Door and Names

Well, this is it.  The end of an era.  I’m closing up shop here at RR – I’ve been here almost 4 years… but it’s time to move onto the next chapter.

They say, when one door closes, another opens.  And that is so true.  With my divorce, a door closed – a lot ended, and with that was using my married name.  It took months of deliberation, whether I wanted to keep my married name, or go back to my maiden name (I had to decide before the divorce was finalized).  It was mostly a tug of war between having the same last name as my son, and associating with a married name I wasn’t married to anymore.  In the end, I decided to go back to my roots, and use my maiden name.  It’s just a name right?  I don’t think it’ll affect Avery in any negative ways, having a different last name than me.  Plus, it’s sooo nice to be back where I grew up and have the name everyone here knew me as.

Speaking of which, that’s one door that opened right up – moving back to Vermont.  It’s been nothing short of amazing, moving back home and having friends and family here to support us, and spend time with.  Avery is growing into such a wonderful little boy, and I know much of it is because of all this fresh air, outdoor activity, and presence of family and friends.  And in just a few months, we’ll be able to move into our forever home, a place Avery will always call home and grow up in, creating so many memories – something I wouldn’t have been able to give Avery back in Boston.

So, it’s only fitting, we start this new life in Vermont with a new blog – I know we’ve been up here a year already, but we’ve been in ‘limbo’ for a while now, first living in an apartment in Boston during the divorce – not knowing if we could move to Vermont, and then we moved, but we’ve been living the past year with my parents so I could save money.  With buying the house, and finally having a direction and putting down roots, we’re finally moving out of this limbo state and getting a fresh start.

As you know, I always sign my posts ‘<3 Meghan’, so that’s where the idea came from… leaving the door open for me to write about everything and anything happening in our crazy little life here in Vermont.  No worries, all my old posts and pictures are there too.  We’re not erasing any memories in the past, just building on them under a new roof 🙂

IMG_6943 IMG_6962 IMG_6992

Our next chapter begins with our latest adventure….camping last weekend.  Check it out on the new blog.

❤ Meghan


Fun Friday!!!

Happy Friday!

We are so done with rain up here.  Seems like we got one sunny day, and 6 rainy ones this week.  So how do I tame my rambunctious three year old, and have some fun!??  Chalk hats in the garage…

I did the crown first, and then Avery got the idea and started making hats for himself (the first one is bunny ears he made), and then he made some for me…IMG_6817

I don’t let Avery play with my phone very often, but he quickly figured out how to use the camera.  Fun times!  After a few days of this, the garage is now a giant mural of drawings.  I’m really amazed at how Avery’s ‘artwork’ is actually more than just scribbles now.  He made a fish, a spaceship, and a cloud recently at school for me, and they actually almost resemble something 🙂

When it is sunny, we take advantage and bring the fun outside!  Mimi was painting the front doors on the house, and Avery wanted to join in and paint too, so I had him paint something not attached to the house…IMG_6780

My parents gave me a canvas and artwork box full of paints, and I haven’t used it yet – I was so happy to have Avery break it in.IMG_6782

He concentrated so hard, and wanted to try every color in the box.IMG_6785

Towards the end of painting, he started mixing colors.IMG_6788

And he was so proud when he was done.IMG_6790

I hung it up with my artwork in our room.IMG_6792

And thankfully, Grampy took Avery and I fishing last Friday down at the falls before all this rain hit.


It was nice and sunny, and Avery worked on casting and slowly reeling in his line.


Avery loved picking out his worm and washing it off to see it.IMG_6747

Avery pulled in his line and we didn’t realize it had a fish on it!  He caught the only one that day.


Grampy got the hook out because the fish swallowed it, but once it was out, Avery held the fish and let it go back in the river.

