At the end of next month, Avery will be Two and a Half.  It’s been a while since I did an update on my little guy…

Let’s run the numbers!  Avery is officially 3 feet tall! I don’t know his exact height, but he stood up against his giant ruler Grampy made him and he’s at the 3 foot mark.  When he turns 2 1/2, I’ll get the sharpie out and mark it!  I shouldn’t be excited about his height… he’s going to pass me in height before his age gets into double digits!

Avery weighs 29lbs.  He’s still a lean little bugger.  He’s been hovering around the same weight for months.  He eats and drinks well, he just burns off everything he eats!

Around Christmas, Avery outgrew the size 2 footie pajamas he got for his birthday in September, so MiMi got him some new size 3s… well, those are already fitting him pretty close.  I’ll have to get him size 4 pajamas for the spring!  His shirts are size 2T & 3T, and his size 2T pants are getting small on him, but the 3T pants waist is too big for him – gotta get some more stretchy waist ones in 3T because I’ll be packing away the 2T ones soon!

Num Nums.  Avery is still a picky eater.  I bet that won’t change for a while.  Avery loves meats, dairy, carbs, and fruits.  His favorite foods are tacos, hot dogs, french fries, cheese, clementines, cookies & lolli pops, rice, pasta, yogurt, and pretzels.  Avery still drinks tons a day.  He will down 8oz of milk (or more) every morning when he wakes up, and then two more at school, and a small glass of milk at dinner.  He has water throughout the day, and loves juice on the weekends.
He is the most particular and entertaining eater.  He makes chomping and growing noises when eating off a spoon or fork.  And he only eats one food at a time.  He will eat all of one item before moving onto the next.  Oh, and food can never mix or touch each other, or he won’t eat it. Thank goodness for kiddie plates with 2 and 3 compartments!  Oh and he is such a messy eater!  When we have rice, I let him feed himself with a spoon and at the end of the meal, the floor and his chair are covered in rice, haha.
Sleep.  Oh sleep… where do I start?  Sleep has always been a struggle since Avery was born, so it’s no surprise to me that we’re going thru a difficult sleep stage.  When we moved into our new apartment, Avery went right to sleep, and slept 10 hour nights.  It was like the for a month and a half.  I was expecting his adjustment to a new home to affect his sleep, but it didn’t.  And his daycare reports that he is such a good sleeper at nap time – sleeping 2 hours and he’s always the first to fall asleep, they tell me.

But the past couple months have been a struggle at bed time.  First, Avery would get up out of bed after I put him down, two or three times, and that was it.  No biggie.  But as of the past two months, it’s been a 45-60 minute battle to get him to sleep.

Since Avery was born, he’s always fought sleep.  He just doesn’t ever want to miss anything!  Back when he turned 1, I finally got the hang of it and he slept thru the night.  I used the ‘cry it out’ method and a suggestion from his pediatrician to stop rocking him, and it worked.  Then when I transformed his crib into a toddler bed, that was a battle keeping him in the bed.  I would sit outside his bedroom door for an hour every night and put him back in bed every time he woke up.


Well, now Avery gets up as soon as I put him down, and some nights I have to put him back in bed 30 times.  Seriously.  I’ve asked my Mom for tips and I’ve tried a couple different things, but nothing seems to make him get to sleep faster.  We do the same bedtime routine every night: dinner, bath, pjs & brush teeth, read books, bed.  But when I leave him, he gets out of bed and comes after me.  I take his hand and lead him back to bed, tuck him back in, and he gets up again.  Repeat. Over and over.

I recently tried what my Mom suggested for a week; I lay with him for a bit, then leave but tell him I’m going to the bath room or something and come back in 30 seconds and praise him for staying in bed.  This doesn’t really work because he won’t even stay in bed 30 seconds most times.  And laying with him just makes him cry and whine for me to always lay with him and he wouldn’t fall asleep unless I was in there with him.

Any suggestions?!

Talk Talk Talk.  Avery is a chatterbox.  He will rattle off 20 words in a row sometimes. And oh man is he the worst back seat driver, ever.  “Mommy, go fast! Red light, stop! Mommy stop! Stop!!! Green go, Mommy.  Fast, Mommy, fast over bridge.”  Oh and as of this week, it’s started… the ‘Why’ stage.  The toilet paper roll was empty and Avery said ‘All gone, Mommy.  Why?’ and when I answered, he asks, ‘Why?’ He’s asked a couple other times this week and I can usually redirect him or distract him before he asks more than twice, but oh dear, this will be fun!IMG_0672

Avery’s favorite phrase right now is ‘Nice n’Cozy.’ I must have said it when I was dressing him or something and it just stuck with him.  We get in the car and Avery nods his head in approval, ‘Nice n cozy, Mommy. Mittens off.’  Or when he gets into the bathtub the other night, he told me it was nice and cozy.  Too cute.  He also likes saying ‘No Problem, Mommy.’

The Potty.  Not much to report on the potty training front.  He sits on it every night before bath and has only gone in it twice. He went once at MiMi and Grampy’s too, but no interest in it really.  He can be quite a riot too and I have to keep from laughing.  Like last night in the bathtub, we were facetiming with my parents and he made a face like he was going to the bathroom.  He said ‘No Pee in tub. Pee in potty.’ Then he made a squished face and shook like he was ‘pushing’ and he says ‘Hard poop Mommy.’ How can I be serious about potty training when he makes me laugh like that?!!


