Memorial Day Camping Weekend

We are back from a long (and FUN) camping weekend.  We spent last week getting geared up for it – MiMi and Grampy stocked up the camper while Avery and I made some goodies to pack.


Avery was a big helper making apple chips.  Yes, he took a bite out of almost every one before putting them on the tray.

That batch of apple chips barely lasted Friday afternoon – Avery devoured them as soon as we got to camp and shared them with his friends.  I’ll make two batches next trip. And if you noticed Avery’s face in the last picture…IMG_6491

He also helped me make cookies and since stirring is hard work, some flour escaped the bowl.


Friday morning came and Avery was so excited…. that he just kept sleeping and sleeping.IMG_6499

I even tried my ‘mommy tactics on him – opened the window, turned on the lights… but he was still snoozing.  I guess he knew he had a big camping weekend ahead of him and he needed to stock up on sleep!  Friday at noon, we were off!  Grampy and I (Mimi had to work all day and joined us later Friday night) picked Avery up at daycare (which Avery thought was pretty cool since we had the camper with us!).IMG_6501

(Oh, Avery looks like a grump in this picture because he’s making a “Pokey Face”)

Just over an hour later, we pulled into the campground – and we were the first ones there! (first ones in our group – we had 6 sites reserved for my Papa’s side of the family – my Mom’s Dad).  After setting up the camper, we headed off to the railroad track.

We stayed at River’s Bend, in New Haven VT.  It’s very secluded along a river, but there is a train track and bridge near the entrance.IMG_6506

We climbed up the hill and I snagged a couple good pictures of these two.


I wouldn’t dare walk over the bridge part – eek too high.  But Grampy and Joseph did.


Avery and I stayed on the tracks and I almost got a very poetic picture of Avery on the tracks, then the dogs photobombed it.

We put down pennies and dimes for the train to flatten.  We went back on Saturday and we found them all – smushed.  Avery and Joseph (my cousin) thought it was pretty cool!

To bring our first day camping to a close, we did popcorn over the fire…IMG_6518

Good thing we brought two bags of it because the first one exploded, haha.  Avery and Grampy enjoyed their usual nighttime snack.IMG_6520

The rest of the weekend was a blur of fun… lots of fishing, playing in the sand, kayaking, playing with family – cornhole and woffleball and some new game called KamnJam.  Avery skipped rocks in the water and rode his bike around with Joseph.  They played soccer and with this helicopter spinner Avery would let off and Joseph or Mia would catch.


Grampy finally caught a couple fish.  Avery had so much fun playing with his second cousins – ‘my friends’ as he calls them.  He woke up Sunday morning and asked ‘where are my friends?’ since they only came for the day on Saturday and had left that night.  He really loves playing with them.


Avery, Grampy, and I spent hours looking for fish.  I took this picture a split second before Avery fell in right there.  It was too funny.  He had a soaked pantleg (just one) and a shoe. We were all laughing.  The water wasn’t deep so he didn’t get far and his pants dried before we got back to camp.IMG_6536

The river was so low in places that we walked out to islands like this a couple times.  We found broken pottery, dug holes making rivers and floating sticks and leaves down – so much fun.IMG_6564

And Avery and I went out in the kayak 4 times I think… one time we even took Frasier along!


I didn’t carry my phone around with me, so there aren’t pictures of every second of the weekend, but that’s what camping is all about – leaving work, and housework, and electronics at home and enjoying the outdoors and the people you’re with – and we sure did that.

We closed the weekend with smores… oh and catching a frog – the second one of the weekend.IMG_6566

Thank you Johnson Family for such a fun camping weekend.  Sunday afternoon while I was baking up a storm for the week and Avery was playing play doh, he says ‘I want to go camping’.  I think he had fun 🙂

❤ Meghan


This and That

I can’t believe we’re already on the tail end of summer!!!  July was a busy month… I only posted once a week, so to make up for it, here are 13 random happenings from the past month… a little of this and that…

1. We made Kale Chips.
IMG_2278They weren’t too bad.  My Mom can eat them like potato chips, but Joey and I could only stomach one each.  They are just so dense!  Yes, they are very good for you, but I’d rather have kale in my smoothie.  They are very easy to make tho – we picked the kale from the garden, cleaned them, added some oil and seasoning, cooked um, and ta-da, chips!

2. We went on a Bug Hunt!


Avery, Grampy, and I walked around the house for bugs.