After he caught his fish, he was over fishing – his short attention span is understandable for a three year old.  He did some ‘rock climbing’ as he called it and threw some rocks and sticks in the water.IMG_6756

Grampy kept fishing….IMG_6761

And when the container for the worms fell in the water, I tried to snag it with my fishing pole, but slipped in…  IMG_6762

I did save it though!  Grampy got a kick out of it and we called it a night.  Avery wanted to go check out the falls, so we did some more ‘rock climbing’ and my soggy camera snagged some photos.IMG_6767

We had fun climbing the rocks and seeing the rushing waters.IMG_6768

The past couple days, this area they are standing on has been under water because of all the rain.IMG_6776

Oh and we can’t forget the play date we had with Avery’s (second) cousins.  We tagged along with Grampy to my cousins house for a couple hours on Sunday.  Grampy was helping them finish the basement.  Avery and his cousins went to the park, shared some snacks, and played toys inside.  So nice being close to family we can have play dates with!


We had a busy week…we also went to a baby shower (congrats Jenn and Michael – my cousins –  They are having a little girl).  Mimi and I had fun shopping for a gift for them – it was practical tho!  Avery played with his cousins and I got to chat with ladies on that side of the family.  We also went to a graduation on Thursday night for Joseph, another cousin (I have so many cousins, lol – gotta love having a big family!) so proud of him and happy to celebrate with him.

Let’s hope some nice weather is ahead for the weekend.  We have have pizza and a movie tonight, grocery shopping and a birthday party tomorrow, and who knows what else!?

Happy Friday!

❤ Meghan

Time Flies

Time flies when you’re having fun!  We’ve had a busy week.  I can’t  believe it’s Friday already!  Last week I was super busy with work, followed by a weekend in Mass, and a fun week of nightly shenanigans. Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to…

Friday: First Snow!

On Friday we had our first snowfall!  It has snowed a couple times, but this was the first time it stuck, so Avery went running outside to play before school on Friday.  He was so excited and every morning since has been ddisappointed when there isn’t any new snow.

I was super thrilled the snow had held off until now because I had just got snow boots for Avery the weekend before (Thanks Joayn!).  But I was also a bad mommy and hadn’t got Avery snow pants yet this season, so I sent him to school with his from last year.  They fit, but barely.  So what did I do that weekend?  I found him new snow pants!

Weekend: Visiting friends in Mass

Avery spent the weekend with his Dad and Grandma in Mass, so I took advantage and made a weekend of it, crashing at my friends Erin & Andrew’s new house.  Steve came with me and we were put to work with a couple projects, did some Christmas shopping in NH (tax free!) and played some fun games Saturday night with yummy hot cider drinks in front of the fire.  After a nice breakfast out Saturday morning and more helping with the house, we headed off to pick Avery up.


We had such a fun weekend, and it went by too fast.  It’s nice to have those adults only weekends, especially since I can help Santa with his shopping without Avery seeing, but I was very happy to be home with this little guy Sunday night.

Monday: Tumble, Lowes, PIzza Putt

Monday night was a busy night!  MiMi had a meeting at the house so we made ourselves scarce.  Grampy got to see Avery in action at tumble class, then a quick stop at Lowes – these two had too much fun driving around!, dinner and games at Pizza Putt – a fun filled night for all!  (Side note, we haven’t been to Great Gram and Gramps for a couple weeks cuz they had a cold and didn’t want to pass it on to Avery)

Tuesday: Girls Night/Santa Shopping

Tuesday I met up with Michele (Mommy of THREE – no idea how she does it!?), and we had dinner and did some shopping.  We were so cute driving around our carts with our lists.  Avery spent the night with Mimi and Grampy… and all went well until Avery used his pliers on Grampy’s lip… oops.

Wednesday: Avery and Mommy Time

Wednesday nights Mimi and Grampy go to Gram and Gramps (to watch Survivor, so it’s a late night for them and we stay home), so after a yummy spaghetti dinner, Avery and I played toys and did the nighttime routine.  I would say it was a great night, until SOMEONE wouldn’t go to sleep.  Seriously… still battling bedtime at 3 years old.  I spent over an hour putting Avery back in his bed.

