It’s Beginning to Look a lot like…


When we came back from Thanksgiving in Vermont, Avery and I started a couple holiday traditions… some old and some new.


Our first order of business was putting up the tree.


Last year we had a real tree from Vermont.  This year, we’re back to our 3 foot fake tree that my Mom gave me freshman year in college.  Less maintenance and I’m not worried it will topple over on Avery because Avery is TALLER than the tree!

Avery had seen a few decorated trees while shopping on black friday, so he was excited to see one in our house.  He kept putting his hand up and saying ‘biiiiiig’… he was disappointed the tree wasn’t bigger.

I snagged some pictures as we put up the tree….









And the final product… and a very proud Avery!


We already had a present under the tree… thanks to a little elf in Portland 😉

Avery even checked to make sure we got everything out of the Christmas boxes from storage…

I chose only the non perishable ornaments to put on the tree this year, because SOMEONE likes to play with them and take them on and off!  The special ones from my baby years and Avery’s first ornaments I took out and need to find a safe home for – maybe one of those orament trees made of wire I can put up high?  Well, I had the ornaments all on the kitchen counter and SOMEONE decided to throw a ball, that bounced off an upper cabinet and smashed an ornament.  Luckily no pieces hit Avery and he was fine, but we did lose one ornament.  Oh well.  I consider that a successful tree decorating if that was our only downfall.

Since we put up the tree, the presents under it have grown and Avery has eaten almost all the candy canes off it.  What was I thinking having candy at an accessible height for a toddler?!  We come home and he goes right for the tree. “Break can-E!” he says and take the candy cane and breaks it in half.  “can-E” he says… and get soooo mad when I won’t let him eat any until after dinner.


Speaking of candy, I got one of those cheapy advent calendars with the chocolate inside.


I LOVED doing them as a kid – opening a door every day (usually morning because I’m impatient and would have it before breakfast), but Avery has his after dinner and he lights up when he opens it himself and tries to figure out what the shape is.  Go figure, the first one was a …. train!


Most of them he says looks like a cookie from Mimi.  They’re such a good small amount of candy for him… and such good motivation for him to finish his dinner!


Thanks to my dear friend, Jay, at work (who told me about elf on the shelf last holiday season) and my amazing mother (who bought it for Avery), we started Elf on the Shelf on Dec. 1.  The night before, I read Avery the book and showed him the shelf in the box and told him he couldn’t touch… ‘no touch’ Avery said as he held out his hand… he got the concept.  So, along with the tradition of starting elf on the shelf, the child(ren) are supposed to name their elf.  Well, Avery is Two.  He recently named his snowman that he made in Vermont, “Pumpkin”.  So… when we had our discussion about naming the elf… what did Avery name him?

Meet “Bunny”, the elf.


Yep, Avery named him “Bunny.”  And trust me, I tried getting him to change it to “Buddy” … but Avery says “No Mommy! Bunny!”… so Bunny it is.

Bunny has been all over the apartment.  We found him hanging from a light in the bathroom, sitting on top of the fridge, and even stuck in the window shade in Avery’s room.  Every morning after Avery watches his Thomas the Train, he gets up and walks around.  ‘Where Bunny Go?’ When he finds the Elf, Avery squeals and laughs, smiles, and points.  Then he comments on what he’s doing… like the bathroom light… “Mommy Bunny get it. Light”  Or there was the morning Avery was sooo worried and concerned.  He came running out of his room, “Mommy Bunny stuck!” because he found Bunny sticking out of the blinds on the window.  Avery had such a worried look on his face… “Help mommy bunny stuck!”

As of late, Bunny has been getting into a little mischief…



Avery loves coloring, so I hope to make some arts and crafts with him for the holidays… like the gifts we made last year using foot prints on socks as gifts and hand print trees.  We started with some homemade decorations for the apartment… a red and green chain link that we’ve displayed by the tree..


I cut the paper and Avery glued the links together.  Man that kid loves a glue stick.  I’m thinking some fun with hand and footprints for more crafts… any suggestions?

I’ve been busy at night wrapping gifts and work has been crazy as usual so I apologize for the sporadic blog posts.  I’ll share as much as I can as often as I can… but if it comes to sitting down and blogging at night or passing out, I might pass out because after wrapping gifts for 2 hours after Avery goes to bed, I’m exhausted!  Once I get done wrapping his gifts, he’s going to help me wrap everyone elses… expect lots of tape on your gift if you’re getting something from us this year!

❤ Meghan

2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a lot like…

    • Thanks, Mariana. I hope your finals went smoothly and you are able to relax for your holiday break. Make sure that fancy doc husband of yours relaxes with you!

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