Gearing Up

Ok already with this longest winter ever.  It’s almost April and it barely goes above freezing every day AND we’re supposed to get another 1-2 inches of snow tonight.  Avery and I are itching to get outside… and we have a few times, but only for brief stints because warm = 40 degrees.  We spent this past weekend inside playing lots of games, but we did play at the playground for a bit on Thursday and Sunday.
I did get a nice 2 mile run outside on Friday – but we’re back to cold days this week, and runs inside.  I’m really getting sick of running in place.  At least one of the treadmills at the gym has a virtual track, so as I watch the curser go around the track, I feel like I’m actually going somewhere.

Oh and I totally killed it yesterday – ran a mile in 9:04, PR by 15 seconds.  Woo hoo!  I gotta work on getting in some long runs too though.  I’m one month away from my first race of the season and it’s 3.5 miles, or 5, depending on which leg of the relay I want to run.  My sis is going to run the other.  I have to get into training mode and start doing a long run every week.  They are just so hard to do inside… 30 minutes on a treadmill is NOT fun.

On a brighter note, guess who splurged on running gear?  This lady!  With my raise from work, of course I put most of it towards student loans, but I kept aside a little bit for a shopping spree…


A new pair of running shoes and water bottle!

I seriously have been using those clear plastic water bottles for forever – it was about time to get a real one.  And my current running shoes are about at half life, so time to break in a new pair.  I had been browsing for a few weeks, and found this steal – $40 for this pair.  And they had it in four colors – of course I picked the pink pair!  I was lucky to find them in my size.  Having tiny feet is cute, until you have to buy shoes, haha.

I know, not much for a fitness recap – but work and life have been crazy.  I am lucky to hit the gym for 20 minutes a day.  But going for a short time is still better than not going at all.  And I’m doing OK sticking to my New Year Resolutions – I’m staying around 120 and still get in 2-3 runs a week.  Oh and I’ve made some unofficial plans to run a Disney race or two in 2016 with Rachel – I should start training for that now – she wants to do the Dopey Challenge – 5k, 10k, half, and full marathon – in four days.  Eek!  But hey, it would be a good excuse to take Avery to Disney!

Happy running!

❤ Meghan


4 thoughts on “Gearing Up

  1. ❤ buying new running anything. I wish I had money to splurge. I see so many cute workout gear. Wahhh. On top of that, RACES too. Okay, so I was supposed to do the hat trick out in Boston this June (it fell on my birthday weekend), but I didn't have the money to put out. So let's do it next year? I think it'll actually be on my birthday!!! And I'll be 35!!!! Wait, I'm not supposed to sound excited about that, right? LOL You can pick a race. There's the 5k and 10k on one day and half marathon Sunday. I want to do all three. You get three medals. Interested?

    And yay, can't wait to meet you in person. Maybe it'll be sooner than 2016.

    • Yes, interested! June 2015. I’m game! Just send me the race info when you have it and we can sign up. Lucky for us, the earlier we sign up, the cheaper it is!!! Oh and if it’s your birthday we are sooo celebrating! 35 is a great number! You sure you’re not turning 25? 😉

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