Runs, Rain, & Routine

Happy Thursday!  It’s been a busy week…  and we’re falling into our new routine here in Vermont.

Saturday morning started off with a nice run…

Then we went grocery shopping – Avery and I with Aunt Sarah and Mimi.  Our friends, Nic and Mina (and their dog Ellie) came over for dinner.  Mina’s expecting and she’s looking radiant!  I took a fun ‘pregnancy’ picture of Nic and Mina, but I promised Nic I wouldn’t share it with the world ;)… or would I….

Joking!!! I keep my promises 😉

Sunday we went to the Maple Festival.  It was yucky out – rain, rain, and more rain!  Joey was running the Sap Run (8.5 miles!), so we ALL went to cheer him on.. Joey’s Mom and Sis were there, and our whole family too.. Avery had fun watching from the sidelines.

Yeah, yeah, I was supposed to run this relay with Sarah, but I didn’t have time the past month to train to run 5 miles, organizing the move took priority.  I’m only up to 3 – 3.5 miles right now… which is why I’m running in a 5K race with Joey this weekend – eek!  (more on that here) First race of the year!

Anyways, back to Joey’s race… we had fun watching the runners start coming in… we even made signs!
Then right around the 70 minute mark, we saw Joey coming in (He’s in red)
He did great, finishing in 1:12:21.  And I even made him smile when he saw my sign…
It was too rainy to stay at the festival, so we headed out, drove around looking at some houses for sale, then home for Avery’s nap.  While he napped, Mom and I organized the office and Avery’s stuff…

My new workstation… in the home office!


Then it was off to dinner at Uncle Tomato Eyes and Aunt Denise’s house.  We had some yummy pizza and Avery had fun playing with cars and blocks.

Monday, we started our weekday routine.  Avery was up at 6, watched some cartoons, and ate breakfast (with the kitty).

Then it was off to school at 7.  And back to my home office to work for the day.


I went for a run at lunch, worked some more, then it was time to pick Avery up.  His teachers said he had a great first day.  They were surprised at how well he did at school.


We went home, played in the garden and outside for an hour or so before dinner…


Avery loves his new wagon from Easter… he took it for a walk to pick up acorns pine cones (he calls them acorns because of the Ice Age elephant movie)


And he loves using his tools to fix things around the house….


Then it was time for Taco Night!  Everyone got quite a kick out of how Avery eats his tacos. Bath time in Mimi’s claw foot tub…IMG_1501

…and some Elephant Movie before bedtime.

Tuesday was a repeat of that, except we had to play inside because of the wet weather we’ve been having…


Wednesday is our night at Grandma and Grandpas – years ago when my Grandpa (Dad’s Dad) had a stroke, each of the kids (my Dad’s siblings) took a day of the week to visit with him, and my parents have stuck with this for the past 15+ years.  They visit, play cards or a board game, watch Survivor or Big Brother, and head home.  I am so excited to be a part of this again since we now live up here.  So, I picked Avery up from school on Wednesday, stopped to get a couple groceries, then we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner and playing.


Avery loves Grandma’s Ginea Pig (Pumba)… and Avery  was so wound up that I decided to take him for a walk in the rain outside because he was bouncing off the walls!  Then it was home for bed… and I was so tired that I fell asleep while putting Avery to bed and woke up an hour later.  Whoops!

Tonight Aunt Candy and Uncle Paul are coming over for dinner, and tomorrow afternoon Avery’s headed off to spend the weekend with his Dad and Grandma in Mass.

It’s been a busy week… but we’re falling into a nice routine.  I’m settling into working from home – it’s actually very productive since I don’t have coworkers around bothering me (joking! I love you guys!), and Avery is at daycare less time during the day – he’s at ‘school’ from 7-4:15, so when I pick him up, WE have a whopping FOUR HOURS every weeknight to spend with him.  It’s pretty awesome.

Loving life in VT…

❤ Meghan


2 thoughts on “Runs, Rain, & Routine

  1. Congrats on your move back to Vermont! I am so excited for both of you! This is such a great blog entry. You so deserve all this happiness and being surrounded by family and friends.

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