Easter Monday

Happy Easter from my little Easter Bunny!

2014-04-18 15.49.47

Fun Fact:  If you ask this Easter Bunny what sound it makes, it says ‘Ribbit, Ribbit’

It’s only fitting that since we now live so close to Canada that we celebrated Easter on Monday, when Canada does!  But really, we were busy moving Saturday, and unloading Sunday (Easter), so we celebrated Easter on Monday this year.  Avery didn’t know the difference – and when the Easter Bunny did come, Avery was thrilled (to say the least)…


The Easter Bunny brought Avery a wagon, a bucket, rake, hoe, shovel, bath crayons and colors, candy, play doh, Emily the train…


…stamps, Mater and Lighting McQueen… someone was a very spoiled boy this year!

2014-04-21 06.41.16

It wasn’t long before we were outside using all his new toys… raking the yard with Mimi, and using his wagon to bring brush to the burn pile…
2014-04-21 08.25.51

He was one tired kiddo at nap time…

2014-04-21 13.43.18

We’re missing Avery’s little Simon stuffed kitty… good thing we have the real thing around now because Avery falls right asleep when Simon sleeps with him!

While Avery was snoozing, Mimi and I whipped up Easter Dinner, and desert.  When he woke up, he did the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  Now, mind you, he was the only kid ‘hunting’ so he took his sweet time…

He’s gonna be in for a rude awakening next year when he’s running around with a bunch of kids and ends up with only 2 eggs in his basket because he took his time, haha.

He was soooo cute too!  He would crack each egg and dump the contents in the bucket – just like he does when we make cookies.

For Easter dinner, we had a big ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, gravy, salad, green bean salad (that I had two scoops of, Joey!)  the works!  It did take two tries to get everyone’s face in a picture though…

2014-04-21 16.59.26

Mom, look at the camera!  Dad, I can’t see you!…

2014-04-21 16.59.27

After they turn, Avery loses interest.  But Sarah’s still smiling!

After dinner we took the dogs for a walk and Avery tried out his new digger (from his Grandma last year)…

2014-04-21 18.50.15

Oh and check out Avery’s play set!  It’s since moved outside to the yard.

We also got to celebrate Easter with the Tuckers.


We had a yummy meal, and there were treats for everyone!


Avery enjoyed his cupcake…

Well, just the frosting…


And it was sooo nice outside.  Avery played with Jack, Sarah and Thomas’ new puppy.



And Avery had all Lorri’s daycare toys to himself… and he tried out every single one..



Happy Easter, everyone!!!

I’m finished working in MA for this week, headed home at noon.  I love my work, but have missed Avery soooo much these past few days.  I cant’ wait to see him this afternoon!!! We have a busy weekend ahead of us, so I’m sure I’ll have lots to share next week!  I start working from home (VT) on Monday, so wish me luck!!!

❤ Meghan


4 thoughts on “Easter Monday

  1. Avery has got to be the SWEETEST spoiled little boy on the planet. Ha. So much fun stuff and so much love and so many blessings from (and for) your entire family!

    I know you have a ton on your plate and this past year has been a challenge but you’ve handled it so gracefully.

    I’m so glad to hear your good news about work and the move and your new relationship.


    • Thanks so much, Deni. I am so so so sorry I haven’t popped by your blog lately – it’s been a crazy month. Once I get settled into a routine, I’ll catch up on your life… 🙂

  2. Okay, I don’t know how much I caught up on, but first, I love all the pictures. And I am so happy that you’re home. You’ll need me to message me your new address. I will have to consider running the VT Marathon again some day. Then Avery and Lili could hang out. 🙂 I am so happy you can now start paying all your loans out and save money for a home while living at your parents house and on top of that, that is AMAZING that your job is allowing you to work from HOME. That is AMAZING!!!!!!! It’s like everything fell into place. Everything happens for a reason. You and your new man are too cute together.

    So many exciting things are going on for you. It pays off being patient! Lots of well wishes to the new journey. XO

    • Thanks, Rachel! My boyfriend is running the half marathon in VT this fall. I don’t think I’ll be ready for it this year… but I’ll be cheering him on. Maybe we can do it next year…. or wait until Disney 2016 😉

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