Avery do it.  Avery is at the stage where he wants to do everything himself.  Yet, he still tells for me to come play with him if I pop into the kitchen to check dinner.  He loves cutting with his scissors himself, and is soooo particular about things lately.  If I don’t hold a train how he wants me to when I’m pushing it around the tracks, he corrects me.  Oh and his temper – if something is stuck or not doing what he wants it to, instantly, he will flip out. Flail back, cry/scream, or throw an object.  We’re working on his patience….

Anything with wheels.  Avery is a boy.  He still loves anything with wheels – cars and buses that wind up, construction trucks that pick up and push blocks, and trains.  His favorite shows to watch are Tayo the Bus, Cars (especially Mater), and Wheels on the bus.  He loves to make his trains crash, and will play matchbox cars for hours!  We’ve sat on the floor in his room and passed cars back and forth for a good while before.. such simple fun!


Colors & Numbers. Avery can count to ten!  He usually misses the number 4, but he’s gone up to ten a couple times with all the numbers.  We use every opportunity to practice counting, like climbing stairs and counting, or counting cars in a book or the number of hot dog slices are on his plate.  Same goes for colors.  I am always quizzing Avery.  His favorite color is still blue – He demands to have a blue pop when he gets a treat. He gets brown and black mixed up, but he has all the basic colors down.


Lovin’.  Avery is very affectionate.  He loves gives kisses and hugs and high fives.  He is so polite too… usually says please and thank you and lately if I ask anything and his answer is no, he says ‘No thank you, Mommy’.  I can’t help but smile.  He even says ‘I love you’ to me and my parents when we says goodbye.

Terrible Twos.  Mixed in with all this warm and fuzzy good stuff is the reality that Avery is two.  He does have his moments.  He throws fits and doesn’t listen.  But the fits are always short-lived and with each situation that we’re in, I learn from it and that way the next time I have more tools in my tool box to pull out when needed.  The hardest situations are when he won’t get into his car seat.  He’s stronger than me and I have to distract him and wait out the storm by calmly talking to him before he settles down and listens.  If he doesn’t listen at home, like brush his teeth when asked, I tell him I’ll take something away, like no books before bed.  He quickly says ‘I listen, Mommy’ and gets to brushing his teeth.

For a glimpse into a typical tantrum… look at this.

After that, I went into the bathroom.  He came in 10 seconds later.  a minute after that, this is how he was:

Silly kid!!!  Love him 🙂

I’m playing a bit of catch up, as always.  We had another trip to VT, another snow day (our 4th) and we went sledding for the first time this weekend… we’ll share soon!

❤ Meghan


13 thoughts on “ALMOST HALFWAY

  1. Have you read ‘1.2.3 the toddler years’? I have heard some really great things about it and finally bought it on Amazon today. It may have helpful suggestions about the sleep thing, I don’t know yet but will let you know how I like it! Maybe your local library will have it? Also I hate giving advice to something I have no personal experience with (yet!) but it seems like Avery didn’t like the surprise of just leaving his trains to take a bath, have you tried telling him like 5 min before that next time you come in its bath time and he is going to go take a bath? That way he has time to think about the transition ahead of time? (you probably did that though, just not on camera) I have just heard that can help sometimes. I try with Wes, just letting him know whats up next, even if he doesn’t quite understand yet. And I totally see Wes in his little tantrum, that whine cry is pretty popular in this house too, esp because we are in the process of dropping a nap so hes a little tired/cranky! Good thing they move on to fun happy times so fast!

    Also he is so darn cute!

    • It’s so funny you say that, Tessa. Because we spent yesterday with my friend and I gave Avery a 5 minute warning for something, and then a 2 and a 1 and explained to my friend (who doesn’t have kids) that if I give warnings and let Avery know we are switching activities ahead of time, it REALLY HELPS! I’ll have to look for that book… headed to Amazon now…

      • oh yes, so good to know it works! I will make sure to do it more too. I think those lil brains are just a little slower to process transitions than we are, sometimes more time/warning helps so much!

      • exactly! I like to prep an activity while Avery is finishing up another, that way, he sees it (like play doh setup on the table) and it motivates him to clean up to play the next thing.

  2. It’s crazy how the months just keep on rolling by. Lili turned 2.5 in December and I’m just amazed that she’s just a big girl now. BTW, Lili had sleep issues too, and sometimes she still does. Took forever for her to sleep through the night. Last night, she woke up at 3:45 crying that she had to pee. So I got her to the bathroom. Then again at 6:30 she was screaming crying looking for me, “MOMMMMMMMMY”. I was in her room feeding the baby — LOL. But at least that didn’t last long.

    Anyway, Avery and Lili are very similar. Lili is EXTREMELY a picky eater. Ugh. Drives me crazy. Hopefully it’s just a stage though. And I am hoping that Sebastian will eat better than her.

  3. I loved this post! I’ve been meaning to post for ages about sleep struggles, but haven’t found the time. I wish I had some suggestions for you, but I don’t! Just know you aren’t alone!! 🙂

    And aren’t the “I Love You’s” the best?! Annabel will squeeze my neck and tell me totally unprompted, “I love you sooo much, Mommy!” Kills me every time!

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