We’re Here!

We’re here!  We have officially moved to Vermont!

It’s been a long time coming and the past couple weeks have been very busy and stressful.  This was the state of our apartment all last week…


Avery had so much fun helping me pack boxes.  He especially liked playing with items before I packed them away and he LOVED helping put the tape on.  He is pretty skilled with the packing tape dispenser!

The moving crew (Mom, Dad, Sarah, and Joey) arrived Friday night and we had to celebrate the big move… at the Red Sox game!  We took the train into the city… Avery loved it!  It was Joey’s first time on a train too!


We looked out the window, watched other trains pass by…


Avery moved around, swapping laps to sit in…

He even stood up while the train was moving by himself!

We took a group picture (minus Sarah behind the camera) before going into Fenway Park.


This was Avery’s second Red Sox game (Last year, Mimi and Grampy brought him to his first game). It was chilly, but we got there early so we could walk around.  After Avery saw the field, he wouldn’t stay down below to walk around, he wanted to go out to the field.  Sarah and Dad took him for a walk around the park and would call from a different location telling me to look up, and there they were…


We kept warm, watched the game, ate some yummy food, and had a great time.


Even the Yankee fan in the group had a good time…Capture6

Saturday morning we got the rental truck, packed up the apartment and loaded the truck in  3 1/2 hours.  When we were done, we stopped for lunch on our way home to celebrate some more!


Here’s our caravan, finally making it to Vermont Saturday evening…


We pulled in and relaxed for the night – The Tuckers came over to welcome us home.  Sunday we unpacked… kinda.  We’re still in a little limbo state… Avery will be taking Aunt Sarah’s room when she heads off to grad school in a couple weeks.  So until then, we’re slowly putting boxes away in the house.  The rest is in storage above the garage.

Since we were busy moving on Sunday, the Easter Bunny came on Monday.  More pictures and video to come of that!

We’re so happy to be home and had such a fun weekend, being with family.  I’m back in Mass this week, working to get everything settled for my work move.  I’ll be up in Vermont permanently on Friday.  I miss Avery already, but he’s spending the next few days with Mimi – I just got off Face Time with them and he had a great day, ate well, and was playing with new bath toys the Easter Bunny brought him.

❤ Meghan


6 thoughts on “We’re Here!

  1. Congrats on the move, Meghan! I know I haven’t commented in a while, but I’ve been keeping up! I just usually have to read on my phone during brief, free moments, so it’s hard to comment! 🙂 But you guys have had so many exciting things happening lately, and I’m so happy for you with your new relationship and big move HOME! YAY!! Avery will be so happy to be close to his grandparents full-time and it’s so great that you got to keep your job! Anyway, just wanted to drop in to say hello and congrats on everything! 🙂

    • Awe, thanks Adrianne! It’s been rough this past year, but everything is FINALLY falling into place. Avery is having so much fun with his grandparents by his side every day now. He’s even checked out his new school, and he loves it!

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