Recitals and Rain

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love being a Mom?  There are ups and downs, triumphs and difficulties… but overall, it’s all worth it.  Well, last Friday I got to participate in one of the best parenting activities… and it was my first one!  It’s one of those right of passages as a parent – Avery had a recital at school!

I got a note from daycare, notifying us of the recital, and telling us to dress our kids in black pants and a white shirt.  I was so excited!  Avery has Music and Chorus class every week, so they would be singing.  I had to make a trip with Avery to get black pants (he didn’t have any since I had to pack away most his size 2T pants because he’s grown out of them and I’ve been holding off on buying new ones because it will be shorts weather soon… well I hope, if spring every decides to stay around!  We had snow just the other day!), and after two stores, we finally found a pair.  He had a nice white dress shirt from Victoria for his Bday last fall.

The morning came of his big day, so I dressed him up…

He was so handsome and looked so grown up!  I dropped him off at school, and came back that afternoon.  The recital was setup in one of the Kindergarten classrooms – their tiny chairs were setup for the parents (the kind where only one adult butt cheek fits onto the seat), and each classroom was brought in one at a time…

This is the whole group sitting quietly while the older kids played piano:


5-6 older kids played a different song on the piano (they were so impressive!!) and then it was time for Avery’s class to sing…

Yes, Avery just stood there!  Not a peep out of him – and he kept looking behind him, haha. But as soon as we got in the car after the ‘show’, he was singing away!  The room packed full of parents with cameras was intimidating, I’m sure.  He did such a great job! (proud mommy here!)

Now, before I get busy moving this weekend, I wanted to share some pictures and video from this past weekend – We had a rainy day, but Avery and I took a walk to get donuts and splashed our way there…



We’re moving TOMORROW!  It may take us a while to settle in, so I’ll be back soon… from VERMONT!

❤ Meghan


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