Juggle and Balance

Yes, I didn’t post once last week.  It bums me out that I haven’t carved out time recently to blog, but other things take precedence – like my sanity.  I’ve honestly had very little free time and what time I do have, I hit the gym (lately it’s a quick 15 minute workout squeezed in) or I zone out to some Netflix before bed.

Work has been very stressful.  I’m drowning in tons of work, training a new coworker, and I’ve been given more responsibility.  I shouldn’t complain though.  I’m thankful I have a job, and work with wonderful people – and I got a raise, which shows my hard work is paying off.  But I walk into the office just before 8 and next thing I know, it’s noon.  Then it’s almost 4pm… where does the time go???  I get lots accomplished, but for every 1 item I send out the door completed, 3 more come in that are added to my to-do list!

I am also thankful that my job is hourly, so work stays at work.  When I am home, it’s all about Avery.  At least that aspect of my life brings joy and smiles on stressful days.  Avery’s been energetic as ever, and eating and growing!  (I’m ready to put away a bunch of size 2 clothes because he’s outgrown them)  I do admit that I peak at emails and respond to a few before bed (after Avery’s asleep), because I’m stressed about how full my mail box will be the next morning.  But I still have a nice hour after Avery is asleep and before I fall asleep where I can do a quick cleanup of dishes, pack lunches, etc. and sit down and watch a show or read a book to relax before doing it all over again the next day.

So, since work has been busy and stressful and I’ve had a few meetings to fit in with my lawyer, I’ve had less time to squeeze in the gym.  And honestly, some days I’m just so worn out, I really have NO motivation to run.  I will go to the gym and do some kind of workout, but my running motivation is at an all time low.  And this is really not good because I’m 6 weeks away from the first race of the year.  Plus being busy means I’ve really slacked on making myself healthy meals… Ugh gotta work on that.

Add in the stress from being in the middle of a divorce (and seeing the bills that creates!), being 250 miles from my family, and yeah, I’d say it’s been a rough couple weeks.  I’m trying to keep the balance.  Home and Work and Self.  Juggling everything isn’t too difficult when I’m in a chipper mood, energized, and motivated.  But I feel the toll all this stress is putting on me, which leaves me little time to revitalize and get into the positive mood I’m usually in that helps me get through tough times.

On an upbeat note – we just spent a fun weekend in Vermont.  I caught up on sleep and relaxed and we spent some quality time with my family. We went sledding, built snow forts and had a snowball fight – boys vs girls and the boys won!  Avery was so cute stealing our snowballs and bringing them to Grampy.  We curled up and watched movies and ate some yummy food – and had an especially nice dinner at Aunt Candy & Uncle Paul’s for my Dad’s birthday.


Oh and speaking of yummy food… Avery made cookies with Mimi!


(The yelling face Avery is making is because it was time to put the chocolate chips in the cookie dough, and he said ‘no!’ and continued to eat them!)

Back to work for me today and school for Avery.  I have financial updates to do (I paid off another loan!) and a zillion random videos and pictures of playing with Avery that I have to post soon (like ones of us playing with blocks like dominos!). Let’s hope this week is less stressful and I find my happy place again…

❤ Meghan



4 thoughts on “Juggle and Balance

  1. It sounds like you have so much on your plate right now! It will get better. ..just need to get over this hump. Congrats on another paid loan!
    Avery is getting so big already! Caleb is a little squirt and can still fit in most of his 12 to 18 mo clothes. Oh well … saves money on new clothes but I am sick of seeing the same clothes on him for over 1.5 years aleady.

    • haha, you’re so cute. How much does Caleb weigh? Avery has been hovering at or just under 19lbs for 6 months now. He’s just getting taller and taller, so clothes are getting too small because of that. And yes, I do have lots on my plate. I appreciate you stopping by and giving encouragement 🙂 I’ll get through it, just a rough patch

  2. Oh, I feel all of these feels! Sometimes being a working mom just takes it right out of you. I hope you get the opportunity to take some time off work at some point and just recharge your batteries. Hang in there!

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