Two and a Half

It’s amazing… motherhood.  Every day, Avery brings a smile to my face, even after he throws a tantrum in the middle of the CVS parking lot… I can’t help but smile (after I take a deep breath and carry him back to the car kicking and screaming of coarse).  All the ups and downs that come with motherhood and raising a growing boy… it’s seriously amazing.  I am thankful every day I have this little bundle of energy running circles around me.  All the tantrums and well-deserved time outs are always outnumbered by the giggles, hugs, kisses, and fun times we share together.
I can’t believe Avery is 2 1/2.  He’s almost in Preschool!  The past couple months, Avery has grown into a boy… I look at him and see a kid, not a baby, and not a toddler.  A boy.  He’s so smart, talking in multiple sentences, repeating everything, and oh man his personality has really come out.  He’s stubborn and determined.  He has a temper and a kind heart.  He has energy for days.  He loves the water, hates the sun, and would rather be outside in the snow or dirt than anywhere.

Avery’s favorite activities on a daily basis are playing with his trains, legos, matchbox cars, and he’s really been into puzzles lately.  He loves going outside and just playing in the dirt, or driving his lawn mower around.  He loves to paint and color with chalk and markers.  Avery loves bath time and his favorite shows are Thomas the Train and Tayo the Bus.
Avery speaks in full sentences.  Sometimes it takes a while for him to spit it out, but if you are patient and help him find the words he is looking for, he says things like, “Mommy, I no like dat one. I want red one. Dat one is too big”  And he says the funniest things.  While walking up the stairs in our apartment building, he stops, mid stair and flops,

m: “Avery what’s wrong?”

a: “Mommy, there’s too much traffic. I’s stuck”

Avery can count to 15.

a: one, two, three, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen, fifteen

Avery knows all his colors.  He’s working on the difficult ones like grey and gold.  He’s got all his shapes down.  Just last month he pointed to a shape, maybe a trapezoid or something odd and says ‘hexagon!’

Avery’s growing!!! He’s outgrown his size 2T pants, and his pajamas (size 3T) are getting small.  He’s over 3 feet tall, and eats and sleeps like he’s always going thru a growth spurt!  He sleeps 10-11 hours a night and takes a 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hour nap a day.  He eats full meals and loves snacks like clementines, pretzels, veggie straws, and fruit gummies.  He’s still a big meat eater and loves rices and pasta.  Veggies.. we’re still working on those.  Both of us.  His favorite treat is dum dum loli pops.
Avery is a toddler, and with that, he knows what he wants and can communicate it.  If it’s time to switch activities and he doesn’t want to, he will protest.  We’ve had struggles getting into or out of the car, going inside when it’s lunch time, or even just walking up stairs.  I’m pretty good at judging his mood and working around the issue without bribing or giving in.  I talk to Avery, give him options, count to three, explain the consequeces, and most of the time, he finally obliges.  Other times, he has a time out or throws a fit and I’ve had to carry him out of a situation.  Overall, he’s a pretty good listener.  But oh man, the energy.  Avery has so much energy.  Imagine trying to get a wild monkey from the jungle to put a coat on… that’s most mornings in our house… or getting Avery to brush is teeth is like taming a Kangaroo!  And its so hard to keep a stern and straight face, especially when he’s looking at his reflection in the tiles on the bathroom wall and says ‘Oh no, Monster Mommy, scary!’ and leaps in to my arms… and then demands I do the same.  Or when he wants ME to sit in HIS lap to read books at bed time.  Quite the character!
Yes, some days are more difficult than others, and exhaust me (and him!), but for the most part, we’re having fun, getting what we need done, and just enjoying life together.  Just last weekend we went to a waterpark!  I’ll share pictures soon!

Happy 2 1/2 little man, xoxo!  and TGIF… off to a fun filled weekend at home with my little man… on the agenda… a play date, some laundry, grocery shopping, and hopefully LOTS of fun outside!

❤ Meghan

P.S. I finally uploaded pictures of our apartment on this page!



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