NUMB3RS: Big News

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts…

Last week I shared some pretty big news, followed by more big news. I knew I had the love and support of friends and family… but I wasn’t expecting this…


On the day I shared our news about moving to Vermont, this blog had 736 hits!  On a typical day, 20-100 people visit this blog.  So you can imagine how big my eyes got when I saw this when I logged into the blog the next day!

I always share a link to my blog posts on facebook, which also got some activity…


62 likes and 25 comments!!!  I wasn’t expecting such and outpouring of support… thank you everyone 🙂

And my other big news, I squeaked into the end of my last post… so nothing is true until it’s on Facebook, right?

53 likes… and when I first posted it… the picture that showed up was this one…



I’m in the green on the right and Joey is behind me.  That was taken Sophomore year in Highschool.  No, we didn’t go together.  We weren’t even friends in highschool, but we recently reconnected…10 years later!

How’s that for a bunch of numbers??!!!

Avery and I are busy busy getting ready for our big move this coming weekend… I have lots to post from this past week and weekend, hopefully I can keep up amongst all the packing….

❤ Meghan

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3 thoughts on “NUMB3RS: Big News

  1. Congrats on being able to move back to VT Meghan! And the new fb status. I read your VT in my email inbox and didn’t get a chance to come on to say congrats. So happy for you!

  2. Oh wow!! Very cool. I haven’t been on here in awhile either. How exciting! We’re going to New Hampshire in the beginning of June and my husband wants to look for work there. We’d be so close together! 🙂

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