Weekend with Grampy

While I was off gallivanting with the Ya-Ya sisters, Avery was busy keeping his Grampy on his toes…

I’ll preface this with, Grampy asked for it.  I had plans to visit VT and Grampy would watch Avery, but he was a little hesitant to.. I don’t think he’s ever been ALONE with a kiddo that long before.  So, my Mom’s friend offered to take Avery.  At first, my Dad said OK, then after thinking about it, he said ‘No, he’s my Grandson. I want to watch him!’ And that was that.  I came up Friday night and let Avery loose…

Taunting the (neighbors) dogs…

Running around the house…

Eating them out of house and home…

And sharing with his Grampy…

Grampy was alone with Avery Saturday morning thru Sunday morning.  He did a great job.  Like an over protective mother, I called a couple times to check in with them… and all was good.  Avery bonked his head once, and Grampy thought he left a bump, but then realized that was just the shape of his head… haha.  When I asked Grampy how he was doing, he said he was tired.. and Avery was an ‘energizer bunny’!

That night, Avery went to sleep quickly for him, but did his usual (since this past week) wake up at 1am and not go back to sleep for a couple hours.  The night before Grampy had scolded me on taking Avery into bed with me…. so what did Grampy do when Avery woke up in the middle of the night and he was exhausted from a day chasing a toddler around?… he brought him into bed with him!  Avery, Grampy, Pokey, and Frasier (the dogs) all in bed together… man I wish I had a picture of that!

When all was said and done, they had some great bonding time together and Grampy had a new understanding for what we (Mom & I) do  (his words exactly)… Thanks for giving me a break, Dad.  And I’m so glad he and Avery got some special time together.

Do you ‘send’ your kiddos to spend the weekend with family?  Although we’re far away, we try to squeeze in time for Avery to spend with his grandparents.  We’ll be visiting NYC again soon for Avery to visit his Grandma and Great Grandma!


6 thoughts on “Weekend with Grampy

  1. Elisabeth loves visiting her nanna, especially because they have chickens and she gets to feed themand run around after them! They aren’t very far away so she sometimes spends a Saturday night there. Because my mum is in Holland and my dad in Germany it is a bit more difficult. We haven’tbeen brave enough to fly with her yet, I wouldn’t even know how it would work flying with a toddler.

    • I hear ya… flying with a baby is difficult, but they sleep a lot and they might sleep the whole flight if you plan it right – that’s what we did with Avery this past spring. Now I can’t imagine taming him during a flight…. unless it was a red eye…

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