Spooky & Silly Salem Weekend

We’re back from a weekend trip to Mass.  Avery spent the weekend with his Dad and Grandma while we (Mom, Dad, Uncle Mike, Aunt Denise, Joey and I) spent the weekend in Salem.  For the ten years I lived in Boston, Aunt Denise kept talking about taking a weekend trip to Salem (she loves spooky stuff), and of coarse, we never got around to it.  (We did however, have a couple trips exploring Boston (while I played tour guide) and one rainy day Brewery hopping (starting at 9am, hehe)  So, a few months ago I did the research and planned our trip to Salem!

We left at 11am, and made good time (minus the minor traffic jam in Lebanon NH because of construction), arriving at our hotel just outside Salem just before 3pm.  Avery played in the back seat, snoozed, and played some more.
We checked in at the hotel, and Joey and I hopped back in the car to bring Avery to his Dad’s while everyone else went into Salem.

After fighting glorious Boston traffic, we were finally all in Salem.  What did we do… took a candlelight ghost tour of course!
And it wasn’t but a minute after the tour guide warned us about catching our cups on fire when Dad caught his on fire!  The tour was OK.  The tour guide wasn’t dressed up and talked way too fast.


Our next stop (well, after the candy shoppe – yum!) was the House of the Seven Gables.  A book was wrote about this house by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  (Name familiar?  It was for me – he wrote The Scarlet Letter, I read it in highschool) The tour was amazing – my favorite of the weekend.  We stopped in each room of the house, and an actor would play out a character that lived in the house… a ghost, a butler, crazy girl, and a sweet old penny shop keeper.  The house was ‘wicked’ cool – low ceilings, steep winding staircases.  After the tour, we bought the two books 🙂

Day two began with a text to see how my little guy was doing (I missed him!).  He was having fun with his Dad and Grandma.  So, back to the adult only fun – first a workout in the fitness center and breakfast at the hotel, and off to Salem to see a baseball game played like it was back in the Civil War.IMG_3672

A nice guy from the team (his nickname was ‘Pigtail’) gave us a brochure and told us a little about the league.  The ball they used used to be handmade, and the stitching was done in a ‘x’, and the uniforms and bats were authentic.


They played 8 innings a game, and since they played barehanded (no gloves!!), they could catch a ball off a bounce and it would be an out.
The teams playing were from Providence and Brooklyn.  Providence whooped butt.

Next up, some walking around – the streets were full of vendors and very festive vistors.  We joined in and I found these two cute hats for Mom and Aunt Denise.  I needed free hands to eat fries before we met back up with them, so I just wore them both for a while…


And then started our day of musuems… first the Pirate Museum.  Mom and Aunt Denise wore the hats proudly!  (Apparently this is the IN thing down there… mini witch hats – cuz they were so expensive!  These little guys were $10 each.  The other larger ones on headbands were $20+ each, eek!  I need to get in that business!)


Oh and guess who we ran into… you know, the most famous pirate of all of history… Johnny Depp!


I’m pretty sure this was the museum that I got spooked.  See, all these museums have fake people, showing the witch trials and the last guy was a real guy… he moved and yep, I jumped and screamed like a little girl, haha!  Next up was the Witch history musuem, and then the witch dungeon.  Did you know they put over 150 people in these dungeons that had cells that were as small as a phone booth!  So sad.  We took some fun pictures when we got out of the dungeon tour.



In between the museums, we stopped in a few stores for souvineirs, oh and Mom and Aunt Denise and I found a sweet vintage shop.  I almost bought a dress for an upcoming wedding, but I was good.  Mom did however, find the cutest red boots!  Dinner at a fancy seafood restaurant was more silly than proper.  Aunt Denise made good friends with the waiter, which later earned us a free desert!


Our last musuem was the Salem Witch Musuem in this pretty building.IMG_3670

I was not impressed with the performance/show, but the second half was pretty cool, a history about ‘witches’ and the different versions throughout history.

Our last stop before leaving the spooky city… Salem’s haunted watering hole – The Bunghole!


We stocked up on some gifts and a few drinks for later that night while we played cards at the hotel.


Back at the hotel, we played a round of 31 while munching on leftovers.  Oh and we didn’t have a deck of cards so I hunted around and could only find some at this comic book store – so I picked the Walking Dead zombie ones… and man were those a good choice.  They threw everyone off – Aunt Denise was so disgusted and didn’t want to look at them and Uncle Mike was picking out the one Aunt Denise looked like in the morning – good times!

So, no ghost sightings, but we had a great time and I could probably write a book myself about Salem’s Witch Trial history!  If you ever visit, use this website.  It tells you all the events going on. Most tours/museums were under $10, and if you get combo tickets, it’s very reasonable.  And the city is very walkable.  We parked and walked around all day.  Weekend parking is $20 minimum for the day, but on weekdays the lots are only $1/hr for unlimited time.

We headed back home on Sunday.  I did a little shopping to kill time before picking Avery up from his Dad’s – scored some nice cold weather running gear – much needed because I’m doing the Glow Run tomorrow night!

We’ve had a busy week of tumble class, pumpkin carving, playing with Avery’s new toys from his birthday with his Dad, oh and Avery’s Halloween costume came in the mail, so he wore that for quite a while one night.  A busy weekend ahead of us – I’ll be back next week with more…

❤ Meghan


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