We found some crickets, a slug, a moth, a centipede thing… oh and a snake!IMG_2363

Grampy handled the catching (with a fish net, you know, the kind you use for a home fish tank), and Avery watched in wonder… pointing, giggling, laughing, smiling.IMG_2332

Avery was soooo intrigued by the snake!  It was a tiny garter snake.IMG_2340

We must have sat for an hour watching it, giving it sticks and grass to wind around.IMG_2348

When we let the snake go, it slithered away and Avery chased it, so cute!

3. We watched the Brain Freezer

Our friend from high school and her husband (shout out to Izzy and Alex) put on their second annual 5K race in Burlington, and we went to watch.  Why didn’t we run?  Well, for this race, you run 1.5 miles, eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and run 1.5 miles back.  It was fun to watch but we couldn’t stomach doing it!  If you do, check out The Brain Freezer 5K Website! 

While we waited for the runners to come back, we took in the views (Lake Champlain)…

And played at the park (Battery Park, Burlington).IMG_2262

After we watched the runners come in – Avery was cheering and clapping – he’s such a good sportsman!  Then it was off to the waterfront for a picnic.IMG_2265

4. Avery’s First Shave.

Avery’s gotta do everything Grampy does, so when he heard Grampy needed to shave one night… well, he just had to join in!

First, they lathered up…IMG_2291

Grampy demonstrated…


And Avery shaved too! (We had a fake razor in Avery’s Play-Doh set, which worked great)


5. We got invited to TWO weddings!

You know how much I LOVE getting mail… so I was very excited seeing TWO wedding invites in the mail within a week!


First was Kelly and Josh’s wedding invite.  We’ve had the date on the calendar for a while, but it was nice to finally get the official invites – they were soooo pretty!  Oh and note how it was addressed… Ms Meghan and MASTER AVERY Valyou… haha 🙂  Very cute, Kelly!  Kelly is my sister’s best friend from grade school… so it’ll be great seeing her tie the knot!

And our second invite was for Marcus!

Our brother, as Sarah and I have dubbed him since we’re like family, is getting married in January!  So happy to see him tie the knot too, and both are in Vermont even though both couples live down south.

6. Joey and I Gave Blood.

I’ve been meaning to get into giving blood on a regular basis, but never fit it into my schedule, so Joey and I made a date to give blood together, and neither of us passed out!  We’ll do it again in September 🙂

7. We visited Nana & Papa

Avery threw rocks in the creek out back, I raided Nana’s workshop for cloth for family reunion costumes, we had a yummy dinner of spaghetti, and angel food cake for desert!


Avery and Papa sat on the porch and watched birds.  It was cute and sweet until Avery got comfortable and started smacking the window when birds came by, scaring them, and Avery laughed, thinking it was sooo hilarious.

Then it got a little crazy when Avery and CoCo (Nana and Papa’s dog) started chasing eachother around the house!  Avery thought it was so fun, and CoCo kept barking and bouncing around taunting Avery to play.

8. We visit Gram & Gramp every Wednesday.

Most Wednesdays, Avery and I head over to the park near Gram and Gramp’s house and play there for an hour, have a picnic dinner.


Then we meet MiMi and Grampy at Gram and Gramps to visit for an hour before heading home for bed.  Avery loves playing with the puzzles and legos they have.


We go for a walk, and Avery bikes circles around us on his tricycle.

9. We had fun OUTSIDE!

It’s amazing having a huge yard, garden, and garage to play in this summer.  We’ve been outside all weekend long and every weekday afternoon.  Avery’s been swimming in his big pool…


Our favorite games in the pool are chasing each other around in circles and catching his babies (baby/tiny animals/dinosaurs) with his fish net.

Avery loves mowing the lawn in his skivvies…IMG_2324

When it’s raining, we can still be outside and play in the garage – Avery rides his bike or we play with chalk and cars.  Or we sit on buckets and shuck corn…IMG_2315

Avery moves his toys around the yard with his wagon from Easter.

Avery loves playing in Grampy’s garden too.. we’ve picked lettuce, rhubarb, peas, and wild strawberries and raspberries…IMG_2298

They’re the perfect summer afternoon snack! Avery LOVES them.  He won’t eat the big ones from the grocery store though, haha.

10. Visits at Michael Eyes

This is Michael Eyes.