Thursday: Family Time

Last night we played and ate dinner with Mimi and Grampy.  Avery had fish sticks for the first time in a while and loved them.  Gotta put that on the menu more often.  We tried again to make it a smooth bedtime but Avery was up many many times.  I was busy in the office assembling thank you cards for Avery’s birthday (I know, I know, I’m months late – but I was waiting for the proofs from our photo shoot to send pics with the cards and they came over the weekend), so I kept busy in the 30 seconds between putting him back to bed over and over and over…

Friday: Pizza and a Movie

And today is Friday!  We’re not headed to Boston this weekend, so we’re having our usual Pizza and a Movie night at the house.  Ask Avery what he likes on his pizza… “Macaroni”  (aka, pepperoni)

Happy weekend!!!

❤ Meghan

Balloon Party

Avery loves balloons.  So when my dear friend, Ayla (we were close friends in high school), invited us to join her and her daughter, Ava, to the Stoweflake Balloon Festival, we said YES!


This festival has been going on for 28 years in my backyard, just 40 minutes away, and I had never been.  On the way there, I was trying to explain what the balloon festival was.  Then after talking about some other stuff, he says ‘balloon potty’… or so I thought it was, since we are in the middle of potty training, but while I was looking for somewhere to stop, I realized he was trying to say ‘balloon party!’  I have no idea where he made the connection between festival and party, but man do I have a smart kid!

We arrived an hour and a half before the balloons were set to take off.  There was tons of tents with food and crafts and activities going on.   First order of business… take a train ride!


When Avery went to get on the train, he tried to get in the conductor’s seat because he wanted to drive – It was too cute!  He rode around the field all by himself and had his serious face on the whole time, but when he got off, he was talking a mile a minute and spotted the next activity…

Avery went in a bouncy castle at a birthday party a month ago and he was thrilled to go in again.  He bounced for a couple minutes with another little girl.

Right next door was this fun game…


Avery does really well at home with his t-ball set, so I wasn’t surprised at how well he hit the ball and had so much fun with it!

We got some lemonade, checked out a few tents, and setup on our blankets to watch the balloons go up.  Avery was soooo surprised and excited when they started rolling out the balloons and filling them up with hot air.

Avery has never seen a hot air balloon up close, so man was he surprised!  He was so giddy, pointing and laughing and telling us they were going up and there were so many colors and so big!


Before we knew it, They balloons were leaving and it was beautiful!  So many colors and designs.  We didn’t count them exactly but there were probably 25 of them!IMG_2251

When we left, the sky was scattered with dots of color…



We had planned it so that we would leave around the time the kiddos needed to go to sleep.  I changed Avery into his PJs before we hit the road.  He passed out on the way home (Ayla told me Ava did too!)…. we had such a fun time and it tuckered them out for sure!

We live in such a beautiful state with fun events like this just around the corner…and childhood friends and their kids to share memories with… loving Vermont life!

❤ Meghan

I’m Coming Home

Correction… WE are coming home.
2014-04-07 18.15.12
After a long divorce battle the past 8 months, we filed our divorce agreement last Monday.  Part of our agreement, is that Avery and I get to move (back) to Vermont.  After 10 years of living in Boston, I’m moving home – and bringing my baby with me.

I want to send out a special thanks to everyone that sent their love and support this past year.  It’s been a difficult journey, but your emails, letters, messages, prayers and thoughts, and help with the divorce process helped us get here… home!

I’ll share more details later, but I’m busy this week working out the move and work details. We’ll be moving in with my parents so I can pay off my student loans and save up for a house for Avery and I.  So much good stuff is to come…!!!

Ok, now let’s eat cake!

2014-04-05 18.51.21


❤ Meghan

Avery Overload

Ok, what better way to get out of a slump, than overload on photos and videos of Avery?  Here goes…

Oh, and my phone has been bursting at the seams with old videos and photos of Avery that I don’t want to part with, so this is a great way to clean that out too, Yay!

