Can You Feel the Love

Can you feel the love (tonight)?  Avery’s been watching Lion King way too much if I’m quoting songs from it for blog posts!  Can’t lie, I have fun singing along to all the movie’s songs, cuz knowing all the words after not seeing it for 20 years is pretty awesome.  Hakuna matata!

We sure felt the love this weekend for Valentines Day.  As with any holiday, we prepped goodies during the week beforehand.  Avery played with scissors, glue, glitter, stamps and markers to make homemade valentine cards for Aunt Sarah, Grampy, and Great Grandma and Grandpa.  For Mimi, Avery painted noodles and made her a necklace!

Avery’s school had a Valentines party on Friday, so I scoured Pinterest for ideas.  I really wanted a Valentine that didn’t have candy (because I knew there would be lots of candy, which kids love, but I’m sure they won’t need more of after a candy filled party!) so I found one with cars – perfect for my car loving kiddo. The example online had a cheap little dollar store car, so I splurged and got real hot wheel cars that the kiddos would actually keep and use for a long time.  I used the paint program on my computer and printed the simple cards.IMG_5200

Some cutting and taping, and a few minutes later, I had this!IMG_5201

And a lot of more minutes later I had all these!IMG_5202

Avery was soooo excited when he saw them.  And when we brought them to school, I put them in a bag and he demanded to carry it and stopped and showed everyone his valentines as we walked to his classroom.  As kids came in, he kept asking if they wanted to see his Valentines.  It was adorable.  I had to put them away for the party later otherwise he would have handed them out right then and there!

That night, Avery came home with a goodie bag of all the Valentines from school.  He dumped it out on the floor and spread them out to show us.IMG_5242

He also took Mimi’s out from school and checked those out too.  He was most excited about the lolli pops – still one of his favorite candies.

Saturday morning, we opened Valentines gifts.  Avery got a box of chocolates and a fun card from MiMi and Grampy with a Lightning McQueen bracelet.IMG_5247

Grampy also got him a bunch more finger lights (Avery got a set of these for Xmass and loved them!) so we had fun turning off the lights and playing with these yesterday!IMG_5259

And then Avery opened his gift from me while Grampy opened his gift from Mimi…


We had a theme….


And of coarse the shot is blurry!  Grampy got blades for his razor, and Avery got a shaving kit!


Avery got a car like his friends at school, candy for his Pez, and some jelly beans of coarse 🙂  Mimi got a massager from Grampy and we tested it out!


Avery got me a card that said ‘I love you’ and two new books for story time at night.  Then we were off for a fun filled morning at ECHO!  It’s been freeezzing here, so since we haven’t been able to go outside, we had some fun at the aquarium inside.


We saw turtles, fish, star fish and frogs!


Avery had fun in the games exhibit too.IMG_5266

That night we had a yummy family dinner together and before bath, Avery and Grampy shaved together…IMG_5268IMG_5270IMG_5271IMG_5272

I made a batch of heart cookies for Steve and he brought me the most beautiful bouquet!


Happy Valentines!

❤ Meghan


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