Me Time

I feel like I am soooo behind on blogging.  I take a ton of pics every day and we’re always out and about doing something, going somewhere.  I will never catch up!  So that my type A personality doesn’t get all stressed out, I’ll wrap up the Summer/Fall stuff I did for ME…. starting with SOFTBALL!

When I moved back to VT, my cousin asked me to join his softball team – I was essentially taking over for my sis, who had been on the team and was now moving away for grad school.  I was thrilled!  I played softball growing up and on our company team at work before Avery was born.  So, one night a week this summer, I was out on the field…


I had so much fun!  The team was really welcoming… and the league was very casual. Some people brought their dogs, family watched, and we called the shots – there were no refs, so the team fielding made the call.DSCF3084DSCF3077

Since it was co-ed, we had to have so many girls playing, which meant I got lots of time in – played second base and didn’t completely strike out allll the time 😉DSCF3075

The only bummer was the team played 45 min away, so it made for a long afternoon… and when we had rain cancellations, I was always on the road before they called the games.  Boo.


And special thanks to my cousin Amy, for these great pics 🙂


Next up… RUNNING!  Running is still one of my favorite ‘me time’ activities.  I try to get out 3 times a week.  Some weeks less, others more.  I have a great out and back 5K route that I just love. I can get in 2-3 miles after work and before picking Avery up.


Plus, running in this fall weather is soooo nice.  I even treated myself to some cool running gear via a gift card so I wouldn’t freeze my tush off in this chilly VT air.


I did the Glow run again this year, and dragged some friends along with me 🙂


It was horrible.  Seriously.  We spent weeks planning our glow gear and outfits (well, Michele and I did – her husband, Andy, invited himself along last minute… and was stylin’, haha) and it POURED.


It was not only dark, but raining…sheets!  The rain had stopped right before the race so as we stood in line, waiting for the ‘go’… it just started POURING.


We were miserable the whole run… and then after, what do we say? That was fun, let’s do it again next year… but let’s wait until the weather report before we register, haha.


Andy got 2nd in his age group, and won a prize… but because we were so hot, Michele and I got prizes too!  We finished 159/160 of 202… not bad.  Our pace was horrible to start, but we were flying the second half – probably cuz the rain let up.  Oh and of coarse the rain stopped just as we crossed the finish.


Since I haven’t been upping my mileage, I’m backing out of the 10K Turkey Trot, and I’m gonna run the 3K with Avery in the jogger with some girl friends.

Reading!  All those years of mandatory reading for school, then college, grad school, and last year plumbing school.  So… I climb into bed early some nights and read for an hour plus.


Or, when I get some free time, like when the power goes out in the middle of the workday:)


Recent reads… Falt in our Stars and The Vow… both were okay.  They had rave reviews, but I wasn’t too impressed.

HIKING! I forgot how many outdoor things there are to do around here – we hiked growing up and there are moutains just 20 minutes away.  The foliage was gorgeous this fall, and I took advantage of it… hiked to Sterling Pond with Steve in Early October.


The drive up to the trail was so pretty!

The hike was wet from rain the night before, but it was worth the views.


The next weekend, Michele and I hitup sunset ridge and made it up to cantilever rock on a Sunday afternoon.


Sooo excited for next spring/summer and hiking more trails!

YA-YA! Yep, it’s the time of year again – went out with all the Valyou ladies… lunch and a movie.


We had most of the group… missing only 3 of us.  Gram seemed to have fun, so a success!


And more girl time last weekend… I spent the afternoon at Labelle Winery in NH with my grad school girls… such a fun afternoon.  Wine tasting, tour, and lunch.IMG_3920IMG_3919

My fave was the cranberry apple…. brought a bottle of that home as a gift 🙂IMG_3921IMG_3927

Avery was with his Dad for the weekend, so I took advantage – spent time with good friends, and had a great time.


That night, I also went to a Halloween party and dressed up with a friend:IMG_3934

And the next day, helped Andrew and Erin (remember them?!) move stuff around in their new house (yay, guys!)

Soooo busy lately.  But a good busy.  It’s nice to take time to spend with friends and by myself.  I love Avery, and spend time with him every day, but it’s nice to re-discover me while I’m alone or with friends because I’m not just a Mom…

Happy Monday!

❤ Meghan



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