Days Gone By

Falling into a routine up here in VT… and posting on the blog hasn’t been part of it.  I promise to post more later.  My office and where Avery sleeps are in the same room, so I can’t get anything done on the computer while the little guy is sleeping.  My sister moved off to grad school this past weekend (Yay, Sarah!), so that freed up her room (which is my childhood bedroom).  I’ve spent the past 3 nights moving my clothes into her closet and organizing and putting away clothes I won’t/don’t wear – purging and organizing feels good after living out of a suitcase the past 3 weeks.

So, here’s a quick recap…

Mother’s Day – Sarah made Mom and I breakfast…


We visited Nana and Papa in the morning, and Grandma and Grandpa in the afternoon.  At Nana and Papa’s Avery played in the Creek with Papa and took a ride on his tractor.



At Grandma and Grandpas, Avery napped.  When he got up, he visited the Ginea Pig and went acorn hunting with Uncle Todd…



Avery brought the acorns home and put them in a squirrel feeder.  He loves acorns and pine cones because of the Elephant Movie (Ice Age) and the squirrel that is always after the acorn.

Joey took me and his Mom to dinner (his family came and we got a nice shot of us ‘kids’).


Joey’s Mom, Sister and her boyfriend gave me the sweetest Mother’s Day gifts… and Sarah, Avery and I got Mom hanging flower baskets for the front porch – we get them for her every year.

And when I came back from dinner, Avery had new clothes on… because he and Aunt Sarah had fun…


Haircut –   

New beginnings mean… a new haircut!

I got it all chopped off… It’s crazy how long my hair was.


I treated myself to some highlights (for the 3rd time in my life).  Then a couple days went buy and I swore I looked like Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) in Helix from Notting Hill…


So I went back and got it thinned out a bit and love it now.


Work – Working from home has been going well.  I don’t wear pajamas every day like most people think… I rock my workout clothes so when it’s lunch time, I can go on my run without taking time to change – then a quick shower and change when I get back.


Oh and I’ve never matched my socks, if you’re thinking thats because nobody sees them – I totally wear them with sandals when I bring Avery to school.  Who cares?!

Play – We’ve been pretty busy every night after school… playing inside if it’s raining…

Or in the garage… where Avery’s favorite thing is to draw circles around people.. and dogs.  The dogs tend to not stay still and that makes Avery very mad!


And we play outside if it’s not raining…


We play outside.. even when if the ground is still wet.


Avery’s favorite thing to do when he gets home is play in the garden.  He’s helped Grampy plant seeds and hammer in stakes.


Most recently, Avery helped Grampy plant pumpkins!


Avery loves his green wagon from Easter… he likes to pull it.


And he likes to be pulled in it.


Most nights after dinner we take the dogs for a walk…  After Avery helps with dishes of coarse!


1/2 a mile to the end of the road and back.  Avery walks (or runs!) most of the way, only sometimes asking to be carried.



After our walks, its time for bath, then a snack before bed…


Play Dates – We’ve had two play dates with my childhood friend, Kate, and her two kids. They only live 20 minutes away. We went to their house and played outside and had dinner together.


And our second play date was last night: It was rainy so the kids played in the finished basement (where all of Avery’s toys live), we had a nice dinner, and finished the night with 1/2 a movie (The Elephant Movie, of coarse).IMG_1691

Weekend Fun – Every day starts off with breakfast on the couch (Avery’s got meds on his cheeks from some bug bites) while watching cartoons – usually Thomas the Train or Clifford the Big Red Dog.


Then Grampy takes the boys (dogs and Avery) for a walk in the woods… they come back wet and dirty and all need a bath…



We have some heavy equipment around the house… getting ready to dig up around the house to put in a new drainage system, and Grampy fixed all the holes in the road with this one.  So, Avery has taken full advantage!



While Grampy was out fixing the road, Mister Avery and I cleaned my car!!! First time in a year!!! All the old cheerios are gone!!!


Another fun (long) weekend ahead of us…. may be a rainy one, but it’ll be fun!!!  Enjoy your  (long) weekend.

❤ Meghan

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