Twelve Dollar Milk

On our way home Wednesday, we stopped to gas up.  Avery and I played peekaboo while I filled up.  He was all giggles and smiles.  He had a great day at school – didn’t cry when I dropped him off, and when I picked him up he was a ball of energy – running around the room and bringing me cars he was playing with.  His teacher took me aside to talk because there had been an accident – Avery and some kids were fighting over a bin (a dull, grey, empty, plastic bin – obviously the most popular item out of a room full of toys) and when the other child let go, the bin hit Avery.  Avery’s got a small bruise under his eye.  His teacher says they iced it and at first glance I didn’t notice anything wrong because Avery was running around playing as usual.  When I kneeled down to ask him about it, he said “Mommy, boo-boo.  Ice! No touch!” (We’ve since seen Avery’s doctor who said it was just a bruise, no serious damage and it would go away in a week)

So, from our fun gas stop, I could tell the kiddo was just fine.  He was in a great mood, talking away about the traffic and telling me to go fast over the bridge.  We stopped at CVS on our way home to grab some milk.  I knew we were low and Avery downs 2 cups of milk every morning alone.  So we hopped out and headed inside for milk.  Avery was holding my hand and we were dodging people to head to the back aisles where the milk was but nope – Avery spotted the candy.  “M a nems?!” I tried convincing him that we could have them after we found the milk, but nope.  Didn’t work.  So he grabbed a small container of mini M &Ms.  He then refused to hold my hand because he was too busy trying to open the plastic wrap on the candy.  I told him we had to buy it after we get the milk and he followed me thru the aisles quietly repeating ‘Buy it, Mommy!’  We found the milk and Avery made a face, “Noisy, Mommy!” because the coolers the milk are in make a buzzing noise.  We grabbed the milk and were headed to the counter when I remembered we are also low on band-aids.  The past week, Avery has been obsessed with using band-aids.  He has a small scratch on his left pointer finger that if he remembers it, he demands a ‘Ban-Aye’.  I had a package of Hello Kitty ones of mine from a gift that I used.  Avery was thrilled, “Kitty!!!’ … 10 seconds later.. ‘All Better Mommy’ And he takes off the band-aid.  Another 5 seconds after that, he wants another band aid.  Repeat.  And those things only re-stick so many times.  So you can see why I was running out.

We took a detour and found the aisle with band-aids.  The character ones were buy one get one 50% off and I knew we would be needing a lot, so I told Avery he could pick out the ones he wanted.  There were animals, cars, hello kitty, princess, spongebob, and kermit the frog.  Avery’s first choice?  The very pink hello kitty box.  I gave him a second choice… cars.  Avery demanded holding the hello kitty band-aids and M and Ms all the way up to the front and put them up on the counter himself.  We walked in from a gallon of milk, but $12 later we had two bags and all those goodies!  And the little guy had a couple M and Ms when we got to the car as a treat for being so good 🙂

Avery had such a great night when we got home.  He and I played trains while dinner cooked.


He devoured his dinner – turkey hot dogs and veggie pasta.  He had a cookie as a treat and watched an episode of Tayo the Bus.


We had a fun time in the bathtub, followed by testing out his new band-aids!  He was a riot – wanted one on his face and his finger and then asked me to take them off and switch them.


And look at how pruney his fingers are!!  This kid loves the bath – I always have a rough time getting him out before he’s all pruney!  Then he was a monkey while brushing his teeth, using his potty as a seat and step stool as a foot rest.  Silly kid.


He wanted to see his boo-boo so I took a picture for and showed him.


It’s pretty small compared to his first accident at his old daycare last October.  Or when he was bit by another kid in daycare (around the time they were all teething) and he had legit teeth marks on his face.  Boys will be boys.  We’ve had along run of Avery being healthy and not getting a cold or needing a trip to the doctors the past 6 months, so I should be thankful it’s just a small bruise and he’s acting like his normal self 🙂

We settled in for books before bed and he said goodnight to his fishy.

After Avery was in settled all snug in bed, I had my college friend, Pat, over for dinner.  He brought this yummy spread:
I can only take credit for making the salads!  The food was delicious and Pat brought my favorite – sparkling cider!  We had a great time talking about work, friends, life, and ended the night chatting on the couch with cups of tea.

And that, my friends, was our $12 Milk Wednesday.

❤ Meghan


12 thoughts on “Twelve Dollar Milk

  1. Loved todays blog Meggie, as I love reading all of them. I really love the fact that you keep me and all of us who love you and Avery so much, up to date every day, so that we feel much closer to the two of you all of the time. See you soon dear niece. >3 Aunt Candy:-)

    • Thanks Aunt Candy. Writing the blog and hearing from friends/family on it makes us feel closer too! We’ll see you next Saturday night when we come up to VT for the weekend – looking forward to it!!!

  2. So sweet. ❤ We've had a few $40 trips to Target when all I wanted was snacks for Jude. Next thing I know he and his Daddy had me on the toy aisle and THOMAS! I'm a little relieved they stopped carrying Wooden Railway even though it's a pain to go to Toys R Us if we want something. 🙂

    • Haha. I’m pretty good about not buying Avery a toy unless it’s a holiday. But he is big on snacks and treats, so I reward him that way. Ditto on the wooden railway – I don’t have a toys r us nearby so I guess it’s good at keeping me from buying another train he doesn’t really need!

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