Snowy New Year

New Years Eve was very simple for us.  A night at home together and after Avery was in bed, I sat down with a cup of tea, a sweet snack, and a good book.  I was out by 10.
New Years Day was a full day of fun for Avery and I, playing with his new toys from Christmas.  We spent a lazy morning in bed watching train shows, then we hit up the grocery store and Avery got a treat…
Then it was time for some fun activities together… painting and snowflake making!

Avery LOVES his new scissors and cutting with them.  And he was so excited picking out colors and where to hang the snowflakes…


I gave Avery a few paint colors and a brush… within a few minutes it turned into finger painting… and then whole hand painting!

Because of the snow storm (dubbed ‘Hercules’) Thurs/Fri after New Years, Avery’s daycare was closed.  My office was still open, so the little man came to work with me!  Everyone in the office was thrilled to see him and he was adorable walking around.

I set him up with crayons and stickers for a while.  Then it was time for a snack and some train shows.  I had even put on his holiday outfit so he looked liked Mini Me working  beside me at my desk.


After 2 hours in the office, Avery went on a play date for two hours while I finished up work.  Home for nap (and I worked some more) then an afternoon of more playing.  On Friday, work and daycare were closed and the storm had hit us, so we stayed inside playing more, baking, put away the Christmas Tree, etc.


We ventured out once in the morning and once in the afternoon to clean off the car and take out the trash.  Avery wanted to stay outside but because it was cold I had to limit our time outside.  We weren’t too impressed with the snowfall we got… maybe 6 inches.


Other towns closer to the coast got 12-24 inches!  Friday night we went to dinner at my college friend, Pat’s, in New Hampshire (only a 40 min drive away).  Avery ate so well, played with their dog, we brought books and trains and played on the floor in the living room.  Then it was home for bed.

The long New Year weekend ended on Sunday – Avery had his day with his Dad and I worked, hit the gym, did some laundry and shopping (used a gift card I got for Xmass!). On Monday it was back to our normal routine of work and school.  Avery was pretty bummed when I left him on Monday – He has been so good when I leave him at daycare the past few weeks, but this week he’s been crying and clinging to me.  I hate leaving him like that, but hopefully he will get used to being back at school and not being home all day with Mommy.

How did you spend your New Year?  Did you get a visit from Hercules?  Happy New Year!

❤ Meghan


7 thoughts on “Snowy New Year

  1. I spent NYE as you did, except our noisy neighbors woke us all up at midnight. New Year’s Day we did grocery shopping in the morning, my husband worked and it was same-o same-o. Avery is getting quite the track spread! Very cool. 🙂

    • haha, so funny you say that because I was woken up at 1130pm that night when my neighbors were trying to put their kid to sleep – um maybe you shouldn’t keep a 3 year old up until 1130PM and then he won’t scream and cry for half an hour when you put him to bed! Just saying’…

  2. Happy New Year, Meghan & Avery. I’ve been trying to comment on past posts but whether on my iPad or at home — I was having so many problems. First off, I saw I was #1 commenter last year. WOO HOO. I will try to come in first again. LOL Second, I saw your pics from Christmas and it looks like it was a blast. I’m so glad that your family was SURPRISED when you rang their bell. You are awesome for taking that drive.

    We didn’t get hit too bad –and I feel bad because we didn’t let Lili go out at all when the snow came because she was getting over an ear infection. Poor kid. We did the usual — well, my in-laws came by and we had tapas and then they left around 10 and I was able to watch the ball drop at exactly 11:59 as it was impossible for Sebastian to go down. Ugh. But I’m glad that I got to see it with him. After, we went back to watching the Twilight Zone Marathon. LOL It’s a tradition every 4th of July and New Years.

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