Playing Catch Up

If there’s anything that keeps me going when I’m down, and puts a smile on my face when I’m on the verge of tears… it’s Avery.  I promise I’ll get to all of Avery’s birthday festivity photos and recap soon.  Before I do, here’s a fun mish-mosh of outings and activities with Avery this summer that I’ve been meaning to post but not sure how to mash them up in a cohesive post.  It’s only fitting that when I’m up at 2am in the morning, unable to sleep, that this little guy will get me in good spirits for tomorrow…

National Night Out – Milton, VT

My friend Kate invited us to this event in her town (right next door to us) back in August. There were exhibits for safety and the community and lots of fun stuff for the kiddos.  (more info here at their website)


We walked around and got lots of goodies…

…like this cool hat… and Avery and Kate’s kids toured the ambulance.


Avery’s favorite activity was the dunk tank.  He played twice, and dunked they guy both times on the first shot!


And it’s not a party without bubbles…!!!IMG_2577

Kat and Hannah got their faces painted and all three kiddos scored some yummy treats…


They had a great K-9 unit demonstration, and while we were watching, Kate snapped this…


LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Fave pic of Avery and I.  And what’s even better about it, minutes later the skies opened and it downpoured! haha.  Fun times, even running back to the car and getting in soaking wet, but Avery didn’t have a drop on him… Momma’s are good like that 😉

Stowe Bike PathStowe, VT

Mimi, Grampy, Avery, and I took a ride down the Stowe bike path.

The bike path is 5.3 miles long.  We started on one end, and came back.  The weather was gorgeous.


We made a pit stop at the end before turning around (potty training while out and about it tricky… but doable!)


On our way back, we stopped at the Stowe Farmer’s market.  There were yummy goodies, so we sat down and added some treats to our packed snacks.


Avery loved the brick oven pizza, and he had a real fruit icee… it was soooo good!IMG_2984

The views of the mountain were gorgeous!  Avery was so occupied… lots to look at, bridges to go over and small hills up and down.IMG_2987


We stopped to feed some animals at a corn maze and petting pen.  And right before we were back to the car, we stopped so Grampy could take Avery in the river.


Avery was thrilled.  They threw rocks and waded around.


It was a fun family day!  If we have a free weekend day before it gets too cold, I’d love to take Avery again.

Johnson Family BBQ – Westford, VT

Out of the blue, Mom and I had the idea to have her side of the family over for a summer BBQ.  And after all this great end of summer weather.. well, it poured.  That didn’t stop us though!

The ‘adults’ hung out in the garage while all the kids (Avery’s generation of second cousins) played in the basement with Avery’s toys for hours.


Honestly, it was so great having all the kids together, playing.  Since Avery doesn’t have any siblings, Me, Grampy, or MiMi are his playmates.  So, it was great to kick back and talk with my cousins, uncles, grandparents, while the kiddos had fun together and they were all in a safe place to play that I didn’t have to keep an eye on Avery every second.


After a while, they all settled down to a movie.


Too darn cute!

And finally, the rain stopped and the badminton net got some use.  And it’s last use too… cuz someone drove over it with the tractor later on in the week…IMG_2969

And here we all are!!!  Even the latest addition, baby Peyton!  She makes the count of Great Grandkids (Avery’s generation) up to 7!


We’ve grown up quite a bit…

cousins circa Christmas 1997.  

So glad we got that side of the family together.  We are planning to do it again around the holidays… can’t wait!

Fishing & First Movie WeekendArrowhead Lake, Milton VT & Williston, VT

Avery, Grampy, Aiden and his Poppi (aka Michael Eyes, to Avery) took the boat out on the lake for some fishing on a nice summer afternoon.  Avery and Aiden were so excited to spend time together!


Grampy caught the first fish…IMG_2891

Aiden walked on water…IMG_2893

The weather was gorgeous.  The sun eventually came out and the boys fished away…

Avery had fun looking out the boat and occasionally fishing.


Grampy caught this little guy.


Avery tried to hold it but quickly got grossed out when he touched it.  Aiden showed him how to hold a fish…


Michael Eyes showed Avery the worms…IMG_2907

Avery does love his bugs…


And this time out in the boat, it didn’t die on us! (Camping on the 4th, the boat died and we were stranded in the perfect fishing spot, thankfully)  So, this time, Avery got to drive!


I’m on top of the world!!!


Avery and Aiden had fun spotting animals (birds, turtles, etc.) and looking in the water.IMG_2916

Although only two fish were caught, these kiddos had fun!IMG_2917

That night, we jumped in Michael Eyes pool, had some yummy pizza, and a bon fire.

The next day, We took Avery to his FIRST movie at the theatre!IMG_2920

We saw hot to Train Your Dragon 2 (Aiden had wanted to see it, and invited Avery, but as a Mom, I had to have Avery see the first one to make sure he would sit through it.  We rented it earlier that week and Avery like it).  The boys sat together munching on popcorn and candy.  Aunt Denise, Uncle Mike, Grampy and I chaperoned… and thanks to Aunt Denise for bringing so much candy!!!


Back to Mimi and Grampy’s, we had dinner and the boys settled down for the night together… a little elephant movie…IMG_2927

And then Aiden read Avery books before bed.IMG_2930

These guys had a fun filled weekend together 🙂  It’s crazy thinking my cousin and I grew up together, and now our kids are having fun together.  Time flies!

Okay, that made me feel better.  This kiddo, and our family is so much fun.  More fun to come.  I’ll recap Avery’s birthday festivities next week.  This weekend we’re off to a baby shower BBQ in NH, and I’m cranking up the running schedule.  My long run this weekend is 4 miles, eek!  I did 3 yesterday and didn’t die, so I can do it!

Happy Friday!

❤ Meghan


6 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. You and Avery seem to be having a lot of fun in Vermont . I’m happy for both of you . Will you be taking him to ski or snowboard this winter? He seems like he would enjoy it

    • Awe, thanks Leanne! It’s so nice to hear from you. We might try skiing this winter. The mountain is only 20 min away. Gear is expensive though, so I’ll have to see. He’s doing gymnastics now and swim lessons soon. He loves being active so I have to be creative this winter keeping him busy, but on a single mommy’s budget 🙂

      • Aww I’m sure he will be a good swimmer. Yeah renting the gear is pricey but maybe you can buy a used snowboard the kids one is burton 80cm chicklet. That way even if you don’t go to the mountain he can still practice with you if you buy a harness to help pull him. You look like your in an area with good hills and there will be lots of snow for fun outdoor practice. I saw a lot of youtube videos with parents teaching there kids as young as 2,that’s why I know. I’m going to take my daughter this winter. Used boards sell for about 80 or less .

      • Thanks, that’s great advice. We have a good hill in the backyard that could be used as a bunny slope. I’ll look into pricing some gear. My coworker’s daughter started when she was 2 1/2 (big ski family) so I thought this year Avery would be the right age. Do you have mountains nearby you??

      • Yes he’s a good age now and when u get the boots the smallest size is an 11 but when they are locked they will fit him and he can grow into them. They sell the harness in Amazon u think it’s like 20 bucks but once u get the boots n board u can be out there every day oh and a helmet maybe he can use his bike helmet since your practicing 😃 . I don’t live near any Hillstone I’m in queens . But I am about 20 mins from some good parks in flushing thats good practice and about 2 hrs from pa and nj resorts

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