A-Very Merry Christmas Morning

dec 2013 018This year was Avery’s THIRD Christmas.  He was only 3 months old for his first, and last year opening presents was still new to him.  This year he was really into opening his gifts.

On Christmas morning, Avery was pretty quiet when we turned on the lights in the living room to reveal the full stockings and mounds of gifts under the tree.  But when we pointed out his stocking, he raced over to it, grabbed the first gift on top, shook it, and exclaimed ‘Goldfish!’ and proceeded to bring it to Grampy, who was still in bed, who needed to open it for him apparently.  I couldn’t help but laugh because it was goldfish!  Mimi helped him open it…


After opening the goldfish, Avery HAD to really open it and spill the goldfish out and eat them before he would touch another gift in his stocking.


Santa had stuffed his stocking full of m&ms, a snoman PEZ (his first!), new light up toothbrushes, Percy the train, some matchbox cars, race car socks, a book, stickers, and more.

Note the container of goldfish by his side in this one… couldn’t let those fish go!  He still ate a good breakfast though.

Opening his stocking took a good half hour.  While we watched, the animals opened their stockings too…


Then it was time for presents!  Santa had brought Avery some kiddie scissors, which he wouldn’t put down. He had to use them to open every gift!


In the flurry of wrapping paper, scissors, bows and ribbon – Avery opened two Thomas the Train books, a counting book, and a truck book, a shapes puzzle Grampy made, clothes, ornaments, a race car track, and more…


Avery wanted to play with every.single.toy he opened.  We were trying to get him to open one of his big gifts, so Mom shook a giant wrapped box.  Avery looked at her and exclaimed, ‘YEGOS!’ …Indeed, it was a box of legos!  This kid has knack for guessing gifts!


Avery FINALLY got to open the first gift we had under our tree this year… it had been sitting there for 3 weeks and had come all the way from Portland, sent from one of Santas elves…


New track pieces for Avery’s train set!

While Avery was occupied with a  gift, we all took turns opening our gifts… Aunt Sarah got TWO sets of luggage!


Avery had to test them out, and took a few rides down the hall to ensure they were durable.


In my stocking… 3M strips to hang pictures and curtains (yay!), socks, a new toothbrush, chap stick, etc.  And my big gift from Mom and Dad…


A running watch!!! Now make all this snow go away so I can use it!!!  My little sis added to the running theme and got me this!


Hmmm… looks like I’ll have to run a long distance to utilize this… I smell another 10K… or maybe 15K coming on in 2014!!!

And for our tall guy who might be a famous NBA player someday…

When all was said and done after Christmas morning, Avery was swimming in gifts…


Since we’ve been home, his favorite gifts have been his new trains and tracks, his new plush kitty ‘Simon’ who looks just like my parents cat that adds to his now trio of pets that look like my parents animals – we already have a stuffed Pokey and Frasier (the dogs).  The rest of the week in VT, Avery played a ton with his matchbox cars too.  Oh and we just filled this little number with water….


And we’ll be adding fish later this week!!!! Avery’s first pet!  I wonder what he’ll name it…

Oh and this little train I got for Avery – free – via Huggies points.  My dear friend, Fen, helped by sending me her points too.  I had built up just enough to get this and have it delivered the day before XMass Eve!


Avery Avery and I opened our gifts… our couch was full of goodies!


Dad used my new teddy bear pancake pan for breakfast…


Avery used his new Thomas the Train plate, cup, and silverwear for breakfast too.


The little guy was pretty tuckered out and not thrilled when I wanted a pic of us in front of the tree…


Perfect Christmas morning… and it didn’t end there.  We packed up and headed off to Nana and Papas (my Mom’s Parents), then hit up my Grandma and Grandpas (Dad’s parents), and later in the week we had Valyou family Christmas and the Conovers over…  It’s going to take me 3-4 posts to recap our Christmas… so bear with me! I’ve gotten thru Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning.  More to come…

We didn’t go overboard with gifts this year – it was all about simple toys and gifts that we all could use – and just adding to the collections Avery already has and loves.  And most of all, it was about spending FIVE days together.  Yep.  We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and didn’t leave until 1PM on Sunday.  Lots of time with family and friends made it the best Christmas ever!

❤ Meghan


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    • Thanks – I’m excited to get the watch all programmed and learn how to use it. I’ll hit you up if I get confused/lost. There’s still snow on the ground here though so it may be a while before I can use it 😦 Sooo excited for when I get to try it though!

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