Avery Overload

Ok, what better way to get out of a slump, than overload on photos and videos of Avery?  Here goes…

Oh, and my phone has been bursting at the seams with old videos and photos of Avery that I don’t want to part with, so this is a great way to clean that out too, Yay!

Pizza Putt

Back in December, we (MiMi, Grampy, Aunt Sarah, Avery and I) met up with our friend Mina (who’s expecting and has an adorable baby bump!) at Pizza Putt (for those of you who don’t know what this place is, it has a restaurant, mini golf, arcade, play place, laser tag, batting cages, etc.).  We had lunch and then played in the arcade and kids play place.

Avery really tried hard to play skee-ball (my favorite arcade game!)

I’ve seen some arcades with a shorter skee-ball ramp for little kids, that would have been better suited for Mister Avery.  Oh well, valient effort – onto the next game: air hockey!

After a minute, we realized Avery LIKED the puck going into the goal – he didn’t quite get the concept, but he sure had fun!  Next, it was off to the play place!  Avery jumped right into the ball pit and was all giggles and laughs.  I missed his dive in, but I caught his laughs…

Then it was up and down and inside and out through the maze of the play place.  Avery especially liked going down this slide…

We ended the visit with a little bowling.

Avery needed a little help, so Mimi stepped in…

We had such a fun time and Mister Avery got a toy with his tickets from the arcade games and he passed out in the car on the way home.


Avery LOVES his train set and the table Grampy made for him.  His collection of trains and track pieces have been slowly growing.  Sometimes we build a track on the carpet, or do laps around the table.  Either way, it’s fun and we always build a new design track.


Lately, Avery has been pretending more and by that, I mean, he has been having the trains talk to one another.  If there is a crash, he asks for help from another train, or he tells me they are sleepy and he puts them in the house (the big green shed).


And he’s getting really good at putting the train track pieces together himself, instead of Mommy doing all the work.

He usually takes a train to bed with him too.  It was James (the red train) for a while, but as of late, it could be Percy or Thomas too.  He likes to drive them over the lumps in his bed quilt and drive them off the edge of the bed, crashing on the floor.

Avery knows all the trains by name, and certain train pull certain other trains, so he will correct you if you connect the wrong trains!


We have fun chasing each other around the table on weekend mornings in our pajamas.  Avery tells me to slow down, or go fast.  He tells me which bridge to take – so demanding!


Sometimes Avery puts cars and trucks on the tracks too.  He’s such a boy – into anything that has wheels!

We’ve got so many pieces now that it’s hard to use all of them and fit them all on Avery’s big carpet!

Toys & Games

Our favorite past-time is playing games and toys together at home.  It’s been a long cold winter, so we know how to keep busy indoors. Legos are one of our favorites!


We build towers or a house for John (the little man that drives the John Deere tractor).  Avery especially likes when we build stairs for John.

I have no idea what these things are called.  They were a hand-me-down set that Avery loves!

Both games are great for practicing colors and I tend to quiz Avery while we’re playing.  He’s got his colors down.  He just sometimes gets black and brown mixed up.

Stickers in the toybox.  I don’t know what ever started this, but Avery loves getting inside his toybox and putting stickers on the inside.  Then when it gets full, he loves taking them all down and starting over again.

Avery’s favorite stickers are tractors, cats, and dogs.  We had a fun Valentines set, but those were gone in one sitting!  Oh and Avery has this thing where he has to put the stickers on top of another sticker.  So there are layers and layers of them.

Blocks – these never get boring.  We build towers, practice numbers, letters, colors, oh and push them around with bulldozers of coarse.

Mimi and Grampy have a set at their house too.


They also have jenga blocks that work well as dominos too…

We have this fun color peg game that you can change the background to a different animal and Avery has to match the color peg with the color background.

He did pretty good that time, minus that green one! haha.  He loves to do something that he knows is wrong, look at me, and say ‘no!’ and then correct himself.  He did that with the green peg.  Silly kid!

Avery has really been into puzzles lately.  He’s getting much better at fitting the pieces together himself.

Oh and he can spend 20 minutes putting magnets on the fridge while I cook dinner.

Avery can recognize many numbers and some letters.  He’s a smart cookie!  Oh and a silly one…


We have this art kit with puffy balls, eye balls, and pipe cleaners for art projects, but Avery just likes to sort them in piles, or make fun objects out of them!

Ok, that overload of photos and videos definitely cheered me up.  I bet it brightened your day too 🙂  Off to finish work, hit the gym, go to class, pick Avery up from school, and play with him!  Busy, busy…

❤ Meghan

How do you keep your kiddos occupied when we’re all cooped up inside for the winter?  My cousin had a great idea of turning a mattress into a slide for her 1 year old – looked like so much fun!


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