A Marathon Weekend

Okay, I’m FINALLY recovered from our maraton of a weekend and have a free second to recap it before our upcoming busy weekend (Avery’s birthday party).  It all started Friday night… Avery and I joined Grampy at the Milton High School football game.

Grampy runs the chains (with the rest of the Valyou Chain Gang) every year, so I wanted to take Avery to at least one game this year.  We arrived before the game started and Avery enjoyed some time with the boys.
Avery and I had fun watching the game, and the cheerleaders.


Avery caught the eye of the cheer leading coach, who gave him two pixie stix (which I paid for later), and Avery joined some boys playing soccer behind the stands.

Avery even played a little football with Grampy at halftime before we left.

We stayed until 8:30ish and headed home, but Mister Avery didn’t fall asleep until after we got home… darn those pixie stix! (which he LOVED by the way… this kiddo has his Grampy’s sweet tooth!)

Saturday MiMi, Avery and I did some grocery shopping.  That night we went to Kelly and Josh’s wedding.  I’ve known Kelly since forever… she’s been my sister’s best friend, so seeing her get married was so very sweet.

They picked a lovely little reception site, which was just down the road from us, in the town Kelly grew up in.  Although windy, the views were amazing, and her pictures came out quite good…

kelly wedding

Avery got all dressed up and was ready to party…kelly wedding 1

The venue had pretty views, and amazing grounds, so we snagged some pictures of ourselves…

kelly wedding 8

kelly wedding 2

kelly wedding 3

kelly wedding 4

Avery was a doll during the reception… it did help that Kelly and Josh had a desert bar BEFORE the wedding even started… this kiddo had 2 M&M cookies during the ceremony to keep him occupied.  And when it was time for Kelly to come out, he got Josh’s attention and pointed saying ‘She’s coming!’  Too cute.

Avery and Joey kept busy with cars while we waited at our tables for the wedding party to come back from taking photos.

kelly wedding 5

We enjoyed a yummy dinner, which Avery actually ate well at!  The iPad and cars helped to keep him busy too.

kelly wedding 7

Aunt Sarah was a pretty bridesmaid…kelly wedding 6

And Avery busted some moves on the dance floor, thanks to those cookies, and crashed like crazy after.  We tried to stay late but I think he was all done by 8:30, haha.  Thanks for having us at your big day, Kelly and Josh –  It was fun to share with you!

Sunday was our busiest day… first, Joey’s Half Marathon!  Avery and I joined Joey (and his crowd of supporters) before the race started.


Joey’s been working towards this race for months.  I was so excited to be a part of it, and see Joey accomplish such a momentous goal for himself.  You know me, I’ve only run 5K and 10Ks, so a half is crazy to me!joey half 3

Oh and that’s Michelle in the Pink, another friend running the half!

joey half 1

We watched Joey and all the other runners set off on their 13.1 mile race!

There’s Joey!

joey half 2

And once they were off… it was time to wait!  Joey had run 12 miles two weeks ago, and he did 8 3/4 min. miles, so I figured he would be coming in around the 2 hour marker, so we had two hours to keep busy.  Joey’s parents, sister, and Avery and I went to a cute coffee shop that had this…


A train table in their store!  Avery was tres occupied while we all chatted and ate and drank.  Avery enjoyed some carbonated juice and Sarah caught his funny face reaction to it…

joey half 4

Then we were off to the finish line to await the runners…


Joey’s friend Adam brough donuts and Avery devoured one!IMG_3204


The runners started coming in and we patiently waited for Joey.  Avery flirted with Erica… he kept scooting away from her, haha.

joey half 5

Just after the 2 hour mark passed, we spotted Joey and cheered him on as he crossed the finish line.

joey half 7
joey half 8

Joey finsihed in 2:08:05… amazing for his first Half Marathon!

joey half 11

It took a while for him to recover…

joey half 9

A close up of his well deserved medal!

joey half 10

We’re so proud of you Joey!!!


We’ll be there for your next Half, Joey 😉  (He says he’ll never do it again, but I have to tease haha) For now we’ll just focus on getting my butt across the finish line for the Turkey Trot 10K 🙂

So after the marathon, while Joey recovered, Avery and I hit up two birthday parties.  First was Henry’s – he turned 4!


The kiddos played and then sat down to some food.  Next, they made tye-dye shirts (Avery’s just went thru the wash and it looks great!  I’ll take a pic soon)  It was such a cute kits party activity!



That the kids devoured… or at least Avery ate the frosting, haha.


And a pinata full of candy!IMG_3219

Then we were off to Cooper’s 4th Birthday Party!  He was opening presents when we arrived…


Next up was a pin the thing on the Minion…IMG_3224IMG_3226

The kiddos played on Cooper’s new swing set…IMG_3233

Ate this yummy cake… (Cooper’s Mom made it!)Capture

And then my phone died, haha.  What do you expect after such a busy weekend!?  The kids hit another piniata, and played before we headed home.  I was whiped, and Avery too.  But it was a fun filled marathon weekend!

This coming weekend we’re playing it a little more low key… just one party – Avery’s 3rd Birthday party!!!

❤ Meghan


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