It’s Beginning to Look…

A lot like CHRISTMAS!

We put the tree up last weekend, and since then it’s been gathering a few gifts.  Avery’s been super good and hasn’t even tried to open them.  We do find Avery over by the tree sometimes moving ornaments, and stealing candy canes (usually with the help of Grampy because Steve and I put those up high on the tree so ‘someone’ couldn’t reach them…. and by ‘someone’, I meant Grampy).  I’m 90% done Christmas shopping too, so the gifts I have are wrapped and sitting under the tree.  One week away… gotta finish up fast!

Avery is very excited this year.  It’s such a fun age.  We started talking about Christmas the night of Thanksgiving when we read the Elf on the Shelf book.  Since then, Avery’s excited every day to look for the Elf.  He’s been super sneaky this year (he zip lined thru the living room the night after we put up the tree!).  I swear, we have more fun looking for him than Avery does!


Some mornings I find Grampy wandering around the house and eventually coming to me asking “OK, Where is he?!’


Avery tells us the Elf flies around because he has magic.  And if Avery isn’t behaving, we remind him that the Elf is watching and 9 out of 10 times, it helps 🙂


Now, if you’re familiar with the Elf on the Shelf tradition (we started it last year), you know that the child(ren) get to name the elf.  Well, last year, Avery wouldn’t name him.  The only thing he would name him after I asked him was ‘Bunny’.  This year however, our elf had an identity crisis, and changed names.IMG_4491

Turns out, the elf also visits Avery’s daycare, and at daycare, the elf’s name is Henry.  So, one morning when I was getting Avery dressed in the bathroom, he looked up and saw the elf and pointed saying ‘Ah! It’s Henry!!’  Took me a minute to talk with Avery to figure out where the name had come from, haha.IMG_4543

Oh, bonus points if you can find the object the Elf has carried around with him every day…. 😉

It’s not Christmas without…. SNOW! (seriously, how do you people do it in Cali and Texas and Florida?! And you’re probably thinking we’re crazy with all this white stuff thinking how do we do it?! haha)IMG_4503

We got a big snowstorm last week that lastest DAYS.  First, it was freezing rain, then it snowed a bunch (8 inches-ish) one afternoon-evening.  Then it kept snowing (another few inches) the next few days.  All the schools around here were closed on Wednesday, and the snow finally stopped on Saturday.  Luckily, I work from home so I didn’t have to worry about commuting.  Plus, Avery’s school was open when school was closed (yay!).

Avery loves the snow.  He still loves his shovel the best.  I think we shoveled the front porch 3-4 times last week, haha.  And over the weekend, Grampy snow-blowed and we knocked the giant iscicles and snow off the roof.


The snow on the edge of the roof curled around and did this… pretty cool!


Steve took advantage of the snow and surprised me with a snowshoeing trek up the notch Saturday afternoon.

This is the same place we went hiking in October… look at the difference in scenery.


Love this state! #ilovermont
We soooo have to get Avery a set of kids snow shoes now that hunting season is over and we can go wandering in the woods around the house.

Tis the season to give gifts, so I sent out cards to our friends and family.


It took me a couple weeks to take a few minutes here and there to order them, address them, and send them out.  Last year I ordered 50 and ran out, so this year I ordered 75 to be safe and I think I have 4 left.  Phew, close call.  I need to stop making so many friends!

And instead of giving gifts to each of Avery’s teachers, we chose to give the Preschool a gift: Snowman and letter foam sticker kits.

Avery had played with a fall version of these at the Turkey Trot, so we found them on sale (50% off!) on Black Friday, so we snagged them and the kiddos had fun making snowmen and their names.

Our latest holiday project was thought up by Mimi and Grampy.  We took gingerbread house making to the next level and made a candy log cabin!


Avery had so much fun putting the candy on….IMG_4562

But I think he liked it so much because he got to EAT the candy too, haha.IMG_4549

We had waffer cookies for roof shingles, gummy bears, gum drops, necco waffers… and marshmellows.  Yum!IMG_4551

Avery was so proud when we were done 🙂IMG_4560

Grampy even drizzled some chocolate on the roof… looks so yummy!!!IMG_4561

Only 7 days until Christmas, and Avery knows it!  Mimi made a couple advent calendars for him and he never forgets to open his number every day!


He’s got cars, candy, play doh, and an ornament.  So fun!  (Mimi made the calendar out of a muffin pan – pretty cool!!!)IMG_4280

We have a busy week, and our holidays start this weekend with Valyou Christmas on Sunday!

Happy Wednesday!!!

❤ Meghan


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