Pre-Move Frenzy

Life gets pretty crazy when you decide to move!  The past week has been filled with squeezing in play dates with all our friends down here in Mass, making arrangements to move, and getting things squared away at work.

Play dates.  Although we do have a ton of friends and family in Vermont, we will be leaving some friends down here.  After being in Boston for 10 years, there are a few people I will miss 😦 So, I’ve made it a point the past two weeks to spend some time with everyone before we move.  My friend from college and the gym, Jarrod, popped by on a Saturday while his wifey was getting her hair did.  Avery was sleeping, so we got to chat for an hour. We spent a weeknight over at Phylis (she’s been my closest friend at work) and Joe’s house for dinner and played with them.

IMG_1339Phylis even scored some bruins tickets last weekend, so we went out together for a girls outing while the guys, Phylis’ husband and son, played with Avery.
On another weeknight, Pat came over and we watched Frozen with Avery.  We had popcorn and watched the movie in our pajamas!

We spent Saturday morning with Avery’s friend from his old daycare, Emmett, and we met Emmett’s new little brother, Finn.

IMG_1337They boys had fun eating lolli pops and playing at a sand table.


Sunday, we met up with my two girl friends from my Masters program, Jess and Victoria, at a mall play place.  Jess’s daughter and Avery had fun running around while us girls talked – for 3 hours!


Moving.  Tonight I start packing! Pat’s coming over to help.  Friday, my parents, sister, and Joey are coming to help move – not before we celebrate first – at the Red Sox Game! IMG_1327
Friday night we’ll all go to the game.  I’ve got a truck rented, so we’ll pack it up on Saturday, go out to dinner Saturday night, and then leave Sunday morning.  My Dad was amazing (as always) and cleared out room in his garage for all our storage stuff, so when we get to VT, we can unload and store it where we’ll be living and not have to pay for or deal with the hassle of getting a storage unit.  My apartment lease had to be broken – in Boston, there aren’t any month to month places, so I knew signing a year long lease last October would bite me in the butt, but the penalty I had to pay is going to be worth the move.  So excited… we’ll be moving in just 4 days!

Work. With the intentions of moving to VT, I had to get a job lined up there to support Avery and I.  I had a couple opportunities and one company that held a position for me.  However, when I gave my notice with my current employer, they came back an hour later asking if I would work from home from VT.  Of course I would!!!  As you have heard me talk before about how great my company is, this really shows it.  I didn’t want to leave, but I thought moving to VT meant cutting ties with them… apparently not!  I’ll be moving back into Coordination work (drawing plumbing systems in 3D on the computer) instead of Project Management, which means I’ll probably be working side by side with Phylis again!  She was my mentor for a year 🙂  So, my company is working out the details, and my parents have generously allowed me to use their home office while we stay with them, so just getting all that situated and I’ll be good to go!  I am so excited to still work for the same company, and also be making the salary and benefits I currently have – that just means I can pay off my student loans SO much faster – and save for a house for Avery and I sooner!

Avery and I will be living with my parents for a while, to save up money.  And it just so happens that my lil sister got into Grad School (yay, Sarah!!!) and she’ll be leaving in May, which means, we can make her room into Avery’s room!  Dad has the great idea to build bunk beds for Avery and I, so I can work in the office, but we can both sleep in Avery’s room – and my parent’s basement is already Avery’s play space – so he has space inside to play.  And yes, Avery will still be going to daycare full time.  He enjoys it and I think it’s good for him – plus, I can’t work with him running around!  I’ve got him enrolled in a daycare center just a few miles from my parents house.  He’s got a week vacation before he starts though – with Mimi! I have to be back in Mass next week after the move to smooth out the transition, so Avery will stay with Mimi for a few days in VT, since she’s on vacation from school.

Back to work for me… busily trying to get all my work transferred over to the new guy…

Do you work from home?  What should I expect?  Any tips/tricks for me to be as productive as possible, but also stay sane – not having coworkers around to talk with will be different!

❤ Meghan


4 thoughts on “Pre-Move Frenzy

    • Thanks, Megan! They are pretty awesome. They threw me and two other coworkers a party at a restaurant last night too – three of us are leaving. So instead of showing us the door – they threw us a party!

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