Splish Splash Birthday Bash

It’s that time of year… mid-March thru mid-June are four months full of my Dad’s Birthday, Mom’s Birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and my parent’s anniversary.  To avoid lame cheap gifts for each event (cuz let’s face it, my sis and I aren’t loaded and can’t afford fancy gifts for all these events in such a short time frame), my sis and I have collaborated every year to get them a really nice gift, for all those ‘holidays’ mushed together (yes, mushed is a word in my vocabulary).

We’ve got them trips to B&Bs and even a white water rafting trip when they drove cross country.  We print out the info and make a little binder or booklet for them and give it to them around Dad’s birthday – the start of the festive months.  This year… it was more of a family affair… that turned into a double family affair.

This year, we bought tickets for all of us (Mimi, Grampy, Aunt Sarah, Avery and I) to Jay Peak’s indoor Waterpark!10012624_10152325882799722_1461808225_n

There’s water slides, a lazy river, a surfing thing, water basketball, a kids area, arcade and food.  What better way to yet another cold winter day, than inside at a waterpark!!!

And what made it even more fun… our friends, the Tuckers, joined us for the day!


The Tuckers are good friends from the town I’m from in Vermont.  I went to school with Joey, and my sis went to school with his sister, Sarah (insert giggle – both Sarahs!).

When Avery saw the water park, his eyes lit up and he started pointing and talking about what he saw.  We were all so excited!  We got suited up and headed into the lazy river first…

Here he is taking a dip… for such a big place, he didn’t seem intimidated at all…


I knew Avery would love the water because he loves bathtime and loved his pool last summer… but man did he really love that lazy river…


We took turns going around with Avery because he didn’t want to get out!


He would laugh and giggle when we were all bumping into each other, or going under the water.  He had a ball!


The park was very busy, and we were lucky to have a home base table to watch from.

Now, we can’t forget this whole trip was for my parents… did they have fun?


I think so!  The ‘big kids’ played on the water slides most of the day. We did some lazy river riding and basketball, and there was even a rock wall in the water…


That’s Sarah and Thomas 🙂


There’s Joey Avery and I after some hoops and attempting the rock wall.  Avery kept trying to pull the things you hold onto off and saying ‘stuck!’


See the different colored tubes in the background… well I’m petrified of heights.  It was difficult for me just to walk up the stairs to go down the slides.  But the red one… it’s one you stand vertical in, and the floor drops out from under you and you go thru a loop!  I wouldn’t dare go on it! Everyone else did, and thruout the day, Richard kept bugging me to ride it and offering me money… until it was the end of the day and he offered like $100 or something and I said nope, I’ll do it for free… and I did it!

I think my favorite part of the day was when EVERYONE in our group was on the lazy river together (well, except Lorri who took pics of us!)



Avery had such a fun time watching us bounce into each other and fall over or go under water…


We took Avery to the kids area a couple times, but he wasn’t too thrilled.


His favorite part of the kids area was these water spouts:

Sarah and I bought lunch for our family… we had hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, salad, the works!  And a special day in the water isn’t complete without a pop…


That pop must have been a foot long!


I couldn’t help but take a bunch of pictures of Avery eating it…


Oh, and since we made it ‘facebook offical’ this week (because nothing is true until it’s on facebook, right?), this is my boyfriend 😉


That’s how the two-family event kinda got pulled together… I’ll share more later 😉

We were all exhausted after a long day of fun in the water… but we still had an hour drive back to my parents house… and 5 of us cramped in my car, well, it was entertaining for sure…

❤ Meghan


5 thoughts on “Splish Splash Birthday Bash

    • haha, thanks! All the stress of moving and all the work that comes with it has taken all my free time (aka, no time to run) BUT after we move, I’ll have plenty of time to run and family to watch my little monster while I sneak out for a run!

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