More Christmas!

Okay, THIRD post to round up the Christmas festivities; We’ve covered Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning, and now onto Christmas Day…
dec 2013 061
Per our usual Christmas tradition, we have our immediate family Christmas stocking and present opening, followed by breakfast at home.  Then we head to my Nana and Papa’s (Mom’s Parents) for her side of the family Christmas.

On our drive up, mister Avery took a nice cat nap.  They had just had an ice storm earlier in the week, so we stopped along the way to snag some pictures.



When we got there, it took Avery a little while to warm up.  He’s been to Nana and Papa’s a handful of times, but there were some new people and a full house.  A platter of cheese and crackers and a fluffy dog helped him adjust.


We brought some of Avery’s new toys to play with while everyone arrived and mingled.  Avery played trucks and trains with his great Aunt Sheri.


Avery even sat still for a while so Nana could hold him… well it also helped that she gave him a cookie too…


Then it was time to open more presents!  Nana and Papa gave Avery bath markers and paints – we’ve already avidly used them EVERY night since then!


Totally un-Christmas related, but Avery had quite a treat watching cartoons on a TV (What’s that?!) while the adults played Yankee Swap.


Lucky me, I got a bunt cake pan and kit and made this the next day…

We ended the visit with more playing… Avery played with my cousin Joseph…


And he showed Papa his new train.


It had been a long and fun visit, so mister Avery passed out on the road again, so we had time to stop for some more pictures of the ice covered terrain… this time, grape vines at a winery near my parents house.


A quick stop at the house to drop off gifts and let the dogs out for a break, then onto Grandma and Grandpas house (Dad’s parents).  Although we do Valyou family Christmas on the weekend before of after Christmas, we still pop in and spend time with the on Christmas afternoon.

Grandma had just got some new fish.. Avery was very interested.  Soon he’ll have a fish of his own (Thanks Aunt Sarah!)


Grandma has some great toys… old Little People set, cars, and board games.


And then there is always fun goofing around on the couch…


Oh and some precious snuggles…


Our Christmas Day came to an end and we headed back to my parents house where Avery headed right downstairs to play with his new race track and cars…


Now, fast forward to Friday night.  (I’ll recap the rest of our Christmas vacation activities later).  We always celebrate Christmas with the Conover’s – the family we spent every Saturday night with growing up, and many camping trips – even one this year!  Marcus (our ‘brother’) was actually home for the first time in three years – he was stationed in Germany for years until finally coming back this past year.  So, we had him and his Dad over for the holiday on Friday night, and man did he spoil Avery!


First was a German built truck and trailer with a plane.


Then there was a truck and horse trailer!


It made noises and the headlights turned on… Avery loved it!


Thanks Uncle Marcus!!!

And a sibling photo before the night was over…


On Saturday Afternoon we finished our Christmas activities with our annual Valyou Christmas Party.  This year… it was Ugly Sweater themed!  Avery got to see he little second cousins and Great Aunts and Uncles.  My Dad and Uncle made wooden chair/stools for the four little kids.  We had the three of them all sit down together (the fourth was on a beach somewhere!) and they were too cute… Avery stared down Lawson and Lawson gave him a swift kick, haha.


Avery played with his other second cousin, Aiden – who had a mini ipad and some fun games Avery played with him.

dec 2013 087

Then it was time for gifts.  Avery got a Thomas the Train pillow and Play Doh!!!  It was a hit with all three little kids…

Avery and I had to head out before the big family picture… but man does everyone look smashing in their ugly sweaters 🙂

And THAT rounds out our Christmas festivities this year!  Merry Christmas!!!

I have tons of pics from our activities while we were in Vermont for the week… coming soon!

❤ Meghan


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