Run for Jim

First 5K race of the year – COMPLETE!

Sunday, Joey was running in the Run/Walk for Jim in St. Albans – He ran in it last year too.  Well, being the girlfriend that I am, I invited myself along and registered for the race too.  The race is at the gym Joey works at, so he knew many people running.  I saw some people I met before, and met some new faces, like this bloak, Andrew, with Joey and I before the race…

Joey and Andrew were bragging about who would win, while I was just freaking out about finishing!  Turns out, after this photo took a ride on FB, my cousin-in-law, Lindsay (remember her daughter Ellery and Avery playing in the canoe on our trip to the cape last year?), well… she and Andrew grew up together, AND went to prom together, in Mass.  Small world!

Anyways, back to the race. The runners were off, and started at a slow pace, and watched Joey and Andrew weave thru the crowd up ahead.  I did my thing and just chugged along.  The first mile was pretty flat, with a slight downhill as we passed mile marker 1.  The pack was thinning out about that time, and I passed a couple people, and a few passed me.  I noticed a few groups of Mom/Daughter and Father/Son runners.. too cute!  I had my music going and thankfully there was a nice breeze (although Andrew was SOOO worried that it would affect his running, haha, I thought it was nice), and it wasn’t raining!  It’s been raining for a week straight here in VT.

About 1.5 miles in, there was a slight incline, which Joey had warned me about, and I just kept pace, and passed a few people.  We passed the 2 mile marker, and I was thinking about Joey and how he was probably finishing about then and he promised he would walk back a little and run the last bit with me.

My parents and sis were at the finish line, and snagged this of Joey coming in…
The course turned into a development, a loop before the home stretch.  By then, I was all alone.  There was a pack in front of me and nobody had passed me for a while, so I was all alone, just chugging along (I obviously play trains with Avery too much because I keep using the verb ‘Chugging’).  

About halfway thru the loop, I got a cramp.  Ugh.  This happened at the 10K last fall, and I was worried it would happen again.  I wanted to pick up the pace, but with the cramp, I just needed to finish without having to walk.  When I came out from the loop, I could see the finish line a ways away, so I distracted myself from the cramp and kept my eyes peeled for Joey.  As I got closer, the cramp worsened, so I just put my head down and pushed on, picking up the pace a bit.  I saw Joey join me, but I couldn’t even look up because I knew if I lost my groove, I might just throw up!


I love this shot because it looks like I’m passing Joey… haha like that day would ever come?!


I crossed the finish line and went for a long walk to cool down.IMG_1548

We stayed around for the results… Joey had finished 17th with a time of 22:37, and 5th in his age/gender group – Yay Joey!!!


I finished 107th in 31:04… a PR!!!


There were 140+, ish? runners and a bunch of walkers too.  Not bad for my first race of the year!  Now to improve that time for the next 5K…

Oh and I have to note what my family just HAD to share with me.  “Oh Meghan, next year you’ll be in the next age bracket”… because I’ll be turning 30 next fall… thanks for the reminder, guys.

The next 5K is this weekend, but it looks like it’ll rain and it’s the J.M.M.Y Run, which is ALLLL hills… ugh.  NOT looking forward to it!  Joey’s gonna run the 10K.  I’ll stick to the 5, for now 😉  Oh and check out my race schedule for the year… I’ve added another 5K in June!

❤ Meghan


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