Cookies, Pumpkins, & a Dinosaur

All the craziness from Halloween has settled… time to share our projects from the past couple weeks in celebration of the holiday…

We started on Sunday morning the 12th (eh, three weeks isn’t too early to start celebrating, right?!) with Halloween cookies


Avery, Mimi, and I rolled, cut, sprinkled, and baked… and flour got everywhere!

We made black cats, orange pumpkins, red and green apples, black bats, and spooky ghosts…IMG_3586

Avery went pretty crazy with the sprinkles… so darn cute!IMG_3587

Needless to say, after all our hard work, and sending a box of cookies to Great Grandmas, the cookies were gone 2 weeks before Halloween 🙂IMG_3588

Next up… pumpkin carving!!!IMG_3650

Avery carved TWO pumpkins this year!  Last year or the year before, we attempted a paper mache pumpkin but Avery was more concerned with poking the pumpkin than anything.  This year he got to help gut and cut it!  This was so exciting for me because growing up we would do this every year as a family… spread newspapers on the floor in the kitchen and go to town… so we did.

So, on a Wednesday night after dinner, with the help of our friend Steve, we carved ‘Spooky’

Avery surprisingly got his hands dirty and helped scoop the guts out.  Then we used a template to poke out the design…IMG_3643IMG_3644
No pics of us carving the design out becuase with little cutting knives, all hands were on deck to monitor 😉  Avery LOVED carving and was pretty good at keeping on the lines… except when he got excited and started just jabbing the pumpkin randomly, haha.

And the final product:


Pumpkin #2, Avery wanted a face, so with Grampy’s help, these two goofballs had fun and made a pretty nice looking jack o lantern:IMG_3752

So, weeks before halloween… I’d say almost a month, I started asking Avery what he wanted to be for Halloween.  I had our costumes from the family reunion that I could re-use, but Avery is old enough now to have an opinion (al-beit every changing most of the time) about what he wanted to dress up as, plus Avery got an Amazon gift card for his birthday that we could utilize.  So, after much discussion, Avery kept saying he wanted to be a dinosaur… so we picked one out online and it came in the mail…so we had to try it on!IMG_3699

He picked out an orange dinosaur from the show ‘Dinosaur Train’.  He was sooo excited to try it on and chomp on us with his fake teeth.


It took a VERY long time to get these pictures tho – he was running around like crazy for a while and we went thru a meltdown before I FINALLY got these shots haha.IMG_3770

I love the tail.  It reminds me of when my little sister was Barney for Halloween when she was 2 or so… with the tail moving when she walked, haha so cute.

The night before Halloween, we had more pumpkins on our agenda… but this time we didn’t carve them.  We walked thru the Jericho Pumpkin Glow with my cousins Amy, Chad, and their son, Eric.  We saw so many pumpkins with such creative designs.  IMG_3891

Avery was thrilled and we even saw a Thomas the Train pumpkin!IMG_3892

There were HUGE pumpkins with their weight carved out on a smaller pumpkin.  Amy and Avery:IMG_3899


On Halloween, Avery was all dressed up to celebrate!IMG_3905

Halloween night we trick or treated in my old coworker’s neighborhood in Mass.  Avery was so excited in his costume.IMG_3912

He ‘rawr’ed’ at the people at the door, and did such a great job walking up to houses, pushing their doorbells and saying trick or treat.

After a few houses, I handed him off to his Dad who Avery spent the rest of the holiday weekend with.IMG_3915

It’s crazy to think… this is Avery’s FOURTH Halloween…. crazy!!!   He’s grown so much…
Baby's First Halloween Tiger IMG_2710IMG_1887 IMG_3914

Happy Halloween 🙂

❤ Meghan



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