Another New England snow storm hit the Boston area last week.  It started coming in Tuesday night, so my class was cut short and by 9pm that night, Avery’s school was cancelled for Wednesday.

A little snow doesn’t worry me, especially since we have such a short commute now.  Plus, being from Vermont, unless it’s a foot or more of snow, I’m not worried.  Well, we woke up Wednesday morning to an INCH… one whole inch of snow.  That was is.  It didn’t snow any more during the day either.  The south shore, where we used to live, got hit with lots of snow.. some places got 18 inches!

As a single parent with no family nearby, I don’t have many options for snow days.  1. Stay home with Avery and use a vacation day.  2. Take Avery to work with me.  I tried a mix of the two…

Like our last snow day, I took Avery to work with me in the morning…


I got him setup with his breakfast and his favorite show, “Tayo the Bus.”  It was a busy morning for me and I had some deadlines – I was pleasantly surprised by how well Avery behaved and how much fun he had.  We did some flash cards…


And we even brought Play Doh!


My company is wonderful and is totally OK with me bringing Avery in.  Everyone that passed my office stopped in to say hello to Avery and all the ladies kept commenting on how cute he was.

Then when he needed to stretch his legs, he raced a bus and a car…


Avery was so cute too… he kept saying “Mommy Watch!”  It’s so nice to have an office with a door, so I didn’t have to worry about Avery pushing his cars out in the hallway and a coworker tripping on them!   After a couple hours I took him for a walk around the office – he gave everyone he met a running high-five and was so thrilled to walk up and down the stairs to the second floor.

We did some coloring…


And as a treat, a coworker brought Avery his favorite Dunks breakfast… chocolate munchkin donuts!


Avery devoured 5 of them and wanted more but I distracted him with other fun stuff to do…


After being in the office 8-12, it was time to head home for a nap.  When I asked Avery if he wanted to come home, he said ‘No!’ and it took a long time of dressing him and convincing him to leave.  I think he had fun!

Avery passed out in the car on the way home and took a nice long nap.  I had to wake him up otherwise he would have slept until bedtime!  I did some work while he was sleeping, so we had the whole afternoon together to play.

Play Doh was first on his list and we certainly aren’t running out of ideas on how to play with it…


Then we played trains and legos, and with stickers…


We ended our afternoon with Avery’s favorite… TACO NIGHT!


Avery ate a whole Taco shell – and man did he enjoy it! I couldn’t resist video taping it…

Not bad for a snow day!  I’m a little behind on posting stuff… been a busy couple weeks.  I have a few posts in the works on the ‘Terrible Twos’ tantrums and ‘stages’ that Avery is going thru and another on our recent weekend trip to Vermont. Stay tuned 😉

❤ Meghan


2 thoughts on “ANOTHER Snow Day!

  1. It’s so awesome that they let you bring him to work! I would be super nervous doing something like that with Annabel, but it sounds like Avery did great! Annabel would have been ALL over the place!

    • I never imagined he would be as good as he was… and he had fun and didn’t want to leave! He has been here a couple times though, so maybe it’s because he’s familiar now?

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