No Rest for the Sick

Confession.  I haven’t been to the gym in over a week.  Avery and I got hit with this yucky head, throat, congestion cold two weekends ago.  Avery was up coughing in his sleep a couple days, but quickly got over is and has a mild runny nose that’s getting  better every day.  Me, it hit me even harder.  The congestion is the hardest part.  I feel like someone is squeezing my head all day long and all I want to do is sleep.  It’s gotten better the past few days, but it’s still lingering.  In hopes of getting over the cold faster and allowing my body to rest, I resisted from going to the gym.  Working out makes me feel good, so on top of this yucky cold, I feel pretty crummy having not run or worked out in a while.

So, although under the weather, we’ve been chugging along.  We went to VT over the weekend and had a fun filled Saturday.  First we made a morning stop Avery’s Great Grandparent’s (My Dad’s parents) and visited with them for a while.

Avery had fun chasing cars and playing with the ginea pig, oh and eating Grandpa’s candy!

Next, MiMi, Grampy, & I took Avery to Echo, Vermont’s Aquarium & Science Center. We used some 1/2 off admission tickets to get in and Avery was free.


Avery had fun playing at water tables, scoping out fish and turtles, and they had a fun Alice in Wonderland exhibit with lots of interactive games – one that involved Grampy squeezing thru a tunnel so Avery would go thru it.  He was scare to, until Grampy did it, then he was laughing the whole time thinking it was so much fun and even did it by himself after that!

After his nap, Avery went sledding with Mimi and Grampy.  I took him on his first sledding ride a few weeks ago, but this time in the backyard I grew up in… he took his first sledding ride ALONE!

Isn’t he the funniest squealing on the ride down?!?!  And Frasier was in his way, haha.  Typical silly dog.

I love how he turns and marches back up the hill, other times carrying his own sled behind him!  (side note – he went to bed well Sat and Sun night and slept the whole night thru – definitely because of all the outdoor activity both days!  I bet when it warms up and I can take Avery outside more to burn off energy and get fresh air, he will begin sleeping well again!)

Saturday night was movie night!


We watched Cars (Avery LOVES Mater) and ate Dad’s homemade baked chicken wings, fries, and veggies.  For desert I made a platter of fresh fruit with dip.  Yum!

I even got in some good reading… started this book suggested by my cousin over at TwoTs.
IMG_0845I haven’t got to the sleep chapter yet, but I hope it has some good pointers I can add to my parenting tool belt.  I really relished the few minutes I had in the recliner this weekend reading while Avery played with MiMi and Grampy – although it did many times get interrupted because Avery wanted to cuddle with me and play his new game of ‘Save me!’ which he likes to yell out after he’s put himself in a awkward position like hanging off the side of the recliner or upside down stuck in the big bean bag and can’t get out.  Silly kid!!!

We’re back home from VT and guess who came back with us??? MiMi!


MiMi is on school vacation this week, so she is visiting with us for a few days!  Avery and Mimi had a blast playing last night while I did some cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  Then after Avery went down well, Mom and I watched 1/2 a movie together cuddled up on the couch – and we were even in bed to fall asleep at 9:30PM.  We’ll finish the rest of it tonight or tomorrow night.

Busy at work today while MiMi and Avery are playing at home… I’m headed out soon to join them for some fun!!!

❤ Meghan


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