Pizza Putt

Back in December, we (MiMi, Grampy, Aunt Sarah, Avery and I) met up with our friend Mina (who’s expecting and has an adorable baby bump!) at Pizza Putt (for those of you who don’t know what this place is, it has a restaurant, mini golf, arcade, play place, laser tag, batting cages, etc.).  We had lunch and then played in the arcade and kids play place.

Avery really tried hard to play skee-ball (my favorite arcade game!)

I’ve seen some arcades with a shorter skee-ball ramp for little kids, that would have been better suited for Mister Avery.  Oh well, valient effort – onto the next game: air hockey!

After a minute, we realized Avery LIKED the puck going into the goal – he didn’t quite get the concept, but he sure had fun!  Next, it was off to the play place!  Avery jumped right into the ball pit and was all giggles and laughs.  I missed his dive in, but I caught his laughs…

Then it was up and down and inside and out through the maze of the play place.  Avery especially liked going down this slide…

We ended the visit with a little bowling.

Avery needed a little help, so Mimi stepped in…

We had such a fun time and Mister Avery got a toy with his tickets from the arcade games and he passed out in the car on the way home.


Avery LOVES his train set and the table Grampy made for him.  His collection of trains and track pieces have been slowly growing.  Sometimes we build a track on the carpet, or do laps around the table.  Either way, it’s fun and we always build a new design track.


Lately, Avery has been pretending more and by that, I mean, he has been having the trains talk to one another.  If there is a crash, he asks for help from another train, or he tells me they are sleepy and he puts them in the house (the big green shed).


And he’s getting really good at putting the train track pieces together himself, instead of Mommy doing all the work.

He usually takes a train to bed with him too.  It was James (the red train) for a while, but as of late, it could be Percy or Thomas too.  He likes to drive them over the lumps in his bed quilt and drive them off the edge of the bed, crashing on the floor.

Avery knows all the trains by name, and certain train pull certain other trains, so he will correct you if you connect the wrong trains!


We have fun chasing each other around the table on weekend mornings in our pajamas.  Avery tells me to slow down, or go fast.  He tells me which bridge to take – so demanding!


Sometimes Avery puts cars and trucks on the tracks too.  He’s such a boy – into anything that has wheels!

We’ve got so many pieces now that it’s hard to use all of them and fit them all on Avery’s big carpet!

Toys & Games

Our favorite past-time is playing games and toys together at home.  It’s been a long cold winter, so we know how to keep busy indoors. Legos are one of our favorites!


We build towers or a house for John (the little man that drives the John Deere tractor).  Avery especially likes when we build stairs for John.

I have no idea what these things are called.  They were a hand-me-down set that Avery loves!

Both games are great for practicing colors and I tend to quiz Avery while we’re playing.  He’s got his colors down.  He just sometimes gets black and brown mixed up.

Stickers in the toybox.  I don’t know what ever started this, but Avery loves getting inside his toybox and putting stickers on the inside.  Then when it gets full, he loves taking them all down and starting over again.

Avery’s favorite stickers are tractors, cats, and dogs.  We had a fun Valentines set, but those were gone in one sitting!  Oh and Avery has this thing where he has to put the stickers on top of another sticker.  So there are layers and layers of them.

Blocks – these never get boring.  We build towers, practice numbers, letters, colors, oh and push them around with bulldozers of coarse.

Mimi and Grampy have a set at their house too.


They also have jenga blocks that work well as dominos too…

We have this fun color peg game that you can change the background to a different animal and Avery has to match the color peg with the color background.

He did pretty good that time, minus that green one! haha.  He loves to do something that he knows is wrong, look at me, and say ‘no!’ and then correct himself.  He did that with the green peg.  Silly kid!

Avery has really been into puzzles lately.  He’s getting much better at fitting the pieces together himself.

Oh and he can spend 20 minutes putting magnets on the fridge while I cook dinner.

Avery can recognize many numbers and some letters.  He’s a smart cookie!  Oh and a silly one…


We have this art kit with puffy balls, eye balls, and pipe cleaners for art projects, but Avery just likes to sort them in piles, or make fun objects out of them!

