Time Flies

Whew.  I’m taking a breather at work to say a quick hello.  It’s been a busy couple weeks!  Time flies when you’re having fun – and you’re busy!!! I’m lucky if I even get time to post pictures on Instagram, so posting on the blog has been near impossible.

So, a quick recap.  We spent the past two weekends in Vermont.  After the first weekend, Mimi came back with us (she was on vacation from school) and stole Avery away from daycare for two days.  They played and had a grand time.  We went out one night and MiMi got Avery new shoes!


There were Thomas the Train and Cars shoes to chose from and Avery chose the light up Cars ones and he loves them!

I even got some fun nights with Mimi, after Avery was in bed, we watched a movie one night and played scrabble another.  Thanks for coming, Mom!!! XOXO

Mimi went home on Wednesday and Avery and I returned to our normal schedule of school and work… and weekly taco night!Capture2

This past weekend in VT was a last minute decision – I needed to get some work done over the weekend, and planned it on Saturday, but Avery’s Grandma had to cancel her and Avery’s Dad’s visiting time, so we went to VT.  I spent all of Saturday morning working while Avery played with Grampy.  I peaked in on them… they were watching cartoons, playing with cars, and even planting seeds!

I caught my high school boys basketball team’s playoff game.  They lost, but it was so exciting!  I forgot how much energy and spirit there is in small town sports events.  I look forward to Avery being out on the court (or field) when he starts playing sports!

We had a fun Saturday evening dinner and Kinect games with the Tucker family (Hi Guys!).  Anyone sore after all that bowling?  Avery LOVED the bowling – we would hold him and guide him throwing the ball and he would cheer and clap for the strikes.  So much fun and laughter!

On Sunday, I worked an hour more and studied a bit for my Plumbing Class exam coming up on Tuesday.  Instead of going home at Avery’s nap time, we stayed all day.  We played toys, did art projects, Avery got a haircut, and just hung out with the family all day.  We got in late Sunday night and since then, we’ve had a very busy week.  I’ve been training a new person at work, aced my plumbing exam, hit the gym every day this week, and had a movie night with Pat last night after Avery was in bed.  Busy Busy!

Avery and I are over our colds and he’s his usual energetic, talkative, curious self.  I swear he’s been growing a lot lately too though – I look at him and think, man, he’s getting taller!  He turns 2 1/2 at the end of this month, so I’ll make a fun lengthy post about him and what he’s been up to and all his number stats.

I’ll be back next week….

❤ Meghan


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