Dread the Tread

So, Danielle and I (coworker that runs at lunch with me) kept saying, “We’re going to run outside until there’s snow on the ground!”  Well, I had that bug for a week and finally feel back to normal and ready to workout again, but guess what?  There’s snow on the ground!!!  So on Sunday when I got back into running I had to run inside (womp womp womp)


I put in a slow two miles, and now I am hooked up with music so running inside isn’t as boring.  I would still much rather run outside, but the blankets of ice on the parking lot aren’t too inviting.  I hadn’t even run outside and I already have a bruise on my leg!  No idea where that came from by the way… maybe running into Avery’s train table or something?

My goal was to run again on Monday, but silly me worked thru lunch and went to the gym after work.  BIIIIG Mistake.  The gym was soo crowded.  All treadmills were taken, so I had to switch it up and play on the stair master, rowing machine, and do abs.  Now I remember why I love going at lunch… so much quieter and less people and I don’t have to hope a treadmill is open.

I don’t have any races coming up, seeing as it’s winter, freezing, and snowy.  So I’m not extremely motivated to run.  I hope to hit up the gym a few times a week to stay in shape and build back up the stamina for running after my break because of the bug I had.  I don’t know how I’d manage long runs on the treadmill though…. it’s just so boring.  Plus I cant stand that I have to push a button to go faster or slower.  Annoying.  I don’t know how my buddy Rachel does it.. she has a 2 year old, 3 month old, and just ran a half on her treadmill… on the TREADMILL!!! Crazy.

Anyways, enough ranting about that.  I have a busy day and Avery’s daycare closes a bit early today for a class the teachers have, so I am determined to fit in a short run before snagging him tonight after work.  On the treadmill.  Snow is still piled up and I’d rather not chance a face plant on the sidewalk outside… so the tread it is.

Happy Running!

❤ Meghan


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