Winter Weekend Fun

Avery and I had a busy and fun weekend.  Friday night was TACO NIGHT!  Then we had some fun in the bathtub with the paints Nana got Avery for Christmas.IMG_0298

Saturday, Avery spent the day with his Dad & Grandma.  While Avery was off having fun, Mommy had some fun too – First, breakfast at In A Pickle in Waltham… yum!  Then a long drive out west to the Basketball Hall of Fame…IMG_0302

As soon as I walked in, the design of the building reminded me of a project I did in undergrad.  The building is in a giant dome.  You take an elevator up, then a series of stairs down thru each of three levels.  The first level was pictures of everyone in the hall of fame.


There were videos going, displays of rings, shoes and medals.  Pretty cool!  The next level down had jerseys, memorbelia, and some fun interactive games like playing virtual basketball on a green screen, palming different sized balls, jumping to measure how much of a vertical jump you have… and I sized up next to the shortest and tallest bball players ever…


Still an inch shorter than the shortest bball player ever!  The displays were endless.  There was even a giant flag made of shoes…


This picture is a little lopsided because I was laughing at the family in front of us.. the kids were trying to could the rows and columns to calculate how many shoes it was and their parents were trying to shoo them out of the way because they saw I was trying to take a picture.  How many shoes do you count?

For those of you who don’t know, I played bball from middle school all up thru highschool. So you can imagine my excitement for the last past of the museum…


A basketball court!  When you are done walking thru the museum, you can shoot hoops on all the different kind of backboards thru history. And what makes the entire visit even better?  I used a Groupon for 1/2 off ticket price!

Then it was off to see a movie before picking Avery up.  Lone Survivor.  Great movie.  Be warned, you will shed a few tears.

Saturday night was PIZZA NIGHT!  We made homemade pizza together…


Sunday morning we used one of our Dunks gift cards (Thanks, Uncle Marcus!), and Avery devoured 6 chocolate munchkins and a whole patty of sausage.


Then it was off to Chuck E Cheese for some fun and games…


SKMBT_65414011809460 A nap. Then we went shopping for our new fish (Still only named ‘Fishy’)…


Avery was so excited about the fish.  He was also thrilled to be at the pet store.  I like to bring him there because it’s close to home and it’s like a free museum!  He spotted the ferrets this time ‘Big Mouse Mommy!’  But we only went home with a fish, haha.

Sunday night we played trains and Play Doh for over an hour.


Avery ate a very good dinner… and had a blast using the ketchup off my plate – the kid thought it was the funniest thing stealing my ketchup instead of using his!


And per Avery’s request, he got a blue pop for desert, since he ate all his dinner.


He made sure to share with Mommy…a pink pop for me!


Avery went to sleep very well Sunday night – he was tired!  So I cleaned up, packed our lunches and bags for Monday and settled down to finish my book with a bottle of bubbly…


Now it’s Tuesday and we’re back to our week-day routine.  We fed the fish last night for the first time.  Avery was so concerned that the fish was ‘broken’ because the fish likes to sit on the rocks and not swim around.  But when he does swim around, Avery says ‘Fishy Swim Round!’ and Avery then spins around and around, haha.

Happy Tuesday.  Hope you had a fun filled weekend like us!

❤ Meghan


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