Running… and some Walking

I haven’t been the most consistent runner these days.  I’ve been getting about 3 runs in a week… 1-3 miles.  Nothing spectacular, but I did figure out how to use my Christmas present… my new Garmin watch!


It’s MUCH easier (and fun) to track my running than going online and logging it.  Oh, and I’ve been really good… eating salads 4-5 days a week for lunch.

That brings us to the most recent race – The J.M.M.Y Run.  Last year, I did the 5K, this year I did the 5K again, but walked it.  The hills are just too much for me, and maybe it doesn’t look that intense, but its just hill after hill after hill, then turn around and go back up and down them!


My Dad, Avery, and I met Dad’s coworker, Karen (and her boyfriend) on the shuttle bus to the race. Can you spot Avery?


We met up with Joey at the race start (He ran the 10K)… we all lined up for the start, and we were off!


Avery was content in the stroller for a 1/2 mile or so, but he eventually wanted out, or on someones shoulders.  We took our leisurely time and enjoyed the nice weather.  We saw a snake, salamander, birds, squirrels… it was a great time.  It was a down and back course, so it was the most fun cheering everyone on that passed us.  The first person we saw coming back, who won the 5K, was a 6th grader!!! Crazy kid.

There was a gap in runners before the 10K runners came back.  I counted them as they went by and kept looking for someone in Joey’s age group.. but he was the first!  He had powered up the big hill after the 5K turn around mark, so I joined him and ran a mile with him, to help push him.  We met him at the finish line later and he got FIRST in his age group, and 5th overall in the 10K group!


Here we all are after we finished:


Oh and do you remember last year, when Dad got 3rd in his age group (even tho he walked).. well he got 2nd this year!


We enjoyed some drinks, ice cream, fruit, and some horsing around while we watched the 1/2 marathoners come in.  Then it was time to head home…on the bus!


I felt pretty lame not running, but there are enough races going on that I can be picky about which ones I want to race 🙂

The next race is the Milton Freedom 5K, June 28, and I’m helping organize it!  It’s a flat course so I’m gonna work the next month to work on my 5K time and get under 30 minutes!!!

❤ Meghan


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