(He’s not naked! He’s on the deck without a shirt on because he had been swimming and he had blackberries smeared on his face from Avery, haha)

He’s my uncle (my Dad’s brother), and Avery’s great uncle, but that’s not his name.  He is officially ‘Michael Eyes’.  He was originally Uncle Micheal (not Mike), as Avery called him, but then he became ‘Tomato Eyes’ one silly afternoon playing with cherry tomatoes, and the two have mashed together, so Avery calls him, “Michael Eyes.”  Well, we’ve visited with them a few times this past month – we visited the playground next door…IMG_2266IMG_2271

Enjoyed their pool….IMG_2532

And their nice garden and bridge over the creek running through their property.IMG_2273

On our most recent visit, we played in the pool, had a yummy dinner and desert, and sat by the campfire… while Avery played in a box with two nerf balls… he was sooo entertaining… and man was he having fun.  Avery would sit in the box, throw the nerf balls to us sitting around the fire, and he would hide in the box.  Two of us would toss the balls into the box.  Avery would come up, point to each person and ask ‘Was it you?’ until two people said yes, he would laugh, throw the balls to those two people and we would do it again.  This went on for an hour!  Then one time we all hid when he was in the box and when he came up, it was pretty funny!

11. We celebrated Lorri’s Bday

Avery and I joined Joey and his family at Joey’s MiMi’s house and had a nice evening celebrating Lorli’s (That’s how Avery says it) birthday.  Avery helped blow out the candles and he ate some yummy cake!

12. We went to a Wedding

Wedding number two of the year.  One more to go to this fall.

Wait, lemme take a selfie…

Joey’s friend, Matt, from grade school tied the knot.  Church wedding, reception under a tent – it was really a nice setup.  They had horse shoes, cornhole, a bonfire, seating areas all over.
Joey was an usher. Here he is with the other ushers and the newlyweds:


And here’s Joey with his friends that went through grade school up to high school graduation together.IMG_2492

Joey and his Mom dancing during the mother/son, father/daugher dance – they asked other child/parents to join them… nice face, Joey.

13. Photo Op!

Joey’s Mom snagged some nice pictures of us at the wedding, so here’s our cutesy photo op 🙂


And that’s a wrap!  But ofcoarse after 3 days of working on this post (yeah it takes me that long, lol), we’ve had some more happenings…so that just means more posts coming soon: Valyou Family Reunion (Disco Theme!), the Fairfax Egg Run, and my 10 Year High School Reunion. Oh and guess who’s birthday is coming… AVERY’S! He’ll be turning 3 at the end of September, so I’m working on party planning… I’ve started a page with the party info here, but it’s pretty empty right now.  More coming soon!

Until then.. we’ll be off enjoying the summer 🙂

❤ Meghan

H54F: A Fun Filled Week!

This week, thankfully, went by much slower than last week.  With Halloween and two classes I had to take last week, the week flew by and I didn’t get as much time with Avery as I like.  This week was another story.  Avery and I had hours of fun with legos, baking cookies, coloring, and making a present for Aunt Sarah’s birthday.  Such a fun-filled week!  Here’s this week’s TOP 5:

1. Museum Play Date

Over the weekend, Avery and I joined his buddy from his old daycare, Emmett, and his Mommy, at the Boston Children’s Museum.


They have a membership, so we got in free!  (remember my  $ Saving goals of doing free activities?!)  We got there early and it was gorgeous out – and there were pidgeons along the boardwalk…which Avery thought were ducks, so he spent half an hour chasing them and quacking at them.  Seriously.  Hilarious.  He was having a ball – and we weren’t even inside the museum yet!


When we did go inside, the boys played for 2 hours – trains, cars, in a tree house, reading books, play kitchen, etc.  They were too cute to watch together…

We will be going back after the new year – we have to wait a while because Emmett is going to be a big brother within a few weeks!  Oh and look who passed out hard and fast on the way home…

Avery and I have really gotten into his legos this week and when I ask him what he wants to play every night, it’s legos!  We even played for 15 minutes this morning before going to school/work because we were ahead of schedule.

Avery loves building a big tower… and when it got too big, we made use of his step stool.
He thought that was the coolest thing.  Now when we get the legos out to play, he brings out his lego John Deere tractor, I get the heavy bag of legos and then he goes and gets his step stool!

We’ve built some pretty tall towers this week…
And of coarse when we run out of legos, someone has to push it over…


3. Pumpkin Cookies

We scored pumpkin cookies this week – on sale for $1.50/box because it was after Halloween – but since Avery loves pumpkins, it was perfect for us!  We had fun making cookies twice this week (I split the box in two and did two sessions of baking).


