Summer Vacation!

Whoa, can’t believe it’s Friday already!  These short weeks and long weekends are nice, especially after we spent a week on vacation at the end of August!

We spent a week (Sun-Fri) camping in Lake George, New York.  “We” being Avery and I, MiMi and Grampy, Joey, and Aunt Sarah!

We arrived and setup camp!


We got a site right on the river and next to a big field.  The campground was pretty quite most of our visit.  There were some kids on Sunday, but the rest of the week we felt like pretty much the only ones there.  No campers on either side of our site.

It wasn’t long before these two settled in and made themselves at home…


We took walks around the park every day.  Avery loved stopping at the river and throwing rocks in.

When Avery got tired from walking, he insisted Joey carry him… then Joey HAD to carry me too… sillyness!

More fun…


Avery on top of the world!IMG_2711

Look, we’re taller than Joey!IMG_2713

We enjoyed dinner outside…


And we met our new friends…


These ducks, who we named Donald and Daffy, came by a couple times a day.  We had fun feeding them!


We ended the night, and every night, with a campfire.  Avery was so excited about eating marshmallows 🙂

Everyone slept well and we started off the next day…


Avery woke up and sat by the river with Mimi, eating breakfast.  Then when all our bellies were full, it was time for some basketball and bike riding!


I treated Avery to a new bike, a big boy one with training wheels because he mastered his little trike last camping trip.  So, he and Grampy put together this little number:
It’s hard to ride on gravel or dirt, so the basketball court was perfect!  We played basketball (well, I lost at horse over and over, haha) while Avery cruised around!


And like I’ve said before, nap time while camping is a challenge… but not when you have a Grampy and a hammock…

Joey brought his study materials for his Personal Training Certification Fantasy Football Draft 😉


Ok, so I HAD to put this in… the boys are napping and the girls are playing cards and we notice a new camper near us, a couple sites over.  Then after a few glances we notice the guy is laying on the picnic table while the woman tweezes his nose hairs!  Ew!!!  I HAD to snag a picture, hehe.


There was a nice wooden playground that Avery had a good time on every day.IMG_2731

And more marshmallows at night…IMG_2733

Aunt Sarah was with us for two days, since she’s off to grad school, and on one of those days, we all went together to Great Escape!!!!  It’s a Six Flags theme park.  We had been here when we were kiddos and since Avery was now tall enough to ride the kiddy rides, we went!

We rode rides, had a picnic lunch back at the car, went to the water park, played games… a fun filled day!

I’m not alone in the car… Avery’s driving but he’s too short to see!



Riding the Train!


Avery was so strong!!! He won a prize!IMG_2754IMG_2757

Kiddie Roller Coaster with Aunt Sarah!


Oh no, in jail!!!


Waterpark fun!!!IMG_2826IMG_2827IMG_2828IMG_2829IMG_2830IMG_2831IMG_2832IMG_2833IMG_2834
We had such a fun day!!!!!!!


Someone even got a prize when we left…


More fun back at the campground the next day…

Treasures, As Avery calls them.  (aka, rocks)IMG_2760

Cheese for breakfast!IMG_2761

A morning walk with Grampy

We spent a day in Lake George walking around visiting shops, stores, the waterfront, and arcades!!!
We had some nice warm weather, so we cooled off in the campground pool…

Avery did so well in his swimmies.  He was always with someone,  but he can float in the arm floaties by himself, and he’s learning to kick and paddle… he just isn’t quite going anywhere yet without someone giving him a little push 🙂




Avery loved jumping in the pool… and we had some fun taking pictures of us jumping over each other…

On our last full day camping, we woke up to a rainy day.


But in between showers, we went mini golfing!  It was Avery’s first time…

He did great and had so much fun!IMG_2785


At times when he swang, Grampy said he played like Happy Gilmore with a hockey stick, haha! Like this swing I caught on camera…IMG_2790IMG_2792IMG_2793IMG_2794


We built up an appetite golfing, so for lunch… we had ice cream!!IMG_2795

On the way home, the boys were pretty tired…

We got back to camp and their napping continued…. what else is there to do on a rainy day but nap???


Mom and I played scrabble!!!

Avery kept occupied making up games like making his own little hideaway under the table seats…



We packed up in sprinkling rain on Friday and headed home.  The trip was fun and full of laughs and memories… 🙂

❤ Meghan


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