Milton Freedom 5K

I have not been a fan of running for the past couple weeks.  Maybe it’s the heat?  After the long winter we had, I’m not complaining about it being hot… just sayin’… it’s hot.  The best run I had recently was 3.2 miles at 5:30 in the morning.


Turns out, running down foggy dirt roads are totally my thing!  It certainly helped to have a little motivation at my side, too… Joey 🙂

On Saturday afternoon, a group of my family and friends came out to support a great cause: The Milton Freedom 5K.  Some ran, walked, volunteered, and cheered us on.  I was looking for a June race, and found this one that was close and they needed help on the committe, so I jumped right it.  I put up flyers, made cold calls for donations, and rallied up quite a big group to attend the event.

Here’s Joey, me, and his Dad all lined up at the start line.


It was a hot day, to say the least.  Luckily we got to cool off earlier in the day at Aiden’s (Avery’s second cousin) birthday party…

My highschool friend, Ayla also ran/walked with a stroller and her Mom.  My cousin Bobby, fresh off his 15K run last month, also ran.  My parents walked and pushed Avery in the stroller.

Joey was the first of us to finish… 2nd in his age group!  Yay Flash!


Next came, Bobby (third in his age group!), and Richard…

And about 10 minutes later, I strolled in, haha.  Not a good time, but it was better than not running!

When the walkers started streaming in, Joey ran out to run with Avery to the finish line…

Ayla, her Mom, and my Mom got the top three places for walkers, and my Dad got…. a cramp at the finish 😉

I know I’ve already said it, but thanks again to everyone that came and a special thanks to my volunteers – Lorri and Aunt Cindy ran rocked the registration table.  My cousins Chris and Amber and their kiddos were a col sight at the water station halfway thru the race… they even had a garden hose and soaked me when I ran by!

We’re off to Grand Isle for camping trip number two of the year… back next week…

Happy Independence Day!

❤ Meghan


4 thoughts on “Milton Freedom 5K

  1. love that race, wish we could have made it this year. You are so right through, the finish in that field on a hot day is brutal! Next year we will all have to run it together!

    • Agreed – see you there next year!!! The committee asked me to help them again so I’ll be sending out a reminder again for participants – you’ll be on the list!

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