Yes – he tries to eat the frozen cookies… silly kid.  He realizes later that the cooked ones are much yummier…



I love our new fridge.  You would think I would be missing the stainless steel, two door, water and ice maker fridge from our old house… not at all!  Why?  Because that one wasn’t magnetized, so Avery couldn’t play magnets on it while I was cooking in the kitchen.  But our new fridge, a plain white tiny little thing… it’s magnetic!!!


Avery and I have spent hours playing with magnets and I even hung his first piece of artwork from his new school on the fridge last night.

5. Birthday Surprise!

Avery and I spent two nights working on Aunt Sarah’s birthday present.  One night for the present and another for the card.  I am so excited to give it to her this weekend…IMG_1941

Happy Friday!!!

What are your weekend plans?  MiMi and Aunt Sarah are visiting… I better clear space in my phone for more photo taking!

High Five For Friday – join the link up party here!

Life Happens

I’ve been meaning to post about Avery’s sleep training in his toddler bed, give a monthly update on him (23 months!), write about birthday planning, and share our recent trip to Vermont… but as it happens, life has kept us pretty busy the past month.  We’re selling our house (Yeah, the deal is going thru!), going thru a divorce, I’m juggling working full-time, started a weekly night class, and caring for Avery full-time (with the help of daycare!).

We’re managing, and actually having some fun and really good days, but my to-do list of everyday tasks is growing, stress about the divorce gets to me some days, and work is beyond busy!  I no longer take time to write on the blog at lunch because I work through lunch.  Mainly because it’s too busy to stop working, or I have to makeup time for leaving early for something like getting new tires or going to a meeting with my lawyer.

I love this blog, and I will maintain it, but right now, it’s taken a back seat.  Avery comes first.  I spend every free second outside of work with him.  We have fun drawing with chalk, playing with the neighbor’s kids, and just goofing off at home doing the normal eating, bathing, sleeping routine.  Then when the house is quiet and he’s asleep, I go to work… bills, cleaning (keeping a clean staged house EVERY day is crazy hard!), keeping up on laundry and dishes, making birthday invitations, doing paperwork for the divorce… it’s never ending. My to-do list keeps growing.  And that’s OK.  Some days I have no energy left to do anything, but other days I can bust out a bunch of things off my list.

We’re making due.  Avery is happy and healthy and a thriving toddler doing something new every day!  What else could I ask for?  Well, not being in a messy divorce and 250 miles from all my friends and family…. but it’ll all work out.  I just get by taking it one day at a time. For instance, I spent 1.5 hours commuting to work today (Ugh!), but I accomplished a bunch at work, did a quick grocery shopping trip for fresh fruits for Avery at ‘lunch’, I have a meeting with my lawyer this afternoon, then it’s off to pickup Avery because we have a play date this afternoon!  Then when Avery settles down I’ll clean up the house, send out some bills, catch up on some work at home, and hopefully get enough sleep for me to make it through tomorrow.  I’ll even treat myself to 10 minutes of Candy Crush on my IPad before bed – so addicting!

So, although I’d love write about everything we’ve been up to… I don’t have time to recap it all right now.  They’ll be time for frequent posting when we’re settled into our new life.  So until then, here are a few fun pictures of this past week and the fun we’ve been having together and with family and friends in Vermont:

I got new tires!!! I was WAY overdue for them!  All these trips to VT on old tires is NOT safe!  So with a phone call to a friend, he hooked us up with these shiny ones!

With all the house showings every day, Avery and I have a few afternoons at the park, keeping clear of the people trampsing thru our house…


Avery loves coloring, especially in the bath tub.  I ran out of his bathtub crayons and couldn’t find any more at the store… so what do you know… regular crayons work just fine!


Avery spent a whole morning in Grampy’s garden.  He helped pull up potatoes (which Avery actually ate for dinner!), and he loves it so much that we always have to carry him or coax him out of there!


Avery saw his friend, Pumba, my Grandma’s ginea pig, last weekend.  Avery tortured the poor thing… not really but he kept driving a car on Pumba.. haha.


Sunday morning, Avery made cookies with Me-Me… he helped with every step!  I have 20 pictures to prove it!


We gave a bunch to my cousin, Tessa, and she liked them so I think they turned out good!  And Avery was so proud!


At 23 months, Avery is going thru a growth spurt… he’s into size SEVEN childrens’ shoes.  He is wearing out his current pair, so Me-Me had to get him a new one and after trying differnent ones, Avery HAD to get the ‘Blue’ ones.  According to Avery, everything is Blue.  Avery, what color is this banana? He replies ‘Blue’….. everything is ‘blue’!


