven’t stopped yet. Noticing some nice improvements. LA made me fat! No more. Good luck! 20 days left! P.S. love the blog, I’ve been reading. Also just started one of my own.

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