Snow and Skates

Everyone enjoying the calm after the storm?  We got a whopping 10 inches yesterday, on top of the 4-5 we already had from the storm last week.  Oh and to top it off, it’s -18 today.  Burr!!

We’ve had serious cabin fever lately, so every chance we get, we get out of the house and do fun wintry stuff like playing in the snow yesterday…

Avery and Mimi went out after lunch, and I went out with Avery after I finished work.Capture1

We shoveled a path around the house (for the dogs) to the sledding hill in the back.IMG_5158

Avery had gotten a white wash earlier when he went sledding with Mimi, so this time, we tried sledding backwards so he didn’t get any snow in the face!



Avery shoveled the front porch, twice.IMG_5146


Can you spot the yeti snowman in the background of all these pics?  We built him probably a month ago and he’s still standing strong, just looks a little oversnowed…IMG_5154

After Avery’s fun filled day with Mimi and two trips outside in the snow, he was one tired kiddo.  We had tacos for dinner, at 5pm, Avery’s favorite, and he was so quiet, took a few bites, and laid down on the bench and closed his eyes.  He was wiped out!
…and in other wintry adventures… we went Ice Skating!


Our town puts up an ice skating rink in the town common every year (which means its free!), and I got some used skates for Avery a while ago, and being a frugal single mom, I got him a secondhand pair (for $6 – he’s gonna outgrow them in a year or two anyways)… but I got some crap for getting him white skates (they only had a black pair, and they were a size too big)…


It’s been a super cold winter, so we kept waiting for a warm day to go, and it never came, so we went on a warmish, but windy day weeks ago.  Steve and I took Avery – we held his hands and did two loops around the rink and then he was sooo done with it.  It was way too cold.

So last weekend, it was finally warm out, so Grampy and I took Avery for round two.


We started with milk crates.  The ice was pretty cut up, so it wasn’t too smooth to push the crates, but with a little help, we did a couple laps around.

Then Avery tried walking around – he didn’t want to hold our hands and just went off on his own.



He was so confident and proud of himself and full of smiles…. oh and a such a trooper.  He fell a bunch, but got up every time!

And it wasn’t long before Avery saw the hockey players and asked for his hockey stick (He got hockey sticks from Michael Eyes and Aiden for his Birthday and we have been to two of his cousins hockey games this winter).  I didn’t bring it – it didn’t cross my mind he’d be needing it this soon!  So we used some broom ball sticks…

Next time, we’re bringing his hockey stick!


We were at the rink for over an hour, and Avery did NOT want to leave, but he was tired and so ready to go, so we played with the crates a lil bit.IMG_5033IMG_5035


And our adventure ended with a full on tantrum with me carrying Avery to the car because he did NOT want to leave!  We’ll be back out on the ice soon!

Now all we need is some wet snow, sticky snow, so we can build Great Grandma a snow man!

❤ Meghan


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