C’mon N’ Ride The Train!

No question about it, Avery loves trains.  He plays with his Thomas the Train set at home every day.  He brings a train to bed with him every night.  Every morning he learns about colors and shapes from Shawn the Train.  So this holiday season, I splurged ($19 each) and took Avery to Edaville USA for the Festival of Lights Train ride.IMG_0908


I had never been before, but our friends suggested it and we all met up there on a Friday afternoon.  The sun had just set and it was chilly out, but oh man… the lights!


We walked into an outdoor winter carnival!  There was a carousel, ferris wheel, games, food, all sorts of activities.  While we waited to meet up with our friends, we rode on the elephant ride.


Avery was thrilled, but when the ride went up, he kept saying ‘Down Mommy!’ So we stayed low and he just looked around in wonder.


The ride went surprisingly fast for a kids ride and the spinning and wind made the cold even colder! So after that we snagged some popcorn, met up with our friends and went inside to warm up.


Avery and Sienna munched on popcorn and enjoyed the activities… there were moving holiday displays, train tables, and Santa Claus!  Avery met Santa, but would not sit on his lap!



After warming up, we headed to the train station and boarded the train.  The kiddos were still allll about the popcorn, and they were so cute sharing with each other!



The train ride was about 15-20 minutes and Avery was glued to the window the whole time!  There were light displays of holiday characters, dinosaurs, everything!  Avery had fun pointing out the characters and colors.  He was thrilled!


The conductor even came by and Avery gave him a high five.  We had such a fun time! View of the park from the train…


It was pretty chilly after the train ride, so we took a quick ride on the carousel before heading out.  Avery sat on the ‘horsey’ for about half a second then wanted off, so we watched our friends and we sat for the ride.





The cafe there was crowded and so pricey… so we spoiled the kiddos some more and took them to McDonalds.


Such a fun trip.  Avery loved the train… we’ll have to do it again next year!

❤ Meghan




5 thoughts on “C’mon N’ Ride The Train!

    • haha, must be a boy thing?! Who is his favorite? Avery loves James. I got him a new one, Percy, for XMass… so excited for him to open it! Happy holidays to your and your family!!!

      • He hasn’t really watched the Thomas
        series. I got him a small wooden set like the one they had at Playgroup. He must hold it when he sleeps.Talk about obsessed 🙂 Happy Holidays to your family too.

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