Football season has started!  I enjoyed a nice run on my parents treadmill Saturday night while watching college ball and then Sunday we all, including Avery’ watched the Pats game.


It’s getting colder!  Avery LOVES wearing a hoodie.  This morning he was upset because the sweatshirt I put on him didn’t have a ‘hat’… but we still get outside and enjoy the chilly weather.  I draw roads for Avery to ‘drive’ on…


And speaking of growing… Avery is eating like a feene!  And he’s such a big boy…uses utensils and drinks from a real cup!


OK I don’t have time to correct the orientation of this… but I guess it attests to how goofy Avery and I are… Having a pop for desert after dinner sitting on the front stoop together watching cars go by…


And my latest project… Avery’s birthday invitations.  All sealed and ready to go… you’ll see them in the mail in a couple days!


So much to share and so little time… more coming soon 🙂

Picture-esque Weekend

I finally broke down and signed up for Instagram.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with Facebook, Linked-in, the blog, etc.  I don’t even have a Twitter account (yet)… but since I love taking pictures of Avery, so I used the cool instagram thingy this weekend.. mixed with some ‘normal’ pictures… our weekend went a little like this…

December first…and our first snow!


Avery loved touching it and eventually grabbed a handful of it on the ground… I didn’t get a shot of that because since there was only a little snow on the ground he picked up a mound of dirt with it – had to grab his hand before it got all over him because we were headed to the mall…


Before getting our Christmas shopping on, I wore Avery out.  I took him to the play area in the mall for an hour.  I love taking him early in the morning… only a couple other kids (including 3 girls that kept following him around trying to hold his hand… oh man it’s already starting!)

Then we hit up the smoothie shop for a kids sized Strawberry shortcake (strawberries & yogurt) smoothie to share…


Avery got a kick outta sipping on the smoothie and watching the snow fall outside.  Then we were off shopping!  No pictures of that… Avery quickly passed out and I was able to score goodies for him and stockings AND got a spanking new bra (I know, you totally wanted to know this)  from Victoria’s Secret, thanks to my Aunt Candy’s birthday gift card.  After having a baby and an every changing body, a good fitting bra is like heaven!

Then it was home to make rice crispy treats!  I was trying to think of a quick and inexpensive, but thoughtful, gift for Avery’s daycare girls.  I would like to say Avery helped me, but I was able to make them while he played in his cupboard and experienced his first marshmallow…

He tasted it and started smiling and squealing and then figured out he could poke it with his finger…


He was too funny.  Within 20 minutes the treats were done and I shared one with Avery.  He LOVED the green and red m and m’s in them… he kept pointing at them and I let him have a litter (hoping he would still sleep that night) and he would stomp the ground with his feet in excitement!.  Last night I decorated some bags with the treats in them and handed them out this morning at daycare, and one to a friend at work.

Sunday the snow was gone and Avery got his ride on…

Oh and can you believe these pumpkins are still intact… we’ve had them since before Halloween!

The rest of Sunday was much needed cleaning… the bathroom, Avery’s room, the living and dining rooms… and three loads of laundry.  It was quite a task, but it was sooo needed and now everything smells so fresh and clean!  In the midst of chasing Avery with the vacuum (he loves it..and yells at it as if he’s talking back to the humming sound), I rearranged his room to make a little reading nook – since we read on the floor before bedtime.


Then I took a few more shots while I was in there…


It’s changed so much since he was a baby…


Now there are toys EVERYWHERE and forget cleaning them up for a ‘staged’ picture.. because they’ll just be on the floor again 20 seconds later.


And see our changing table turned into a toy shelf with bins…. I decided to utilize it instead of put it away because Avery’s too big to be changed on it, but it’s great to store toys now!

And that was pretty much our weekend…(oh and I went to the gym…TWICE!)

What did you do over the weekend?  Did you get snow!?  

Weekend Warriors

Our Neighbors think we’re slave drivers.  They’ve seen my parents come and go many weekends – to gut & remodel our kitchen, build a deck, and install curtain rods.  One day the guy yelled from across the street, “Putting you to work again?  What’s next, a pool?!”  Funny thing was, the next time they came, they brought Avery’s blow up pool!

All joking aside, my parents have been down to help us with SO much on our house.  I have no idea what we’d do without them.  This past weekend was no exception.  We installed this, hung that, cleaned and organized… accomplished everything AND MORE on our to-do list.

