Lost Photos: November

So clutz me left my cell at home yesterday – I’m surprised I don’t do it more often with all our bags and Avery that I have to get out the door and to the car every morning… and now in the snow!.  Luckily I have a work cell, so yesterday while I was using it in lou of my phone, I found some random pictures from November…


Avery received a lovely card and gift from his pen pal, Annabel, in Texas.  (Annabel’s Mommy blogs here).  Annabel had made a pretty card with kitty stickers, sent a coloring book, and a Dunkin Donuts gift card!  She must know Avery well because he LOVES going to get ‘coffee’ there!  It’s been too cold to take a walk to Dunks, so we’re saving the card for a special occasion.  Thanks, Annabel!  We returned the gift with a Christmas card.

Oh, here’s a good one.  One night Avery wouldn’t part with his Legos (aka ‘Eggos’ as Avery calls them), so I brought the Legos, including his tractor, to the table to eat with us…


And a picture of the little man working hard at building a tower of Legos…


It’s not surprising that these lost photos are of Avery doing his favorite things… legos and trains!


I should snag a pic of the train table more often… all the different track designs we come up with are endless!  And with the new track pieces (“Wye’s that allow for more turning options – Thanks Mariana and Kris – oh and Avery tried to open your present last night guys… but I had to explain to him again that it had to wait until Christmas.), there will be even more track designs.  Avery tells me ‘No like it, Mommy’ (while making a disgusted face!) and points to a track piece so I need to replace or change it.

Oh and then there are those times I’m trying to prep dinner and Avery is running around doing something silly… like watching a video of himself on my phone while he discovers that he can slowly inch his way under the stove…


And then he proclaims ‘Mommy stuck!’

More sillyness… Avery always insists on helping pack or unpack for a trip to Vermont.  Help being the key word – because sitting on a pile of clothes is always VERY helpful 🙂


And this one I snagged while Mimi and Aunt Sarah were visiting… Avery loves bath time.  The fun with bubbles and cups are endless… especially if you add Mimi’s sunglasses.


I loved stumbling on these photos yesterday.  I hope you enjoy!

We have had a busy week so far, and it’s just started. On Friday we went on a train ride, Saturday was a fun day inside with toys, art projects, and forts!  Sunday I did the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. while Avery spent the day with his Dad.  We’ve been keeping an eye on Bunny the Elf… this morning he was in Avery’s stocking!  Or as Avery described them… ‘Mommy Elf Shoe!’ (Avery calls the stockings shoes).  Two days before that he was riding a Reindeer.  ‘Mommy Elf got it.  Horse!  That hugging.  Friends!’ (Avery insists the reindeer is a horse).  And the advent calendar candy has been a great motivation for Avery to eat his dinner – which he has been eating a lot of lately… he’s almost 29 pounds!  Oh and Mimi sent us 12 days of Christmas, so starting Saturday, Avery has been opening one gift a day.  We’ll share more soon…

Happy Tuesday!

❤ Meghan

One thought on “Lost Photos: November

  1. I started reading this and as I came to the first photo, I thought, hey! That looks familiar! 🙂 Love all of the “lost” photos. It’s always so fun to go back through and see what they were up to a few weeks (or months) ago since everything changes so fast!

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