You’ve Got (Christmas) Mail!

It’s that time of year again!  Last year was crazy and I didn’t do a holiday card – I did post some adorable holiday photos of Avery though.  This year I was on the ball and ordered cards and got them out the door way before Xmass.  I was so proud of myself!

I used pictures from a trip to the park with Mimi and Aunt Sarah this fall, plopped them into a card design online with Vistaprint, ordered them – they came in less than a week, and I sat down one night and busted out all the addresses…
I thought I was really prepared too… I was going to order 30 cards, but ordered 40 just in case and what do you know, I ran out of cards before I ran out of people on my list to give cards to!  Mommy fail.  Or not – I guess I just didn’t realize how many wonderful people we have in our life that we want to share cards with 🙂

Good thing I can share the card on the blog, tho.  So for those of you that didn’t get a card, so sorry, but here’s a virtual card!

ratnam holiday card front
ratnam holiday card back

So, sticking to our budget, I only spent $31 on the cards & shipping, $10 on stamps (I had some leftover from Avery’s Thank you cards so I didn’t need to buy too many).  $41 total for 40 cards, not bad.  Oh and I need to  give an update on our budgeting… I did very well last month and was under budget by a lot.  Go me!

And like previous years, we are displaying all the cards we get in the mail.  We’ve got 6 already… and most people don’t even know our address yet so no idea how they found us, but we love that they did!  Last year we received 27 cards!  We’ll share a pic of them after the holidays are over because we might get some more in the next week… oh and Avery loves getting mail and checking out the cards.  His favorite so far is of penguins hugging.  He says ‘Pain-gin huggin mommy’ ‘friends!’

Ratnam Holiday Cards 2011 2012

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