Our weekend started on Friday night.  Avery was very excited for Grammy and Grampy’s arrival and watched for them out the window…
Saturday started early.  Grammy had breakfast with Avery while Grampy helped me get groceries.  Then I was off to Zumba+Kickboxing with Erin (so sore!).  When I came back I tackled the basement with Dad.  It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate when you have a basement to store stuff.  When we were done, we had thrown out boxes, had a pile of donations, and everything was organized in aisles.


Then Vinay & Dad put a light fixture in the living room.  Our living room never had a ceiling light – weird…and annoying.  We have a floor lamp, but Avery loves to shake it, so for many reasons, we were looking forward to this day.  Putting in a light isn’t as easy as it seems – it involved cutting a hole in the wall for the light switch…


…which quickly turned into two holes!  We needed to run the wires from the basement up thru the wall and when we cut the first hole, we found fireproofing in the wall (a horizontal piece of wood between the studs in the wall), so we had to get under that to get the wire up… but that’s OK – nothing we can’t patch up.


I mostly watched this project…and Dad and Vinay were like lighting… putting in the switch…


… then the ceiling electrical box…

… hung the light…

and ta-da!

Avery was pretty fond of it!  He loves lights.  And man was it a world of difference in that room now that we have light!

Then it was time to install the toddler gate.  We had a gate … but Avery used it more of a climbing wall, so it was time to upgrade. So Grampy went to work…with a little helper…

It’s never too early to introduce power tools, right?

About 10 seconds after this picture, Avery threw the drill down the stairs… Grampy laughed, “Good thing it’s a Black & Decker!’

Now the gate swings open and is easier for us to get in and out and there aren’t any horizontal bars for Avery to climb on.
Saturday night we took a break from housework and had some friends over for dinner.
Sunday it was back to work… we FINALLY hung picture frames in the living room. I laid them out on the floor (to decide the order they’d be hung)
and my Dad hung them… ta da!
I spent Sunday morning on a baking spree… I made blueberry muffins, keish, and granola bars (all for Avery).
While I was busy in the kitchen, Avery played with Grammy and Grampy. They took the dogs for a walk…
Grampy Tickled Avery…
Grammy joined Avery for a phone call…
Grammy took Avery for a ride…

Oh and I can’t forget their main reason for coming down… Dad refinished our radiator covers and installed them (bolted them to the wall so Avery can’t move them).  Here’s the one in the living room under the window…
And when they left… our living room looked like this!

Yes, the picture frames still need pictures in them (minor detail!) and I’m sure you caught a glimpse of the new curtain in the dining room…oh and see our new couch!?

What do you do when your parents come to town?  Do you relax, sight-see, or knock lots of items off your to-do list?

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!!!  I feel like a million bucks today.  I went to Zumba last night and danced so hard that I couldn’t see because of the sweat pouring down my face.  Vinay and I were in bed just after 9PM and got a solid 8 hours of sleep (Thanks Avery).  And tonight my parents come into town for the weekend – and they’re bringing their dogs! (Avery loves dogs!…well, and my parents too, haha.)

As if that wasn’t enough good stuff going on… here are my High Five’s for the week:

1. Avery’s Halloween Art
Avery brought these masterpieces home from daycare this week.  Aren’t the ghost feet adorable?!?  The girls at daycare said he squealed when they put the paint on his feet…. I think he is ticklish like me!

2. Crock Pot Cooking is Back!


Since Vinay was feeling a little sick earlier in the week, I broke out the crock pot and made some hearty soup.  I threw it together with leftovers in the fridge: 1/2 a chicken breast, veggies, & pasta.  Delicious!  Now that it’s chilly out, it’s time to use the crock pot more – set and forget!

3. Let Them Eat Cake Crayons


Since the girls at daycare said Avery LOVED coloring, we tried it at home.  Yeah, they must work some magic with him because he STILL would rather eat the crayons than color with them… silly kid.  When does the desire to put EVERYTHING into their mouth go away?!

4. Thanksgiving Food Drive


Next week is Thanksgiving and among the MANY things I’m thankful for, I’m thankful we are able to donate to my company’s food drive.  It wasn’t much, but I pulled a few select items from the cupboards that we could spare.  Every little bit helps, right?

5. Dirt & Leaves

Avery loves the park.  On Monday we were home before the sun set and spent an hour at the park.  Avery had fun in the dirt and found a leaf … and he was sooo adorable playing with it!


What’s your 5 this week?