Ok, that overload of photos and videos definitely cheered me up.  I bet it brightened your day too 🙂  Off to finish work, hit the gym, go to class, pick Avery up from school, and play with him!  Busy, busy…

❤ Meghan

How do you keep your kiddos occupied when we’re all cooped up inside for the winter?  My cousin had a great idea of turning a mattress into a slide for her 1 year old – looked like so much fun!


It’s already Tuesday!  A snowstorm on Thursday last week and holiday weekend (in Mass we get President’s Day off) are my excuse for posting about Valentines a few days late.  Can you blame me for hybernating? We’ve had a zillion snow storms in the past two months – and 4 1/2 snow days for Avery’s school!  I’m out of hiding and have LOTs of pictures to share!

Avery made Valentines for some close family and friends this year.  It took me a while to find an idea on Pinterest that I liked and that Avery could actually do himself.

I used Word and made a quick design, printed 8 of them, and brought them home.  Avery and I had fun with scissors, glue, construction paper, and stamps…IMG_0630

Avery loved cutting the little pieces of paper up – he still LOVES his scissors from Christmas.  But He was more interested in the glue stick!  He didn’t care to stick the pieces to the paper – he just wanted to get glue on everything!IMG_0627

It took us three sittings to make all the cards – two for the cutting and gluing, which got us to this point…


And one more sitting of stamping them.  Avery LOVED stamping them – surprisingly more than cutting up the paper!  That doesn’t count the fourth sitting where I wrote out all the envelopes and mailed them out.  Here’s the finished product:IMG_0689

The paper I had at home.  The stamps were $1, and since they were a large size (1/2 of a 8 1/2 x 11), I got new envelopes ($8 for a package of 30 – so we will use again!) and I mailed them out, which was only $4.  Not bad for a homemade art project valentine.

I bought a box of valentines for Avery to hand out at school (for $3) – dum dum lolli pops – they are his favorite!  And I made these delicious treats for gifts to my friends:

I made a version of these truffles a few Christmas’ ago.  I tried white chocolate this time but failed miserably, as you can see from the loan white truffle.  I had no complaints tho – everyone seemed to like them!  They are so easy to make too – made them after Avery went to bed Wednesday night last week.  1 box of oreos mixed with 1 8oz block of cream cheese. Make into balls, melt bag of choc chips, dip balls, garnish as wanted.

Now onto the V-day goodies we GOT.  Avery got a package from his Nana early in the week.  He was VERY excited when we saw the package in the lobby of our apartment.  He tried to carry it up the stairs himself!


Avery had fun opening all the goodies Nana sent… markers, chocolates, popcorn, stickers, silly putty…


Nana sure knows how to stuff a package.  After 10 minutes, our living room looked like this!


Avery’s first toy he wanted to play with… the markers!


They really are washable too – he missed the paper a few times and it washed right off!  Then it was onto the candy – just a few bites then into our candy bucket which grew and is now overflowing.


Then on Wednesday, Avery and I got a package from the Tuckers – with many presents inside!

Avery was silent for the next 20 minutes… busily opening each gift.


Candy, stickers, a train set with his name, a place mat for the table, a water bottle, and much more…


Valentines morning, Avery woke up to this.


I grew up with my parents giving us a small gift at breakfast on holidays – it made the day feel special and exciting.  I hope to do the same for Avery growing up.  Aunt Sarah gave him a card and chocolates.  I got him a matching bowl and cup with built in straws (practical), and a play doh set (not so practical).  He played with the play doh set all weekend!

Valentines morning at work, I had these waiting for me…


I really gotta keep Avery off the iPad and internet – he knows how to use it too well!  And to put a damper on the holiday… my office ceiling was leaking and looked like this all day….


Not fun!  But the day ended sweet… taco dinner with Avery and he got a new train from MiMi in the mail!


Avery loves his new musical caboose! Thanks, Mimi and everyone else who sent gifts this holiday!!!

How did you celebrate V-day?!  Did you get flowers, chocolates, a homemade card?

❤ Meghan